Sunday, February 17, 2008

Proud Arabian Mare - Awards - and Pet Peeves??

The picture above is of a Breyer horse, model Proud Arabian Mare that my thoughtful daughter, Lindsay, had custom painted for me to look like my first Arabian horse, Scandalous. Lindsay began working on this project in November because she wanted to be sure it was finished in time for my birthday today. It's a good think she started that early because lots of wierd things happened making this a difficult project to complete. But Lindsay was relentless about following through and I couldn't be more proud of here. Words cannot describe what a touching gift this has been to me.

Just in time for my birthday, I was awarded the Excellent Blog Award!
by Gecko, who had no idea it was my birthday but the timing was a perfect birthday surprise. Thanks, Gecko for thinking of me.

I am presenting this award to

Kathy Of Horses and Art

photogchic of Equine Mine

Project Jasper

It wasn't until I was given an award by Gecko today that I came across a tag from a while back. I was looking for a file to put the link and information about this award for later posting when I came across this one I haven't addressed yet from late last year no less. Yes, it's been a while since I was kinda tagged by Gorilla Wordfare to do this meme. To be quite honest, I actually forgot about the fact I had said I would participate. There have been so many viruses and other things going around I was having trouble keeping up with what I did and didn't do. But I'm sure I haven't done this one, because of it's subject matter, Top Five Causes/Pet Peeves/Things That Irritate Me

For me this speaks loudly to my five pet peeves concerning horses, not about the horses themselves, but those who train them and supposedly care for them.

1.Riders who are more interested in frame than impulsion. I've seen lots of horses ruined by such riders, even a couple that I have raised have been victim to this fate. There have been entire books written on this subject and yet there are still trainers and riders out there doing this.

2. People who treat horses like they are a disposable commodity. Horses are living, breathing, feeling creatures and should be treated with dignity and respect instead of used and abused. Riding horses who are injured is inhumane. Just because a horse can be drugged up so that it will perform doesn't make the practice humane or ethical.

3. Riders who are constantly in their horses faces. Bump, bump, bump constantly teaches a horse nothing except to be afraid of the bit. Watching a horse going around the show ring throwing its head in the air makes me so sad. I wonder how that rider would feel if she/her were the one with the bit in her/his mouth.

4. People who blame the horse's poor performance on the horse. I'm a firm believer that horses want to do what they can to please. They can be trained out of this but they start off wanting to do what it takes. I believe riders/handlers who spend their time blaming horses for poor performance are just making excuses for their own lack of knowledge.

5. Trainers who hang out their shingle who have no business training horses. Seems to me horses would be much better off if trainers had to take some kind of test to prove that they are qualified. The horse industry would probably be better off as well. I'm sure there are many who have quit with horses because of experiences with bad trainers.

OK that's it for me. Obviously I didn't beat a half dead horse and bring up the fact about some people (who shall remain nameless) not taking care of their or my horse. I'm pretty sure there are some folks out there that might be able to get into this tag as well.

Grey Horse Matters

20 meter circle of life

Campin' horseluvr

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  1. Ooh, I soooooo agree with #5. I wish this was the case in dog training as well (my full-career). There is one trainer in my area that believes in abusive/punitive methods and he calls it "training", its horrifying for the animals.

  2. Your 5 pet peeves are so important to horse ownership. Yes, we could sit around and find another hundred peeves, but your choices are like the Bill of Rights to horses.

  3. I agree with your whole list! Especially the one about getting a standard for trainers. I truly belive that is the reason why there are so many horse people in America that have been riding for years and still have no clue what they are doing or what is going on. Good post. And Happy Birthday.

  4. What a wonderful gift...she did a good job! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ((HUGS!!)) :)

  5. Agree with the pet peeves. Love the breyer, too cool!

  6. I am glad to have learned about your blog. I am new to riding an arabian...well arab/TB and can do with any advice and suggestions on the matter. I am falling in love with the breed. They have a whole set of new quarks I must master...but it will come.

  7. Happy Birthday MiKael! I hope it was a wonderful day!

  8. beth, yes I'm sure dogs and horses both must endure some bad behavior by supposed professionals. Such a shame.

    molly, I totally agree. I could go on for hours about those things. I figure the more they are talked about maybe the message will finally get through and horses will be much better off.

    on the bit, the only problem would be figuring out a standard to test them by and then the cost of administrating such a standard. Those are big obstacles I am afraid.

    equinespirit, she really thought this out. She had to track down the model to be used in the first place. It was quite a process she went through to pull this off. She's some kid!

    callie, hope you are feeling better.

    emma, I do a lot of posting about Arabians and their quirks, I think. Hopefully it will be helpful to you. Good luck with your Arabian cross.

    lady of chaos, same to you. Our bdays are very close.

  9. Happy Birthday to you MiKael and many more. Hope you have a great day. The Breyer,was a nice gift from your daughter and very thoughtful.
    As for the pet peeves, well you took some of my favorites, but I'm sure I can think of some, there are so many things that annoy me, it shouldn't be too hard to come up with 5.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    And congrats on the Excellent blog. Absolutely deserved.

    I especially agree about the pet peeve RE: frame vs. impulsion. I almost think we were better off before dressage became common. People at least let their horses be horses and didn't restrict their movements in pursuit of an artificial frame.

  11. actually it is kind of fun to get memeed (?). I had fun thinking of what bugs me. I linked back here to you MiKael.

  12. Yes, especially #1 and #3. Very cool gift. Happy birthday!

  13. "Riders who are more interested in frame than impulsion."

    What is frame and what is impulsion?

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  15. I am sending Birthday Wishes!!! i hope you had a perfect day. I did publish my rants per your instructions...Let me know how I did.

  16. Love that birthday gift - how thoughtful!

    Pet peeves... I have a number of them. You certainly chose some of the most important ones.

  17. Happy Birthday Mikael. I hope you spent it doing the things you love. The gift from Lindsey is really perfect isn't it?

    Thank you so much for the award. I am honored.

  18. Happy Birthday MiKael! I think Lindsay had a great idea to get the model horse specially painted for you.

    BTW - It's Julia from that med school blog. I started a new horse blog that is supposed to remain relatively anonymous (so my mom doesn't find out I'm buying a horse and murder me). Check it out if you get a chance!

  19. Happy Birthday! Your birthday is my anniversary! Shouldn't be difficult to remember your BD from now on. :)

    I think I have a tag of yours from awhile back that I need to dig up as well.

    Oh, and I second Kahless: "Riders who are more interested in frame than impulsion." Please explain this for the horse-stupid readers like me.

  20. dj and all the rest, thanks for the bday wishes. It doesn't seem possible I'm having another one. I don't feel a day older than I did last year. At my age, I guess that's a good thing. LOL

    grey horse matters, don't worry about duplicating. I think we all have different ways of saying what bothers us and that helps others understand.

    anne, I so agree contrived forms in dressage should be some kind of sin, shouldn't they? I mean what is the point, cheating, I guess.....

    holly, you did a great list. Thanks for playing.

    l, I have to agree that 1 and 3 are so very important.

    kahless, I will do a post on this subject. It is defintely too much for a comment.

    20 meter cirlce, you did a great list too.

    billie, feel free to share your pet peeves. I think that's how we all learn.

    arthist99, As I told Kahless,I will do a post about frame and impulsion.

    Now that you mention it, I do recall you got married on my bday. If my memory wasn't shot, I would have remembered that on my own. LOL Happy Anniversary!

  21. Thanks so much Mikael. That means alot to me. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and I love the tribute Breyer. What a wonderful gift.