Friday, July 18, 2008

A Day in the Life of an Arabian Horse Breeder - Good Signs

Yesterday Lindsay had her appointment at the trauma clinic with the neurologist at 8:15 in the morning. With the rush hour commute that meant we had to be up here at about 5 to get the Arabian horses fed and watered before we headed out.

With this current schedule trying to take care of the Arabian horses here in Lindsay's place, I've been really burning my candle at both ends so getting up to be on time was not really setting all that well. I really had a hard time dragging my butt out of bed. But I was a good girl and did it even though I just knew we'd end of waiting on a doctor.

Which, of course, is exactly what happened. We left here in plenty of time to allow for getting stuck in traffic so we sailed on through like it was mid day arriving at the clinic 45 minutes early. Then the doctor was an hour late and all that time I thought about my missing hours of sleep.

The good part of the appointment was they were really surprised at Lindsay's progress. I knew that she and Dave were both worried about how "slowly" she was recovering..........but I also knew that she was doing quite well considering the trauma she's just gone through.

The end result of the appointment was that Dave and Lindsay got their fears alleviated and we got an idea of how much longer to expect her recovery to take. The doctors instructions were if she wasn't back to normal in a month, we should return to the clinic. That's about what I was thinking all along.

Lindsay did really well with the trip into town. I expected her to collapse into an exhausted heap when we got home but she really didn't do anymore napping than she'd done the day before. She still struggles some with the headaches and double vision but it lessens each day.

Her speech is no longer slurred and she looks much brighter. She even made her trip out to the barn today to see her Arabian horse. Dave went with her in case she needed help and he called to the mare first. Aana just ignored him but the minute she heard Lindsay's voice she looked up and then came right over to see Lindsay for herself.

It did Lindsay's heart good to see both the snub of her father and then that immediate response. She gave the mare a few scratches on her neck and then came back up to the house to relay what had happened. Lindsay was beaming from ear to ear.

Even after her walk out to the barn, Lindsay didn't immediately slip off into a nap. It was probably at least an hour before she finally dozed all. All of these little things are good signs that she is regaining her strength and the swelling on her brain is doing down. I'm thinking I might actually be able to breathe here soon.

I'm thinking by the beginning of next week, I may be able to go over to the other barn and at least ride Legs. I doubt I can be gone much longer than that but getting back into the saddle will definitely be good for my soul.

From what I understand it will also be good for my Arabian horse. I heard tonight that he is acting depressed and sullen. When Colleen went to visit him tonight he kept looking over her shoulder for me. It's nice to hear my Arabian horse missed me as much as I miss him.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that she's doing just fine. I'm also happy to hear that she got to go visit with her horse. I bet it did them both a world of good.

    I took my daughter up to the Region V show today. I took lots of pics and we saw lots of gorgeous horses. I thought of you while I was there. :) There was one horse there that reminded me a lot of Solidaire.

    Get some sleep and remember if you need help let me know. Maybe I can come down and help you out some so you can go take an hour and visit your boy...

    Tell Lindsay that she's doing a great job recovering and to relax and just let it happen. :)

  2. Oh, that's so good to hear that Lindsay is doing better than expected and she got that great response from Aana! If you get to see and ride Legs, that should help you feel better, too!

    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for the update. I'm glad it's good news. One month, plus all the days between now and the accident is a long wait for everyone involved.

    I understand about feeling grumpy or anxious when you go a while without riding. I also understand about the affect it has on the horses. I was working with Gabbrielle every day for several weeks, and then stopped to give her a break. Now she's getting into all kinds of trouble chewing wood, tossing jolly balls into water troughs, breaking fence panels, piling food troughs on top of food troughs... I admire her creativity when she is bored, but I know I also have to relieve that boredom sometime soon by returning to training.

  4. What great news about Lindsey! Time will heal her. I bet she was SO happy to see her horse. That is healing in and of itself!

    Thanks for the advice on the orchard grass hay. It is not cheap, thats for sure! I am heading out to get some in the morning.

  5. That's good news about Lindsay. I'll bet Legs misses you. Hope you get to ride him in the next day or two.

  6. That is such fantastic news MiKael! I really, REALLY hope you get to ride- and soon!!! I full well understand the feeling there...

    Will still keep you all in our prayers here.

    Love the second pic- not sure which horse that is, but he/ she looks sooooo interested in what Mom is doing!

  7. Glad to hear that Lindsay is doing much better and I'm sure her horse was happy to see her and know she is alright.

  8. Good to hear that things are going well. I dont know if someone asked this already or not, how old is Lindsay?

  9. I've been away on vacation, so just caught up on your blog. So glad to hear that Lindsay is recovering well. It's a long, slow healing process, but it sounds like she's ahead of what was expected. Happy day!!


  10. That is such good news Mikael! So glad that Lindsay is doing so well! We are all sending positive thoughts her way and continue to pray! Keep up the good work Lindsay!!

  11. That is wonderful news and I am glad you are holding up. All will be well before you know it and you can put all this behind you.

    I hope you get to ride Legs, it looks like due to weather and the fact that the guy doing the hitch on my vehicle not having it done, I wont be going riding tomorrow after all.

    Have had a bad two days, I should force myself to ride I know it will make me feel better, but I just can't get myself out there.

  12. sounds like you've had a rough time of it. Netherfieldmom suggested I point you to my latest blog entry (arab-oriented). I think it's an exciting development...

  13. Oh I swear horses know exactly what we need to pick us up, I think if they were human they'd be counsellors. What are those books? Chicken soup for the soul?

  14. I am real happy that Lindsay got over to the barn. Must have been really healing for her.

    There is something kind of special when animals miss you and embrace your presence. I love the way my dogs greet me each day. I always make sure I give them special moments in return.