Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Open House Wraps Up

Even though I wasn't too thrilled at the stunt my Arabian horse had pulled in the ring, the first thing I wanted to know as had anyone caught it on film. The answer unfortunately is "No." You're going to have to use you imaginations to picture it. I have plenty of witnesses to testify that this incident really happened but no film.

It was funny to watch the horse in the ring as the crowd headed for the BBQ. Some people were already coming back with full plates looking for places to sit but clearly not paying any more attention to the horse and he knew it. Legs was not happy. Not catching him up was just as good as any discipline could have been.

While people when for food, I went for news of the injured party. I found out it was the girl who had led the broodmare up to the ring. My first instincts has been correct. She didn't have enough experience to deal with the mare and foal.

I learned later it was actually the foal who had stepped on Kaitlyn and it had happened BEFORE they came up to the ring. Despite her injury she had insisted on leading the mare. Not only that but she wasn't walking with any limb or noticeable injury to her foot. No one had known until after the fact that she had been injured at all.

So the open house went on uninterrupted because Kaitlyn didn't want to be the cause of any interference. However, after things were over, she was ready to admit that she was really hurting. They were running around looking for ibupropen and ice packs trying to make her more comfortable until her parents could be reached. I was wondering if I was going to be sued.

Colleen thought the girl had broken bones in her foot. She said that Kaitlyn was reacting the same way that my grandson, Chris, had done when he'd broken two bones in his foot. We were going to have to wait until she was taken to a doc in the box to find out the diagnosis.

After showing all the horses as usual I had several people who wanted to talk with me about horses. Usually by that time, I'm ready to sit down, have something to eat and talk about how the day went. Instead I end up talking with "prospective" clients until everyone else is gone. By the time I ever get time to visit, anyone I wanted to visit with has long gone.

This year I really wanted to talk to Lady of Chaos. I had warned her ahead of time that I'd probably get stuck talking with people showing interest in the horses. But she said she'd stick around until I was done so that we could visit. That made it a bit easier to stick when business when I really wanted to play.

There was a couple looking to buy their first horse who really wanted a young horse instead of the recommended older, broke to death variety. A scenario that is difficult but can work if the people are willing to get help and keep it until they and the horse know enough to be safe on their own.

Then there was a woman who had driven two hours to see horses because she's interested in breeding to one of my stallions. I've spoken with her on the phone before but this is the first time we've met in person. She came equipped with pictures and pedigrees so maybe she will breed a mare at some point.

I managed to juggle back and forth between the different parties and Lady of Chaos hung around until I was finally done. So we did get a chance to talk but not nearly as long as I would have liked before it was time for her to go.

While I talked with people about horses, the crew who had helped me put on this event, cleaned up after themselves and headed off home. By the time Lady of Chaos left everyone else had gone too. Other than my flower parts still sitting out at their posts at the barns and the presence of a san-a-can it was hard to tell that anything had even happened here. It was time to feed the horses dinner and collapse.

Later that evening I got a call from Colleen about Kaitlyn. She had no broken bones but did have two torn tendons in her foot and was on crutches. The latest news is she is off the crutches but I still don't know if that's with or without the doctor's orders.

By this time Kaitlyn's parents had discovered that it wasn't a grown horse that had injured their daughter but a foal. I heard that they were now teasing her twice as bad.........telling her she wasn't even competent with a baby horse. I guess with attitudes like that I don't have to worry about lawsuits...........I sure hope it stays that way.

These pictures were taken by Lady of Chaos. They are Faith, Hope and Echo.

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  1. I'm glad Kaitlyn was okay. Getting stepped on can hurt! I think the foals hurt worse because their hooves don't cover as much area.

    While you were off talking to other people, I had a chance to have a couple of good chats with Dave. He is just the coolest guy. :)

    I wish I could have stayed longer but my Mom had Kissy and Mom had to get up for work at 4:30 the next morning. Mom lives a good 40 minutes further north of my house, so it was a long drive to get Kissy picked up. But well worth it because I really had a good time and it was great to meet everyone finally. :)

  2. Echo looks awesome. You should update her photos on your Rising Rainbow website.

  3. OM Gosh, what a trooper. I have signs up in my barn rfelieving me of any liability if anyone should be hurt while they are on our property. I am sure you must have seen them somewhere if not, let me know and I will find one and print and laminate a few for you (if I still have lamination film, havent used it in so long). I stick them up in various obvious places in the barn. You could also put one at the entrance to your property which would be a good thing.

    Accidents happen and it is always good to make people aware of the risks involved when working around horses, even when they should know, they will always want someone to blame.

    LOC great pics, still green with envy that I couldnt be there too.

    MiKael I hope that something comes from all of your hard work too, sounds like another resounding success

    On the missing the shot thing, that is my failing too because my first instinct is to drop the camera, hold my breath and want to go and help when I see a crash coming, I have missed many shots like that, in a way I am glad and sometimes when there has been more laughter over the incident than injury other than hurt Pride that I wish I had kept on shooting!!

  4. Oh! I also love a dapple gray horse! I pretty much love them all. I am so glad that the event went well and I have my fingers firmly crossed that you get some good word of mouth from this and more importantly some PAYING customers!

  5. I'm glad you made it through the open house with no serious injuries. Too bad no one caught Legs stunt on film.

    I hope Kaitlyn heals quickly and that you sell a horse or two.


  6. Sounds like the Open House went reasonably well. Glad the kid is on the mend and you're not getting sued. Do you have an equine law over there? We have an "enter at your own risk" thing here and you have to keep a sign posted. Even with just my two, I have it up!