Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Open House continues on and on..............

My Arabian stallion came into the ring about as quiet and relaxed as the rest of the horses had been. While that usually isn't the case, it didn't surprise me. The other horses had mostly been quiet so why would Legs be any different even if he is normally a big ham.

As I watched him slowly jog around the ring, I thought it was hardly worth getting the horse out of his stall for this. Where was that fire that Arabian stallions are known for? God help me for asking such a question!

Then Legs headed for the dirt pit in the corner. I knew what the monster wanted to do but I couldn't get there fast enough to stop him. As I screamed in my microphone something about the horse trying to do this to me for five bloody years, I raced after Legs trying to thwart this attempt to roll. But he just ignored me and dropped down and wallowed in that dirt. How dare he? Didn't he know what I'd gone through to get him all show ring presentable.........and clean?

Out of frustration I threw my shaker at him. It bounced off his butt..... but that horse practically laughed at me as he slowly got up and jogged away, shaking his head and gloating over his accomplishment. From there, the show was on.............

Mr Attitude was back big time.........in all his filthy glory. As he moved around the ring, the dust washed in waves over what had been a gleaming coat. Now he looked like some mud wrestler flexing for the crowd. I was disgusted by his smugness. He still was mostly jogging but clearly flipping me off

About the time I decided we should catch Legs up and let these people go enjoy their BBQ. my horse decided to come to life. Legs turned on the juice. The horse may not have been all fired up about coming into the ring but he was certainly fired up about the possibility of leaving it. I don't know what his plan was........but there must have been one because he wasn't happy that I wanted him to leave.

The Arabian horse began running around the ring tossing his head even more belligerently at me clearly portraying his displeasure. I doubt anyone there couldn't clearly tell his attitude was not about co-operating. The horse wanted to strut.....and he wanted to strut on his terms.

Crystal and I worked at getting the horse into a corner. Not an easy task with a savvy horse like Legs but eventually we did get him there. With Crystal pushed up tight on his left and me the same on his right and his nose literally in the corner, the horse had nowhere to go............or so we thought.

As I reached to put the lead rope around his neck, the horse reared up, tucked his front legs tightly to his chest, knocking off my baseball cap, and did a 180° turn on his hind legs right over the top of me. The crowd gasped in horror but quickly recovered as the horse dropped down and galloped off..........clearly proud of himself he had managed to escape.

I'm not sure how many people in the audience that day knew exactly what they'd witnessed but I did. The athletic ability it had taken for the horse to complete such a maneuver was astounding.

Not only had the horse shown his athletic prowess, he had shown his caring for me as well. He clearly had "protected" me from harm by tucking those legs and moving in such as way as to not bump me and he had managed to pull it off without touching a single hair. Touching the bill of my baseball cap had caused the horse to tuck those legs even tighter to his chest. He wasn't taking any chances on touching mom.

So my kind, wonderful stallion was once again the star of the show. He may not have put on quite the show I had hoped for but it had been a show none the less. I decided to not push the issue and just left him in the ring. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of chasing him around...........and his crowd..........well, they followed me to get food. So he didn't get the satisfaction of doing any more entertaining either.

To be continued............

The Open House Wraps UP

The last picture was taken by Lady of Chaos and the others are by my SIL, Ray.

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  1. Our Legs never lets us down. He's such a beauty, MiKael.

  2. What a character! It sounds like a wonderful grand finale!

  3. I have really enjoyed reading about your open house, sounds like a success~

    LOL about his antics, what a ham!

  4. Good old Legs!!!! A nice closing act for your open house. They are such little monkeys when they want to be and showing you up is one of their favorite passtimes.

    I am still wondering what the crisis at the barn was during all of this, but you are keeping us in suspense arent you. Hmmmmm


  5. Legs was great! Of course maybe I'm biased because when he was in his stall MiKael let me go in and meet him and I got to love on him a bit. He is just so sweet!

    He was so pleased with himself after he rolled lol. If a horse could laugh, he'd have been doing so. All prancing and head tossing with the look what I did 'grin'.

    And when he reared up, well he tucked those legs in so tight that he probably left hoof marks on himself. There was no way he was gonna hurt his human Mamma.

    It was a good day. The horses were all friendly, even little Suede tried, the people were friendly. I had fun. :)

  6. Can't help but have a bit of a laugh though can you...what a cheeky boy. I certainly wouldn't be laughing if he had hurt anyone, but it sounds he's a very smart and caring boy...even when he's being silly, which is rare!

  7. Legs is such a character, as billie said. I can totally see the scene in my imagination :-D

  8. Legs is truly amazing.

    What an impressive story, too :)

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico