Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Little Stuff..........A Little Catching Up

I thought I was going to be able to pick up where I left off on the Region 4 Arabian Horse Championships. However, after spending most of my free time yesterday trying to get a video to upload to Blogger, I didn't even get a post done at all. My computer was tied up or froze up or whatever it was that wasn't conducive to posting.

I suppose I shouldn't have assumed I could get that video to upload to Blogger when YouTube didn't want it. Well, actually there are two videos from the pre-show that YouTube wouldn't let me load because they are a hair over ten minutes. I don't have software to edit them down so I guess I'm stuck.

And after the day that I've put in, I'm just too tired to tackle Salem tonight but I don't want anyone to worry I haven't posted because something is wrong. Lindsay is improving a little each day. She hasn't taken any oxycodone in the last two days managing her pain instead with tylenol.

Her double vision is occurring less and less. She's still sleeping most of the time but when she is awake she's definitely more alert. Last night she was able to take a shower by herself for the first time and this morning she felt comfortable fixing her own bowl of cereal. So she's definitely on the mend.

A couple of people have asked how long her recovery will take and my guess, based on her past recovery, is that it will be several weeks before Lindsay is back to her old self again. She has an appointment at the neuro trauma center on Thursday and we'll see what they have to say.

Today, I worked both Patriot and Suede in the round pen. I free longe each colt separately for about ten minutes. Then leave them in the round pen to cool down while I clean the stall.

The round pen is set up in one of the mare pastures. So both of these colts think that they've died and gone to heaven when I leave them. Solidare and Faye are both in heat and love to come visit with the boys. Although I think they just tease Patriot by getting semi close to the round pen.

Both mares really come up and visit with Suede. He's getting a chance to learn to tease mares. He nuzzles them on the neck and takes very softly to them, no loud screaming at all. I'm not sure if he's not figured that part out or he's deliberately being quiet thinking I might take him away. Either way he's being a gentleman.

I have no problem catching him when I decide it's time for him to go in. He looks at the mares and back at me. Then walks over and puts his head right into the halter. While Patriot looks at me and runs the other way......but only a few steps before he decides that it's not worth it.

I'm gradually making my way through the other stalls. I got the mats fixed in two more of them today. Although moving those mats around really wears me out.

Mrs Mom, you wouldn't believe what I'm using to scrape those accumulated shavings out from underneath those stalls mats. I know this is probably not the best use of my rasp.........but it's working really well! Don't faint! I promise I'm cleaning it thoroughly after I get done. I'm pretty sure that ammonia isn't good for that metal so I'm taking care of it although I don't have any of the stuff you mentioned in your post about tools . I have to get some.

I just came across this picture and I can't remember if I've used it here or not but it's one of the few pictures I have with my youngest son, Nick, with Dandy when he was a baby and Scandalous. Scandalous was also so sweet with Nick and Lindsay around her foals. That would make Nick about 11 in this picture. Now he's a grown man living in San Diego at the moment.

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  1. Sorry about not getting the videos online. But it's very good news to hear that Lindsey is improving. Thanks for the update.

  2. LOL No heart attacks here MiKael- I too have used rasps for some odd things! ;) (Old ones though...lol) Muratic Acid is available at most harware stores. Not too expensive, works well. You need a wire bristle brush to scrub the rasp with as well.

    When done, coat with WD-40 to prevent rust.

    Hope you get the rest of the barn back in ship shape in no time! :)

  3. Hi MiKael, I was hoping it was just the workload that was keeping you from your blog. Keep on truckin' girl, you are getting it all done, I have to do the same with all of my stalls and mats etc. but our temps are close to the 90s at the moment and I just dont want to be outside in it.

    I am glad Lindsay is on the mend and bet she will be glad to get back to the horses, she is very dedicated to what she does so I know it must be frustrating for her too. Give her a big (((Hug))) for me and tell her she is a real trooper.

    The picture did not show up on my screen in this post. I hate that, when blogger or any program for that matter starts to give you trouble it can consume so much of your time than you realise and before I know it I have wasted a whole day on one thing LOL.

    Always in my thoughts, hope Dave is coping too.


  4. Glad to hear she is contiuning to get better. How wonderful!

    Glad you got to work the colts~horse time is always great!

    Hope you all get caught up! Wish I lived closer I would come over and help you all out!

    Keep rested and know we are praying for you all!

  5. I recently emptied my horse's stall out, moved mats, dug out the old urine spots, limed, re-leveled and put the mats back down in an orderly matter. One stall. One day. I was totally exhausted that night so I can NOT imagine how you must be feeling.

    On the other hand, if you are at all like me you enjoy having something active to do when life throws you something (Lindsey's injury) that YOU can't fix. I like to take care of myself and my family...being thrown a curve ball like Lindsay's injury I would probably be breaking my back in the barn as well just because I'd want to be doing something!

  6. I have a relatively easy way of moving those pesky mats. I have a pair of medium-sized C-clamps. Big enough to fit your hand through the curvy part of the C. They are in the shape of a C (DUH), and have a small drill-like moveable piece that comes down through the top of the C ( making a kind of capital D. They could be called D-clamps.) You fit the open part of the C over whatever you want to clamp, twist the drill thingy (technical term) and it lands on whatever you want to hold. Keep twisting the drill thingy until it's tight. Woodworkers use C-clamps to hold together multiple pieces of wood that need to be 1) glued together, 2) cut in an identical manner, 3) drilled and bolted...plus lots more things. This is more of a low-tech use, because after the clamps are attached to the mat, you can use the round part of the C as a handle. I clamp on the edge of the mat, two clamps on one edge, and then I move the mat. ("move" here means "pull on the ground") It's still brute strength, but with the "handles" it makes it much easier on my hands. It works to just fold the mats up if that's what you want to do. I have some mats that are 6 x 12 (They're great..rarely slip...two mats per stall), and then I have some regular 4 x 6 mats. Seated correctly, the clamps always work. And I've even been able to convince a few men that it's just plain more comfortable to use the clamps then to try to grap ahold of the mats with your bare hands. It takes a minute to get the clamps attached, but it's certanly worth it rather than having cramped up claw-hands after trying to move one mat barehanded.

  7. I am glad Lindsay is on the mend.

  8. So glad to hear you are making progress and that Lindsay is on the mend. Sleep is good for recovery.

    Hope you and Dave are getting some rest as well. Remember, you both have to take care of yourselves too.

    So do you think some of those mares put an education on Suede? Maybe he found out when he got in with them that lots of noise and jumping on anything that moves is NOT the way to approach a lady-LOL.

  9. Glad to hear Lindsay is coming along and you are getting some things done in the barn. Rest would be the best thing for everyone, I think.

  10. So glad to read that Lindsey is doing better! What great news! It has been quite an ordeal and you must be exhausted. I agree with kdhorse, I wish we all lived closer so that we could come in to help you!!! Moving mats is the pits. Those things are so clumsy to move around.
    Love the picture!!!!

  11. I hate uploading stuff to YouTube, that's why I have my husband do it for me. I'm glad to hear Lindsay is improving too, sounds like the horses are settling in nicely to the new routine!

  12. Checked on this post again and I can now see the pic, cute pic of the three of them!