Sunday, December 9, 2007

Horse and Animal Rescue Efforts

Instead of continuing my post about the Legend and Image but I decided instead to share the email that I have been working on instead of sleeping. It concerns fundraising efforts for the animals victims of the disasters here this week. Please feel free to copy and send to everyone you know.

Normally, I would be doing an update on the twins about now, however, due to the flood disaster just south of me and the hurricane force winds that devastated the Olympic Peninsula, there are an incredible number of livestock (horses, cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits and other farm animals) who have been left homeless and are in need of help.

I thought it would be ok if I used the twins mailing list to spread the word that King Feed is collecting donations of feed, supplies and funds to help the victims and will be delivering those items to the disaster relief locations. Three rural counties are affected by this disaster so the need is great.

I can tell you that this is my local feed store. They have done their homework and are working with the organization (Pasado's Safe Haven) that is handling the relief effort along with county animal control agencies. I was contacted by an employee who is a friend of mine. After a meeting of my Arabian horse club this evening, I have more information about this crisis.

There has been no organized effort to raise funds and gather the needed supplies for these farm animals. King Feed, responding to the overwhelming concern of their customers, contacted Pasado's Safe Haven asking what they could to do help.

Pasado's responded with the things that they need to care for the animals and the locations for those items to be delivered. Donations of halters, leads, buckets, feed pans, brushes, blankets, etc are needed as well as feed. King Feed has generously donated not only their employees time, they are providing any purchased goods at a highly discounted rate AND the use of their trucks to deliver the donated feed and supplies to those designated relief areas.

At this point in time, one truck will leave today (Dec 9) and one next Sunday. Knowing these people, I believe there will be more trucks in the future as long as the donations supports it.

I realize that this email will reach a lot of folks who are nowhere near this area and unable to drop by the feed store to make a donation. But you can still help by calling the feed store and making a donation over the phone. You can either designate what you want to donate (example one horse halter, a bale of hay, sack of feed or a groom brush) or you can make a donation of funds. Every little bit helps!

King Feed will be monitoring the donated goods against the list from Pasado and using the donated funds to fill in the gaps on that list so that the rescue workers and victims will get the feed and supplies they so desperately need.

Currently the collection sites for these animals are overflowing. At the beginning of the week those animals that have already been identified as needing new homes will be transferred to the Portland area for care there until they can be adopted. That transfer will make room at the local collection sites for the animals that are still being rescued.

Pasado's hopes to have enough feed and supplies to take care of all of the animals. They want to send part of the collected goods with the animals being transferred. In addition have feed and supplies for the local sites including the center set up for the victims that need help as well to get needed feed and supplies for their recovered animals .

I repeat ......the need is great!. There are still many animals to be rescued that are stranded by flood waters that have not yet receded or roads that are impassable. The need is overwhelming and isn't going to disappear soon.

Many of these farms have been destroyed with the farm owners without insurance. Many will be unable to take their animals home because they can't afford to rebuild their homes, barns, fences etc AND feed their animals. Those animals will need to be cared for until new homes can be found.

I have a friend who works as a foster home for horses. I can tell you from that experience that this need will be ongoing while owners are located, status of the animals determined and permanent homes found for those needing such. Some of the recovered animals, may need specialized care until they are even able to be adopted.

With rescues of herds of horses , sometimes it's six months or more before all of the horses have been found new permanent homes. With the staggering numbers of this rescue, I can only imagine how long it will take to conclude this project.

If you can do anything to help contact

King Feed An Elenbaas Country Store
30510 Mountain Hwy E
Eatonville, WA 98328

Tel: 253-846-6500

Please forward this email to all of your friends and help King Feed and Pasado's to help those who cannot help themselves.

OH and I promise an update on the little twin monster Arabian horses soon!

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  1. If there is any love in people this is the time to share it. I posted something similar today on my blog Brookville daily photo. Nice post.

  2. I will forward your email to some of the TV stations in Seattle--maybe some coverage of this will help.

  3. I forwarded the email to everyone in my address book. I've already gotten a few replies telling me that they've sent in donations. I wish there was more I could do to help.

  4. I forwarded it to a Yahoo Group I'm a member of for the Northwest. I heard something about it on the news the other day, just not sure how much response that got, if any. It wouldn't hurt for the TV and radio stations to announce it more. Thanks photogchic for sending it to the TV stations.

  5. Good luck and I hope you get lots of response on this, I wish I could do more.


  6. There will be a check in the mail this morning! Thanks for letting us here in the east know about this awful problem!

  7. Ive forwarded this on to my rescue friends.

    God bless these equines and their humans in this time of need!

  8. Hey your ranking on Blog Carnival is No. 2, definitely deserving of the position. I hope all is going well with the relief effort.