Sunday, September 21, 2008

Open House Videos Are ALL Uploaded

Well, I've spent most of the weekend getting all of the video clips of my Arabian horses at my open house posted to YouTube. There are 22 of them. All of my horses except 5 of my broodmares. It feels a bit odd to have most of my herd running around in cyberspace.

I'm not going to post them all here. Instead I'm going to post this link to my videos on YouTube. That way you can pick and choose which one's you'd like to watch.

Looking at video lets you see the talent of these horses. I
ll bet you can see why Solidare's babies have all gotten names that have something to do with music........well, that is except Dare. She was the first born and was named after her bloodlines......but the rest were named after their movement. .....Rhythm, Dancer and Rhapsody.

It's also interesting to see the difference between horses that are full siblings. A good example of that would be Vee (Love), Reflection, Tag and Andy (Addiction) Full siblings but very different horses. Vee is just like her mother thinking she's above this being hazed for the crowd.............she wants back to the barn NOW! Then the 3 boys are bigtime show offs.

Between Bey Aana's foals, there is a big difference between the bays and the chestnuts. Look at how much Storm and Suede(Persuasion) look alike. Then Percy (Pursuit) and Patriot are almost carbon copies of each other. Their brother, Chase, is also bay and looks just like the other bays. All are great horses but clear examples of how some genes are linked by color.

Without names identifying them, it would probably be tough to tell Rose from Faith or maybe even Hope. It's amazing to me how much those three mares look alike even though Rose has a different mother. (Just for the record, Louie is a full sibling to Hope and Faith.

But then look at Echo, she is a full sister to Rose. Certainly right now I don't see a resemblance. However that doesn't mean that it won't be there when they mature. They are definitely built different in the body.

I see someone posted 5 stars to Louie's video, Scandalous Image. I'm not sure why he got all those stars but am sure if he could he would lord it over his brothers and sisters who didn't get any stars........That would be Louie even though he didn't get into any bigtime snorting and blowing on open house day. He was pretty cautious and trying to figure things ou but did it all in a very proud way.

There's plenty of attitude on other videos as well. There are Andy and Rhapsody......... It's probably a toss up between them for which one kicked the most. Suede shows a sense of being above all the mere mortals present. Then there are the twins and their twin attitudes. It's fun to see how they measure up next to the other two year olds. Also, take a look at how much Trouble looks and acts like his mother. Their necks are on differently but in the face and the body that's a different story. I think Trouble wants to be a country horse and Vee a western horse though. Funny how that works.

There's video testimony to Legs rolling in the dirt and then showing off how smug he felt about pulling that stunt off. There's also footage of Scarlet taking a header at her mother's feet. Gypcy is Scarlet's half sister. Now there's a big difference between those two fillies. It's amazing to me the difference of another sire.

I think it's interesting to see the different personalities of the horses that show through in their videos. I think the videos help show all their little quirks much better than the instant captured in stills. Which one's do you like best.........and why??

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  1. You want me to choose??? Ummm I can't lol. I like them all. Your horses are great MiKael, different and yet all alike. A couple of them stole my heart that day, but really they were all great. :)

  2. Wow! I have throughly enjoyed reading and watching videos from your open house. Beautiful animals! Loved it, thanks for sharing!

  3. They are all so beautiful and expressive. You're totally right that the videos really help show their personalities.

    My particular favorite was Hope and I thought Suede was fantastic, too. I'm really a sucker for a big, gray horse. Hope's color, together with her great, floating movement and calm attitude were really appealing to me.

  4. lady of chaos, you don't have to choose if you don't want to. I know from comments on the videos that some have favorites, however.

    But I'm with you. If I could afford it, I wouldn't be selling any of these horses. I would turn into a collector. lol

    I really like them all. They have their own unique personalities and traits that make each one special to me.

    callie, thanks

    kwdhorses, I'm glad I wasn't boring you to death. Sometimes I feel like that's exactly what I'm doing. It's fun to be able to share the videos so that their personalities show through.

    katee, I have to laugh about your "big gray horse" comment. Hope has a "big" presence but she is really a little horse.

  5. I havent looked at the videos yet, have a few jobs that need to be done, like mailing out photos to clients who have paid for them!!! I sure will later tho.

    You are like me, if I could afford them every one of my herd would have lifetime homes here, it is very hard to part with them.



  6. LOL MiKael, I mean it when I say I couldn't choose. If you told me to come pick out a horse, any horse, and it was mine... I couldn't do it. It would be way too hard to choose just one from that bunch.

    Selling is always the hardest part. I usually have a good cry the day the horse goes to a new home. I do hope you sell a couple soon and that they get great homes!

  7. Lori, you're right, I wouldn't part with them if I didn't have to.

    Lady of Chaos, I'd have trouble if I had to pick one too. Hopefully that day never comes.

    It looks like the people who were interested in Louie have changed their minds. We are working on new video on Storm tomorrow. I have several out of state inquiries on him. He's definitely a horse I will shed tears over when he leaves.

  8. Suede blew me away! His coppery color gleaming in the sun and his gorgeous movement and fire. Love his full tail and carriage, too. I also was impressed with Hope's floating movement. Just lovely!