Monday, August 11, 2008

Rolling Along on an Arabian Horse Farm

It's been a busy time on this Arabian horse breeding farm. Between Lindsay's injury, trying to fit in the photo shoot and the Daffodil Summer Show, it's been so hectic, I'm still reeling. And there's not time to let down now.

Now the horse show is over, I've already shifted gears. The next thing on the list is our annual open house. It's set for Sept 7 this year which is only four weeks away. I can't believe how far behind we are on getting this place ready for the event.

With the horses living outside so that I didn't have stalls to do while caring for Lindsay and picking up her other duties with the horses, the fields are a mess (and so are my gardens and my flower pots....YIKES!). Even though I have been trying to spend some time each day picking manure, I just couldn't keep up. Twenty-two Arabian horses on a little less than 6 acres adds up to a lot of poop! That will all need to be cleaned up before the event.

Normally, I have begun conditioning the horses long before now but the footing in the round pen took forever to dry out. About the time it was dry enough to begin free lunging horses, Lindsay got hurt. That put an end to any time I might have had to begun working the horses. I didn't even get time to work with the six I have been working with on a regular basis. Now the crunch will be on to get them looking as good as possible for the open house.

In the vein of getting the horses looking good, they have so many scrapes, bites, kicks, and such from living outside. I can't believe how banged up they all look. They are now officially back in their stalls at night except for three. I am hoping they will have some time to grow some skin and hair although that's probably wishful thinking on my part. It might be the wrong time of the season for any hair growth but I can sure wish.

Dancer's beautiful tail is in shreds. I'm pretty sure at least half of it has been torn out. I'm just not sure whether some other horse chewed on it or she got it caught up in brush or trees. All I know for sure is it's a pretty sorry looking sight.

I brought the three horses we took to the horse show home. I substituted over at the barn near Rachel's with three other horses from here that I delivered this evening.

I chose the three oldest that haven't been started. All are thin and for some reason the horses there are doing better holding their weight than the ones here even though all are being feed exactly the same hay and feed.

I think it has to do with consistency when I am not the one who feeds. Try as I might, it's been difficult to get Dave and Lindsay to understand the concept of feeding by weight so for now I'm going to move the thinnest horses there to make sure their weight is up where it belongs by the open house. I've already experimented with one horse, Louie. He was there for a month and now he looks just great. Hopefully, this will work on the six horses I am moving. Cross your fingers.

As if that's not enough to do, I took a friend to look at foals today. He is shopping for a client and looking for a filly by Marwan El Shaqab. They haven't been having much luck so when I heard there were looking at Marwan grandget as well, I knew just the places to take them.

It was really fun getting to go look at babies but the only work I got done around here was watering my wilting pots (since no one remembers to water when I'm gone) and a few hours of weeding in the morning. Although I sure didn't make a dent in cleaning up my flower beds. Tomorrow, I will have to really put my nose to the grindstone and get started conditioning horses. I think I need a 48 hour day.

Info on the photo shoot and the horse show will be coming soon. Too bad my computer doesn't have a way to post with my just talking. I could be composing posts while I'm free lunging horses. Oh............and then there are the 6 that I am currently riding...................... I sure hope I can find time to begin visiting other horse blogs soon. I am really having withdrawal.....

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  1. Mikael, you do a fine job keeping your head above water when the rest of us are drowning. =)

  2. Sounds like another continueously busy several weeks ahaed for you!

  3. It's a very busy time for you. It seems like an impossible task to get everything done and ready by the 7th. Isn't there someone you could hire for a few weeks that works cheap, like a bunch on school kids or something. You can't do it all yourself.

  4. MiKael-Crest Toothpaste will make the hair grow back in those naked spots in record time. No kidding!! Just dab a thick layer on every nick, scrape and bare spot and leave it on. Whenever you notice it gone from the spot-put some more on. Within 7-10 days all those spots will have new hair. Deeper scrapes may take a bit longer, but you have plenty of time before your open house. Just make sure that it is the Original Crest.

    Good luck with all of that cleaning-we have been hitting the yardwork pretty hard around here too, trying to get ready for fall and then ugh...winter.

  5. I saw your horses at the Daffodil show this past weekend! I kept an eye out for you, but I am not sure if I would recognize you or not...the pic of you on the sidebar is kinda small:)

    Your boy--Legs is his nickname, isn't it?--was very handsome AND friendly...a refreshing combination! Are you heading down to Sherwood OR this upcoming weekend at all?

    Anyway...just stopped by to say that I "saw" your babies. I have stopped by once before...I'm the girl who used to train with Harlan Blumenthal :)

  6. Good luck with getting everything ready! Time just flies by, I agree where does it go!

  7. Hi MiKael

    Just take care of yourself. You can only do so much, no sense in making youself sick. Then you will be in a pickle.

    I have had a big urge to ride today, especially after riding Dream yesterday, but I have to get my print orders out first before I can think of anything else. Wiggle now turns sideways when I come into her pen and lines herself up against the railings so I can just climb on her back, no saddle or bridle, and it is perfectly clear that that "trainer" didnt do much with her because she has no clue what leg aides are and I can't steer her that way so will have to put a bridle on her to work her properly.

    The hair may well grow back because with winter approaching I find that they are normally gearing up to get their coats starting to thicken right now or in September some time.

  8. Mikael you are one awesome horse mum. Please just remember to take a breath and don't over-work yourself. An almost impossible task with 22 horses, but just make sure you do not do too much. Work is good for the body and soul none-the-less however.

    I wish you the best with many pats on the back, your super-women+mom+horseymom. :)

  9. Sounds like you've got your hands full. I don't know how you do it. I have 19 horses and I still get behind at times and I'm not trying to get any ready for showing or my place ready for an open house.

    Please take a deep breath and try to delegate a bit. No one can do it all.

    Oh and how's Andy's leg? I've been wondering if the honey has helped at all?