Monday, September 22, 2008

Reflections of Khemosabi on an Arabian Horse Farm

While working on uploading my open house videos to YouTube, I came across this video tribute to the great Khemosabi. Every time I look at anything about this legendary stallion, I can't help but think about the image of that horse that lives with me here on this farm.

Scandalous Reflection not only looks more like Khemosabi than any horse I have ever seen, he also manifests many of the personality traits that Khemo was know for. Add into that mix the fact that Reflection was conceived soon after the great stallion died and then was born just a couple of hours before Khemosabi's birthday and you have the stuff that makes the hair stand up on people's arms and imaginations run wild.

I can assure you that anyone who knew Khemosabi intimately who has seen my Reflection has had just that experience. Deja vu, reincarnation, who knows...........the only thing certain is that one can't help but think of the great Khemosabi when viewing Reflection.

Someday he'll be able to build his own legends. The horse certainly has the talent to do that. I'm bringing him along slowly and setting the stage just right so that there are no mistakes heading down the road for Reflection to fulfill his destiny.

While we're waiting for that day to come, I can't help but think about the great horse that has inspired me to dare to dream. Take a look at the Khemosabi tribute and then look at the video of Scandalous Reflection and see if you don't agree. The likeness is uncanny............if only I could figure out how to upload the actual promotion video I have of Khemosabi that I received those many years ago when I inquired about breeding to this horse, you might actually be able to see enough to make the hair on your arms stand up as well.................

So what do you think? Do you see it?

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  1. I like the comparison. For some reason I really liked the photo of Khemosabi on 3:03... And yes, Reflection is truly a young shadow of Khemosabi. I really, really hope Reflection achieves the amount of fame he deserves, and soon.

  2. The Khemo tribute brought tears to my eyes. Yes, there is definitely a resemblance between him and Reflection. When Khemosabi makes his happy faces, I see my own gelding Bombay in him, or vice versa. What has always amazed me about Khemosabi is that straight-as-arrow topline. I rarely see horses that have a straight back. They almost always have a decent dip in there.

  3. I saw your blog and found a piece of history your camera recorded. It is a blink, stopped dead-still, exposing a moment in time and the memories of Khemosabi. Nice post.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  4. Hey MiKael! I made it through the videos--- and all I can say is how amazing the horses are....

    You sure do have some stunning animals there!!

  5. original l, I don't expect it will be soon for Reflection. I don't even plan to show him until probably 2010. We'll just have to see how it works out.

    nuzz muzz, I feel the same way about the tribute. He was such a great horse.

    As for the horse's topline, even in his later years it was still like that.

    Abraham, you're right about history.

    mrs mom, the videos do take a while to watch. I found myself looking at them "pieces" at a time.

    As for the horses, sometimes I think I should be pinching myself all the time just to be sure that they're real. We feel really lucky we have been so fortunate.

  6. Incredibly beautiful, both of them. Almost a clone. I love that black to brown bay color that is like rich wood.

  7. Yes, I do see the resemblence! Reflection is a very nice likeness of Khemosabi. A handsome boy indeed!

  8. Khemosabi was an absolutely breath-taking horse. What a wonderful tribute video. Thanks for passing that along.

    Scandalous Reflection also takes your breath away, much in the same what that Khemo did/still does. The resemblance is amazing.

    Scandalous Reflection also seems to know how special and important he, as if he's been doing this all of his life. He looks to be posing for the camera, just perfectly. And he moves flawlessly.

    What a gem of a horse.
    How absolutely exciting for you! :)


  9. I really enjoyed all of those videos, the one that stands out in my memory is the one of Gypcy doing her extended floaty trot, beautiful, Also Trouble, what a little monkey.

    I also noticed how straight/flat Khemosabi's top line was. There is indeed an uncanny resemblance but your boy has a lot of growing up to do and muscling out still so as he matures I bet the resemblance will be more and more. I can't remember how old Reflection is, but was thinking he is about 3??? I could go to the site and look I suppose LOL.

    Greatjob MiKael and beautiful horses.

  10. I have a daughter of Khemosabi - my miracle. How I came to have her was a miracle as no way could I have afforded her. She is VV UNO, bred by the Kitchens ( Howard and Joyce). My sister, five years my senior had passed away after a short and horrific battle with cancer, then soon after, I lost my father tragically. I guess what became of me was what could fairly be described the "darkest hours of my soul" until the magic of horses happened to me. My husband and I began to search for a horse and although I knew that VV UNO was way out of our financial league, the day was lovely, the drive so pretty, so we went to see her under the auspices of being prospective buyers. We were told that she didn't like men and forewarned us, so that if she was aloof with my husband , he would understand. But as soon as we showed up, she came to the two of us and not only nearly climbed into my lap ( all 15.2 (+) hh) of her, but began kissing my husband!!! The family began to cry, and to,d us the man of then house there hadn't been able to get near her for the 3 yrs they had her. They said - "Looks like you found your new family, Uno" and it was then I had to confess that we came for the opportunity of seeing her but didn't have money enough to buy her and then I apologized for the charade I had put on, to have the chance to send a few minutes with her. These Good folks asked what we could afford and our answer was very embarrassing - we murmured what we had to buy me a horse and walked away waving and apologizing, but they came after us and said - "She's yours. There's more than money happening here." They'd turned down others who had offered them more than the advertised price, as they wanted her with people who they believed she would love most of all. I was shocked - by that very night she was with me. A life,long dream come true and when it was most needed - not one minute sooner - or later ... Now though, my husband is living out his last days on borrowed time,having been struck down with a rare disorder which is incurable, called - mono nucleic vasculitis, and our medical expenses are so high that I can no longer afford to keep her. This is the most painful loss since my sister and Dad because Uno healed my heart and soul and even two back surgeries!!!! ( I call her "Unee" by the way). Because of her narrow barrel, when I was in post op pain, I only had to mount her and as soon as my legs hung down her sides, the pain vanished! She has a heart and soul and personality beyond words - imagine her father, Khemosabi if he was a girl and than is her apart from the fact she is a very pale dapple with two white socks ...She is enchanting and a healer - an angel I think, she has been for me - I don't know how I will fare without her, but I just haven't the funds to pay for her boarding - I have to give her back a miracle now - her next loving home. If interested in knowing more and getting pics,plz call me at 360 - 687-0658, or email me at - My name is Shari. This is about the hardest thing I've done - so please call or write only if you are serious about perhaps wishing to have this magnificent and wonderful horse. Thank you again - (Shari Monroe) I have much more info that of course would be of interest to you which I will share with any serious contacts I may be in receipt of ....