Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life...........and a Level One Trauma........the Details Part 4

Part 1

I don't know how long it was before the doctors came out to talk with me. I just know that it seemed like it took forever. They introduced themselves to me and said that they were ordering some tests including a full CAT scan to get a better picture of Lindsay's injuries.

They told me I could go in and sit with Lindsay until she was taken for her tests but they wanted to warn me about what I would see when I entered the room. There were lots of tubes, wires and machines and they didn't want me to be alarmed.

I assured them I could handle seeing Lindsay hardwired in such a manner. Nothing would ever be as bad as that first day after her surgery at Children's Hospital in Seattle. I promised they didn't have to worry about me freaking out so they let me go and visit with my daughter.

The chaplain followed right along probably thinking he might be needed if the whole thing became too much for me. Or maybe he thought he might lend some comfort to Lindsay but as far as she was concerned the only one who existed in that room was me.

Poor Lindsay was so frightened she was shaking violently. At first I thought she was just cold, but it turned out to be totally based in fear. I don't know what was going through her head and I doubt if she remembers but it was clear that the poor kid was scared to death.

Her face was cleaner than it had been but she still had some muddy tear stains. Her ears and her hair were almost gritty looking. Her left eye was really blood shot and looked like it was going to turn black. The whole area under her eye looked bright red like it might bruise as well. Dave and I thought that must have been where she hit her head.

I tried to take her mind off what was happening in the room. There were still at least three professionals milling around her checking monitors and doing I don't know what else.

Instead of watching them I tried to get her to pay attention to me. I held her hand bending over her and looked directly into her eyes and asked her to breath with me. Just like good old Lamaze classes breathing. In so very slowly and out oh so slowly with me coaching her along.

At first she was reluctant but I kept insisting. Once she really began to give the breathing exercise her full attention, the shaking began to slow down. It didn't take too long before the shaking had all but ceased. It didn't take much to get her off focus and the shaking would start up again.

One of the nurses asked me if I wanted to save her clothes. There in a pile on the floor were Lindsay's clothes all cut to shreds. I think that was the hardest part of being in that room. Seeing her clothes cut to ribbons like that was like getting smacked in the face with reality.

I told the nurse not to bother. About the only thing those clothes would be good for was to use for a picture on my blog. That made Lindsay giggle.The nurse probably thought I was kidding.........but for a brief instant I was really wishing I'd had my camera. Words cannot describe the picture of Lindsay's shredded clothes laying in that heap on the emergency room floor.

Everything was cut...........her jeans, her underpants, her Victoria's Secret bra (that I paid an arm and a leg for!) her favorite T-shirt and her socks. Still can't imagine why the socks had to be cut off...........but I guess they didn't want to jostle her.

All I could think was it was a good thing the paramedics had taken her tall Muck brand boots off in the ambulance. I'd hate to see what those things would have looked like if she'd arrived wearing them. Not to mention I'd hate to have to replace them.........those things cost nearly as much as the rest of her clothes put together..........except maybe that bra.

I told Lindsay this was really a cheap trick to get new clothes. Again she black humor had gotten her through some scary times. I was glad to know that it still worked. I teased her about needing more attention in my posts but this was a h*ll of a way to go about getting it. For that she actually giggled.

She still wasn't talking word answers if anything at all. I wasn't sure if it was because she was afraid or because she didn't know the answers to our questions. Sometimes it was like she just wasn't there. I would be glad when they finally came and took her for the CAT scan. At least them we would have some answers.

Dave arrived sometime right before they came to get Lindsay for the CAT scan. The poor guy was frazzled by all the procedures he'd had to go through to even get on the base. Then he'd been directed to the wrong parking lot and gotten lost.

Before they took Lindsay into the scan they tried to prepare her for the test. From the sounds of it their machine was one of the most modern ones that are very open. Once they knew that Lindsay had tolerated the "tunnel" type of MRI machines, they knew she would be OK with this test.

It didn't take long before the neurologist came to talk to us about the results of Lindsay's CAT scan. In layman's terms there were two small bruises on the left side of her brain. One had actually bled......but just a little. They thought the bleeding was stopped. But to be sure they would do another CAT scan at 3 am

Lindsay would be taken to the intensive care unit for at least twenty four hours to be monitored. What happened after that would depend on her progress. And that was that.............we could stay with her through the night (which Lindsay didn't want) or we could call whenever we liked and get updates on her condition.

To be continued...................

