Sunday, June 1, 2008

Carnival of the Horses from all Kinds of Horse Mommy Bloggers

Welcome to the June 1, 2008 edition of carnival of the horses. There are a wide range of posts here on all kinds of equine topics from controversy to humour and all things in between. Take time to look through them and hopefully discover some new blog friends as well as some old favorites with posts you haven't seen. You never know what a carnival of equine blogs might turn up.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents A Horse Of A Different Color
posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog

GP presents The Rundown on Roundup posted at Innstyle Montana- Come on Inn
saying, "A roundup of my first endurance ride in Roundup Montana"

Barbara Schreiber presents Horse Racing: Stop It (or At Least Reform It) posted at Britannica Blog saying, "This blog discusses the death of Eight Belles and suggests reform changes in the horse racing industry."

Darlene Heth presents The Horse's Prayer posted at Blog & Pony Show

Kim Ayars presents Clinic with Sherene
posted at Kim's Fitness Through Dressage saying, "Even though this is 6 months old, I still get a chuckle out of it!"

Lynda Polk presents You See He Was a Circus Horse Once and Had Never Forgotten posted at Hoofbeats
saying, "I don't know why, but I really like this story."

Lynda Polk presents Mischevious boys
posted at Hoofbeats
saying, "The boys give me gray hairs, sometimes."

Janet Roper presents Janet Roper::Animal communicator » Communication and the Dying Process
posted at Janet Roper::Animal communicator

Chris Thomas presents Profile On: Anastasia Burke, Author
> posted at .:EQUUS:.
saying, "Interview with an equine author and advice on making it in the industry."

Karen Brenner presents Karen Brenner Blogs about her Horse Paintings and Equine Adventures
> posted at Horse Paintings Blog
saying, "Equine artist Karen Brenner gives her horse DJ an art lesson."

MiKael Caillier presents MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses: Living with O.C.E.A.N. Syndrome posted at MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses
saying, "I've got it! There's no denying it! Do You have OCEAN Sydrome? If you're a horse mommy, I bet you do. Read on to find out....."

Karen Brenner presents Karen Brenner Blogs about her Horse Paintings and Equine Adventures posted at Horse Paintings Blog saying, "This is a unique celebration of the Andalusian breed. It's sure to be a treat for horse lovers."

Callie presents Those Pesky Flies
posted at MidWestHorse
It's getting to be that time of year........

Liz Goldsmith presents Household Items to Use at the Barn « EQUINE Ink posted at EQUINE Ink

Tamara of In the Night Farm presents The Barb Wire: M'Lady, If You Please -- The Respect of Horses
> posted at The Barb Wire
saying, "Thanks, MiKael, for hosting the carnival this month! This March 2008 post explores the complex relationship between a handler and our lovely, lead mare at In the Night Farm."

Liz Goldsmith presents Are Treeless Saddles for You?
posted at EQUINE Ink

mrsmom presents
My Name Is Mrs. Mom, .... posted at Oh HorseFeathers & Related Twisted "Tails" saying, "Equine-Mommy Bloggers Unite!"

Kim Cox Carneal presents My friends are gone and my hair is gray posted at enlightened horsemanship through touch

Victoria Cummings presents My Lucky 7
posted at Teachings of the Horse
"Victoria recounts the night her Siete was born. A magical night for her and her family."

Arlene Elliott presents Grey Horse Matters: Herd Dynamics
posted at Grey Horse Matters

Linda Ann Nickerson presents Dandy Day (A Poetic Phrasing from a Horse That is Grazing) posted at The Mane Point Is . . .
saying, "Pondering the arrival of spring to the pasture, as a cremello quarter horse gelding grazes peacefully. Want to come along for the ride and a bit of rhymed humor?"

Christine Valada presents Out of the Darkroom: Birthday Boy posted at Out of the Darkroom
saying, "It seems that I'm not the only horse mom who celebrates her boy's birthday and gushes over him more than I do my human son because the horse eats it up and the human son--well, just go read "Zits" for a universal answer."

Nuzzling Muzzles presents I LOVE THIS HORSE! posted at Nuzzling Muzzles

MiKael Caillier presents MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses: Foaling Mare's Secret Code - Arabian Horsesposted at MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses
saying, "As some of you have experienced this season, there's nothing more nerve racking that waiting for a mare to foal. Here's a humurous look at the mare's attitude about this process."

Halt Near X presents What a Week
posted at Halt Near X . com
saying, "Why is everything so much clearer off the horse than on?"

That concludes this edition. The next Carnival of the horses will be held at
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  1. WOW! This is fantastic! What a lot of options to choose from....hehehe.. good thing it is supposed to be rainy (YAY) here today, I can spend the day reading up and CATCHING up here.

    Looks like lots of "new to us" hors ebloggers! WHOOHOOOO!!!!

    MiKael- I LOVE that pic of you and the twins. Hope that one is hanging up on your wall in your home somewhere too! ;)

  2. I think you did a great job, all the sites were easy to get to. Thanks for hosting this, I'm sure it was a lot of work and you are so busy everyday with your horses and life in general. I have a lot of respect for you,MiKael.

  3. mrs mom, it's rainy here today as well and COLD for this time of year. There is certainly lots of reading here. Hope you enjoy it.

    I don't have this picture of me with the twins framed anywhere but you're right I should do that. I just love the way that Surprise is turned and looking at me. She's such a sweet little imp.

    grey horse, thanks for letting me know the links all worked correctly. By the time I got done "fixing" this, I was seeing cross eyed and my eyes were aching. But I was very pleased there were so many entries.

  4. MiKael - Moveable Type wasn't too happy with the html when I posted it last month, either. It's a beta version that the Blog Carnival site is trying. So it wasn't just you! Thanks for fixing it up. Great carnival.

  5. thanks for including us in this great roundup :)
    happy trails all
    gp in montana where the sun is **finally** shining

  6. Wow! There's so much to read! Looks like a lot of good stuff. This will definiately keep me busy for awhile! ;)

    Thanks so much MiKael for hosting the carnival!