Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show and Old Picture Tags

The 2008 Scottsdale All Arabian Show started on Friday. There is a live feed up to the horse show at Live from Scottsdale The feed has been free up through today but to cover the cost of the bandwith for two rings and the added expense for employees and such with that second ring, they will be charging the rest of the show. The cost will be $10 a day for $50 for the whole show. The show ends next Sunday, Feb 24.

Since one of my Legs' babies is showing at this horse show, I will probably be paying to watch. I have no idea exactly what classes the horse is in but do know he is showing in Show Hack and Costume. The first class I will be looking for him in is the Show Hack Novice Horse class.

The horse will be easy to spot, it is Scandalous Chance. He was the colt I wrote about a while back with the wild white marking on his face and the two high hind whites. He has grown into a beautiful show gelding. He has been taken to Scottsdale to sell. Cross you fingers and hope that he finds a great knew home.

I have been tagged and am supposed to put up an old picture of me. The tag came from Seatbelt for my Saddle and also from All Things Horses I think this all started at Transylvanian horseman I'm thinking this is probably another one of those virus things that's been going around will play along I guess. Not sure about tagging anyone else, I think I've about burned all the bridges I dare to burn.

I'm not exactly sure what constitutes an old picture, but this one is twenty years old. That hairdo alone should be enough to give the time frame away, not to mention the lack of wrinkles on my face.

Twenty years ago, I could still see well enough to wear make-up. Not that I had much on in this picture but sure a lot more than I wear these days.
If I tried to apply makeup these day's I'd look like a clown or maybe like a 2 year old put it on my face.

This is Scandalous in the picture. It was taken during the period of time I was still working at Feature Farm as a groom. Dave came down for a brief visit while I was still working and took this snapshot. I was in the process of rotating horses around in the turnouts. Two horses in each field, for about two hours, then they'd get brought in and another pair but out. It went like that all day until most every Arabian or half-Arabian got a chance outside to play.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I can just imagine that's what I'll look like in 20+ years, haha. Well all except for the glasses, I hope. I cant imagine me wearing those kind of glasses.

  2. Rather like my photo on my blog, it's about 20 years old as well :)

    Great photos as usual.

  3. cool photo from the past! I still have to find one.

  4. Wonderful photos! Thanks for posting them. ;D

    I really enjoy your blog, so I've given you an award for posting all the Arabian information! I don't have any experience with them so it's great to be able to hear about them. Come over to my blog to pick up your award!

  5. Nice photo of the colt. LOL about the hair style.

  6. Such bonny legs! I do like a pair and a pair, of nice legs!

  7. Scottsdale...Someday I will make it there. I love the pic, you look at peace. So have you always been here is Pacific Northwest? Do you remeber a large Gray Arabian Stallion Saroukh? I hear tid bits here and there about him but have been unable to get any real details. How about Nite Deciver who now lives in Arizona at Rincon Creek Arabians. Saroukh is Abu's grandfather and few people have mentioned that he does have that look, whatever that means.

  8. Hello, your an amazing blogger with tons of typing! Great Job and I love arabians by the way I am a HUGE horse luvr


  9. Love the old picture, good luck with the show.

  10. great old photo, a little Farah Fawcett influence:-) Hoping for the best at the show.

  11. Its a very nice blog. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

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  12. Thank you for visiting my blog site and for your kind comments. My late cousin raised Arabian horses and it did my heart good to visit your site! I will be back! :)