Friday, June 20, 2008

Ghosts of Horses Past in Salem Part 6

Part 1

I shoved the Arabian horse the final inches out the door and managed to slip through right behind her. Just in the knick of time I closed that door right in the stallion's face. I might have breathed a sigh of relief if that stallion hadn't collided with the door with an impact that would have wrecked a car. All I could think was it's a good thing those ingate doors are as a big and solid as they are. They were the only thing between him and me.

I could hear the stallion's teeth hit the door first, proof he really was out to kill me. That stallion flattened against the door like the coyote chasing the roadrunner into a wall. He fell to the ground in a heap from the sheer force of the impact. Then the horse exploded to his feet in a deafening rage.

The old building echoed that rage. Making it sound like there was a band of stallions fighting instead of just one angry horse. The sound was chilling and I felt a shudder run through my body and my blood turned cold. I can't even explain what it feels like to know that a horse wants to kill you. I had to flip a switch inside somewhere to keep moving.

I turned to see the night watchman walking across the Pavillion towards me. He had reached the show manager and help was on the way although he had no idea how long it might take before they arrived.

The show manager lived quite a ways out of town. He was calling a vet before he left home. The problem was these horses needed help now.

I handed the dazed mare over to the guard giving him strict instructions. Take the mare to the far side of the warm-up arena out of sight from this arena. It was important that the stallion could no longer see the mare if I was ever going to get a chance at calming the horse down and catching him.

Due to the extent of the mare's over heating and shock, I knew it was imperative that she be kept moving. I had to be sure the guard understood the importance of this as well. This was no time for a missed communication. This mare's life was going to be in his hands.

I instructed the guard to keep walking the mare. Even if she acted too tired or wanted to lay down, it didn't matter. He must keep her moving. Even if that meant he had to beat her to keep her up, he MUST keep her moving. Her life depended on it. My final words to him were do not stop until someone from the show (a horseman or vet) comes to take her. Then and only then can you stop walking this horse.

The guard nodded in understanding. Then he glanced in at the screaming stallion. I think he was relieved he only had to worry about the mare. He walked away with the mare and a dazed look on his face.

As the stallion heard the mare's departing footsteps his rage reached yet another level of intensity. He raced to the door to see the mare leaving. Rearing up over the top of the door, the stallion glared down at me with bulging eyes and knashing teeth clearly conveying his intentions. I had interferred with his mare and I was dead.

Once the mare was out of sight the stallion went back to racing around the arena. His screams filled the night air with a violence I had never heard from a horse before this time. Rearing and striking, leaping and attacking the door, the stallion worked himself up into a frightening state. I knew if I couldn't get him settled soon this horse was doing to die from exhaustion.

To be continued.............

Part 7

This is Louie posing.

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  1. Woah... this is quite the story! I cant believe the amount of energy this stallion has, and the fact that he wants to actually KILL you! scary! I cant wait to hear what happens next! I hope the vet arrives shortly after. Also, I'd like to know the names of the owners of these horses, and why would they keep them together!? I hope you got to ask the owners that, so I can find out why they'd do that. Anyways, can hardly wait to read more!

  2. First Louie is stunning, very handsome boy. Glad to hear you got the poor mare out, hope she will be okay. Now on to find out if the stallion ever calmed down.

  3. On pins and needles here. Those screams of rage are the most awful thing to hear ever. I don't know if I would have been quite brave enough to enter the arena to push that mare out or not.

  4. Love your boy Louie! Is this Scandalous Image or another one? I didn't find a Louie on your web site.

    So glad you got the mare out and away from that demon stallion. Sounds like a tranq gun might have been in order. Sheesh! Do you think the police could have handled things? I sure don't know what I would have done. Too scary for me to even comprehend!

  5. Louie is... amazing. Like an Orren Mixer painting.

    I'm glad you got the two apart.

  6. I could not imagine the feeling that was going through you when the stallion was after you as well. I would probably feel scared, betrayed and out of my body and mind knowing that the animal that you have so much respect and passion for has suddenly turned into a raging beast out for a kill.. Very frightening.

    Your a brave woman. I'm anxious to hear if or what the owners of the two horses say.

    I checked your blog multiple times today to see if you posted part 6 and now I'm off to bed in wonder what happens next.

  7. Wow! Riviting story telling. You should write a book...

  8. Mikaaaaaeeeeel!!!! Okay it is near the end of the weekend so I am hoping that you will put us out of our misery soon.

    This is a really scary story, I am praying for a reasonable outcome but I know that it is not going to be pretty whichever way it goes. Then I am wondering how the owners of these two horses are going to react, because I know how people can be. All after you risked your lives to contain these two horses.

    Have a safe rest of the show and hope the drive home goes well. I have wanted to phone you every day but as you know life just gets in the way!!!!

  9. I'm with Lori, other owners may be very foolish when they get this news. At least you have the mare away from the stallion. What will you do to get this mad man back under control?

  10. Good grief! I've been reading all of these installments and this is such a chilling story.

  11. Holy cow! Glad the mare is safely out. I am awaiting the next installment!

  12. Yikes! I just can't imagine being in that situation!!!!!