Part 5

Lindsay has struggled with headaches today. It seems to be a bit more than yesterday but I think it's being complicated by allergy headaches. If she isn't improved tomorrow, I'll be calling the neurologist.

This picture is Lindsay with Surprise.

Lady of Chaos wants to know what happened............she's not the only one. I'd like to know too. That's one of those things about brain trauma. You rarely get to have all the answers.

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  1. Well, I was hoping that Lindsay would remember something so that you could figure out what happened and maybe possibly take some preventative measures.

    I've had a few too many head injuries myself and have a few 'blank' spots in my memory and a bit of lasting damage and yes, a lot of unanswered questions.

    I'd hoped that you would get some questions answered.

    I really hope that she gets to feeling better soon. I would be calling the Doc too.

    Remember that if you need help keeping up on things (since you're spending so much time with your daughter) I am only an email away. I will make the time to come down and help out in anyway, just let me know.

    Don't forget to take care of yourself too!

  2. I hope Lindsay isn't having any swelling on the brain causing the headaches. Did the doctor tell you what things to watch out for? You guys are still in my prayers!


  3. lady of chaos, Lindsay may come up with some answers yet. She's still fuzzy but she's remembering some things from that night so I'm hopeful we'll get something concrete.

    thanks for the offer of help so far I'm doing ok. I have turned all of my horses out except the injured one. I am putting the mare and foal in at night because we've had reports of a mountain lion in the area.

    Also, I had to put a couple of the colts in because they're not getting enough to eat. But that still cuts down the number of stalls I need to clean.

    My oldest daughter came to help me do stalls yesterday. I'm still only half way through getting them all cleaned but Dave's off the next couple of days so I hope to get caught up.

    I hope to get to the other barn tomorrow and at least ride one or two. That would be a nice break. But Dave has to pick up hay so fitting it in might be a trick.

  4. dj, I do know all the signs to watch for, all of the problems Lindsay had before were from swelling of the brain. Guess that makes me somewhat of an expert.

    I really think that the headaches today are being fueled by her sinuses. She has lots of problems with those and sinus headaches this time of year. She was taking antihistimines before the accident but has forgotten to take them since when she should be taking them daily.

    Thanks for the prayers. It's the possibility of seizures after she quits that med that worries me the most.

  5. RR I am still hoping everything is okay with Lindsay, but I'm sure she'll fight through this as she has in the past. Seizures sure can be scary, my mum has epilepsy but to have bruising on the brain to complicate the stress must be horrible. Best wishes hun!

    lady of chaos, I know what you mean with the 'blank spots'. I've been very lucky so far *touch wood* and I've only got a concussion when my gelding tripped A over head with me ontop of him getting a concussion. No-one saw it so I have no idea how I got home. I was trying to pull his head up, and I glanced at the ground. That's the last thing I remember, next thing I was walking in the front door and looked back and saw Bundy tied to the tree. I guess we'll never know!

  6. MiKael ... that is what makes you so special, even under such stress and confusion you can find some humor which definitely lightened the mood and situation I am sure. I can't imagine how you must have been feeling. I get hysterical when one of my horses injures itself, so would never have been able to handle what you did the way you did and still be sane.

    More positive vibes and love coming your, Lindsay, Dave and even Bey Aana's way, I wish I was closer so I could be some help. Glad you put the horses out to relieve the work load, that is what I have done too but then I don't have mountain lions to deal with LOL. (((Hugs)))

    Just hang in there girl you are strong enough to handle whatever you have to deal with.


  7. The poor kid, hope her headaches get better soon. Sounds like you have your hands full right now. Isn't there anyone who can come over and lend a hand with the barn chores, maybe Rachel?

  8. I just caught up with this :( Hope Lindsay will be home soon and that you get to the bottom of what happened.
    Lots of virtual hugs (())

  9. I don't know what to say MiKael. Thank you for the continued posts so we can keep up on Lindsay's recovery.

    Hugs and prayers to all of you.

  10. Sorry I haven't been commenting.. Lindsay's and everyone else is in my prayers though! glad to hear she's home, but those headaches must be awful. I hate headaches.. they're no fun! lol. Also, how old is Lindsay? I am asking, because she looks young in her picture.

    Get well soon Lindsay! the sooner the better :)

  11. It is so hard to see your kids frightened. Lindsay is one lucky kid to have such a compassionate mom. Hugs to you too MiKael.....this has got to be grinding on you.