Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Day in the Life of an Arabian Breeder - More Coping

The last three days Dave was supposed to be off work so he was going to give me a break around this Arabian horse farm. Instead he got called into work and I was left a bit disappointed but ok. Today he had no choice but to stay home. We were out of hay both here and at the other barn so he had to go and get two pick-up loads.

By the time poor Dave got done moving all that hay, there was no way he had any energy left to be cleaning stalls. We did good to get the ones done that now have horses in them. At the rate we're going, I think maybe we're moving backwards but what the heck, I wouldn't know what to do if life was dull.

Then poor Dave, they called him into work tonight to work a twelve hour shift over night. He not only moved a slug of hay, cleaned stalls, tended wounds and put up with crabby me, now he has to be up all night working.

Last night after I did my post, Dave found a pussy wound just behind Andy's shoulder. Looking at it this morning in the light of day it looks like it's something old that must have healed over when it shouldn't have. Dave and I are both thinking from the looks it's some kind of sliver and it's trying to work its way out. It's really draining lots of pus and some blood. We're treating it with hot compresses until he sees the vet.

Also dear sweet adventurous Suede has a number of scrapes and bumps coming up from his misadventure crawling on his belly underneath the fence. There's lots of chunky stuff on his belly and in his armpits to tell the tale. He must have popped up too soon and got tangled in the bottom of the fence because he has some rubs from the wire as well. I sure wish I could read his little mind and find out if it was all worth it.

Lindsay decided today that she wanted to go to the barn. I hated to discourage her but she can't walk down the hall without getting dizzy. There is no way she's going to make it all the way to the barn and back. I told her there was no way that dad or I could carry her back from the barn if she couldn't make it. We are both wore out and she isn't as light as she looks.

I convinced her that she'll get to the barn sooner if she doesn't try to push it before her body is ready. I also promised her that if she isn't strong enough to get there soon, I will bring Bey Aana up to the house for a visit. I know it's not the barn that Lindsay is chomping at the bit to visit. However, I'm not sure that Aana will be happy leaving her buddies up at the barn just to see Lindsay...........but who never could have told me that mare would protect Lindsay the way that she did either. I'll let you know how it goes.

She's still having to take medication for headaches but the anti seizure medication has been gone since yesterday. I'm thinking that if we get through the next day or two with no seizures we're probably out of the woods on that one and I'll be able to breathe a little easier.

Lindsay has an appointment with the neurologist early Thursday morning. I don't know how she's going to handle that much stimulation. My guess is it will be a long day.

Overall, I am seeing a little improvement each day. I know she is still frustrated by the double vision but my understanding is she actually has some moments without it. The headaches are coming as often but she still isn't taking the medication soon enough so it takes a while to get them under control. Even with that they are not bad like the ones she used to have with her brain tumor. She is still sleeping most of the day which is as I expected. I know that she's feeling pretty lousy or she'd be complaining about being bored. Lindsay never has been one to sit still very well.....much like her mother.

The horses are getting used to being out 24/7. They are no longer running to the gate every time they hear my voice screaming at me that they are supposed to be in the barn. It's funny how they can get used to their routine and think that's how it should be even when it means being cooped up in a stall. By the time this is over I think none of them will want to go back in and I'll be dealing with a new set of complaints.

I put Louie out with the other boys since I took his buddy away. At first it looked like it was going to work just fine but then he and Percy started having problems. When it was time to feed, it was clear that Louie was going to have to go back to solitary confinement. He just couldn't help himself and had to keep stirring the pot and chasing the others away from their food.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to take three horses from here over to the other barn to swap them out for three that I have been training. If I don't get back in the saddle soon there's going to be h*ll to pay! Not to mention that I was making some breakthroughs I'd like to keep going.

Even if I don't get to ride all three of them, I will be able to bit them up and longe them to keep them in shape. That will be better than having them just sit there over at the other barn. Besides I need just a little bit of semblance of my routine. I'm looking forward to having them here.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and get back to my posts about the rest of the Region 4 Championships. It seems like forever since my last post in that series and I think we haven't even gotten to the part about the Championships themselves. If I don't get it done soon, I won't even remember what happened. I hate getting old.......

