Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ghosts of Horses Past in Salem Part 5

Part 1

By now both Arabian horses were overheated but still running for all they were worth. Their instincts were driving them much stronger than tiredness. If we didn't get something figured out soon, I was afraid these horses were going to drop dead. I sent the security guard off to call the show manager and I told him to be sure the manager got a vet. It was clear we needed help.... and soon.

While the guard was gone, I stood peeking in through the openings across the top of those arena doors watching the horses. I studied their behavior looking for an opening. Still attacking the mare, biting, striking and kicking, the stallion moved that mare around that arena. He worked that mare turning her over and over, controlling her every move.Then the stallion reached this point where he really thought he finally had her. The mare had stopped running.

The stallion began to celebrate. He left the mare and pranced around in delight with his tail thrown over his back in jubilant display. Showing off and cavorting like some teenage boy celebrating his latest conquest. Convinced he was now the king. He bugled his triumph for all the world to know. Rearing and striking and showing off bigtime. This horse really thought he had one a great battle.

At this point the mare was stopped right in front of me on the other side of those big wooden doors. I could see she was exhausted. She was covered in a foamy sweat. Her head was dropped down low and she was gulping for air.

The stallion on the other hand was half way across the arena dancing and cavorting his glee over winning control of this mare. As he leapt in the air and turned away from me, I slipped through the door and threw a halter on the mare.

Trying to lead her out, I got nothing, no movement, no response. I saw the dazed look in her eyes and knew instantly the mare was in shock. Still holding the end of the lead, I got behind her and pushed the mare out through the narrow opening.

It took me a second to get her feet moving. Thank god she was so exhausted she was off balance and for my adrenaline rush or I wouldn't have been able to move her at all. Once her feet started to move I was able to keep the momentum going and shove her stumbling through the door. Behind me I could hear the stallion screaming his delight still unaware of this latest development.

Then just as the mare's butt crossed the threshold the stallion's voice turned to rage. The horse had spotted me stealing his mare and he was coming for me. I could feel the ground thundering as he closed the gap between us. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I had no doubt this stallion was after me. He would kill me if he caught me.

To be continued...........

Part 6

This picture is Percy.

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  1. Aaahh!!! At least I know you are still alive, but I am so in suspense!

  2. Oh my gosh... I had a sigh of relief there for a moment, when you started to get the mare out of the arena, but then after reading about the stallion suddenly realizing that you were taking the mare, the hairs on my back stood up! What a scary, scary situation to be in.

  3. Oh geessshhh. I shouldn't read your posts before bed. Everytime my bratty stallions screams tonight I'm going to get a major adreneline rush.

    The suspense is getting to me lol. And here I thought I'd learned patience with my mares going over due this year... I guess not lol.

  4. Yikes! I'm getting exhausted over this! We can't take much more! PLEASE tell us the outcome! Yes, I know that was a whine! lol! Amazing story Mikael, I can't imagine what you all were going through.

  5. WOW! this is better than any novel, ever!!!!! Reality is always better than fiction

  6. I'm hoping you got that mare out quick and slammed the door on the stallion. It's the filly's only chance, and yours too I would guess.

  7. Glad to hear you got the mare, alittle concerned that the stallion is aware now! Awaiting anxiously the conclusion!
    BTW-big pat on the back for helping these horses during these times.

  8. This is such a scary story! I am using this series of posts as to why I don't think I will ever go to an overnight show. I am stressed just reading your posts. You are amazing for thinking that quickly on your feet and taking action!

  9. Good lord! This sounds absolutely crazy! I know Arabian shows are exciting but this is ridiculous! I give you kudos for not totally breaking down.

  10. You are truely amazing. Had everything gone well for you on your trip no one would have been there to save that poor mare. (I certainly hope she is ok).

    I am in agreement withe the other comments :)


  11. I don't know how any horse could be better looking than these. To me they are like the diamond in the ring.

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  12. I had to stop reading the story before bed, too! Was having very stressful dreams.

    In case some of you didn't know, MiKael is out of town this week at a show, so these story segments are being posted automatically by Blogger. She can't answer anyone at this time or tell you the outcome.

    If it's too much to take, just read ALL of the rest of the story next week. I'm pretty sure the conclusion would be posted by then. :)

  13. gosh... this definitely gives new meaning to horsing around.. .Staying tuned... keep us posted

    gp and gazi in montana

  14. Sigh!!!!! I have resigned myself to the fact that you are forever going to keep us sitting on the edge of our seats with suspense.

    Hope the show is going well.