Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - A Day Late....and probably a dollar short


  1. All your horses are beautiful. I love the grey mare and the foal, what an exceptional shot.

    I send my best wishes to Lindsey. I can't imagine being stuck inside when you have a beautiful farm with lots of beautiful horses around. How is the double vision, is it improving?

    Just curious but what's new Brittney? Is she doing alright?

  2. Well, at least I 'm not the only one! I have posted a Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday! LOL!

    Get well wishes to Lindsey! Praying for a quick recovery!

    Have a great Thursday!

  3. Hi MiKael, I am worried about you, always in my thoughts. This is how my one mare was looking too until I discovered she was such a slow eater that Wiggle was guzzling all her own food down and then getting at least half of BBs too because she would chase her.

    Stay strong, and look forward to hearing some more news when you get some time. ((((Hugs))))


  4. Your horses are beautiful! Love your pictures. Hope Lindsey is healing ok. You are in my thoughts and prayers :)

  5. Those gorgeous photos are worth a thousand words!

    Best wishes to Lindsey.