This is Louie posing.

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  1. I'm glad Lindsay is getting better, even if it is only little things. I'm sure she'd love a visit with Ana. Maybe you could help her to the edge of the yard and then bring the mare over?

    If the horses try to give you fits when you get them back to thier 'regular' schedule... Just leave them out in the pasture until the rain hits, they'll all be beggin to come in then. :) With the way the animals are acting around here (getting fuzzy again already) the rain isn't all that far off...

  2. I can't imagine how tired Dave must be feeling right now, poor fella. Hopefully his work will lay off him a little so he can get some rest.

    Hang in there, everything will come together eventually!

  3. Try and get some rest yourself eh?

  4. Louie certainly looks like his Papa.
    We will look forward to pictures of three in training.
    It's really wonderful that Lindsey is improving.
    Yeah! Dave. Hay, stalls, 12 hour shifts! Whoa.

  5. Hi MiKael
    Hope things are still improvign and that poor Dave is also surviving along with you. I can never get anything finished because something else always steps in the way so know how you feel about getting back to the posts about the Show. Oh well, maybe I'll hit the lottery one day and live on easy street LOL

    Say hi to Lindsay and Dave and I look forwad to hearing if Aana did go up to visit with Lindsay.

  6. Good to hear Lindsay is getting better day by day. Poor Dave, I work 12 night shifts and know it all to well. Sounds crazy busy!

  7. I'm still praying for Lindsay's health and healing, and glad to hear she's doing better. Hope all goes well with the horse switching at the barn, too.

    My hubby was sent to the ER yesterday by his doctor, to get a CT scan on his lower abdomen and be admitted for IV antibiotics and more tests. They found an abnormality/mass in his colon. He's never been in a hospital before (that's my specialty!) and I hope he can keep his mind off his managerial duties and from worrying about me, but I'll be fine. This is nothing compared to what you & Dave just went through, but I sure don't want to deal with an ER again, especially on a Sunday! We were there 9 hours before he was finally admitted to a room!!! (Lots of miscommunication was going on.)

  8. I think that a visit from Bey Anna would be just what Lindsay needs to help her with her boredom and I'm sure the horse wouldn't mind.
    You and Dave sure have your hands full now, and it is so tiring without any help I'm sure. Maybe a few more weeks until things are back to normal? I hope that's the case anyway and hope Lindsay's tests go okay.

  9. Glad to hear Lindsey is getting better.

    Try and get some rest inbetween everything you have to do.

  10. I'm amazed by all you and Dave are managing to do, and hoping that things can get back to your normal routine very soon.

    I think a visit from Bey Anna would be just the thing for Lindsay - will look forward to reading how that goes!

  11. Darn horses can be the pits when it comes to feeding in groups. There always seems to be someone who has to cause trouble. You would think that they would enjoy their freedom-LOL.

    Glad to hear that Lindsay is making progress. I bet a visit from her favorite mare will make her feel even better :)

  12. Prayers are still being sent your way!

  13. MiKael,
    waiting anxiously for an update, just to let you know you areall in my thoughts and I am looking forward to a speedy resolution to all the chaos in your life soon. ((((Hugs)))))


  14. Hopefully Lindsay's tests will result in good news! Rest is the best thing for her right now.
    It sure has sounded hectic over there in Arabianville. Sounds like you and Dave are holding down the fort. With as many horses as you have have, a dilly dally like Suede's is bound to happen. Silly guy, wish you could have caught his belly-shimmy on candid camera!

    With all this going on, it sounds like you won't have any upcoming shows?

  15. Louie looks very handsome and well groomed in that picture. All of you are under so much stress. Did the doctors tell you what to expect as far as how long it will take for Lindsay's symptoms to go away? I'm guessing it would be like a bruise -- about two weeks? If I lived up there near you, I'd help you out. You have so many horses to manage. Most days I can't handle three.