Friday, December 7, 2007

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - The Legacy Continues - The Second Foal Crop Part 4

Part One of the Baby Boomer Series

Part one of the Second Foal Crop

The weather was really awful that winter. I can remember if it wasn't snowing it was raining non-stop.After the tragic fall that Scandalous had taken, I had long since stopped putting my Arabian horses outside when it was slick. I think that Legend was nearly a month old before he even got outside for the first time.

It had finally warmed up enough that ice was no longer an issue but there was water everywhere, or so it seemed. We live on wetlands here. During most of the year the water table level is right smack at the top so puddles and lots of them are a way of life. The horses are used to them.

Arabian horses are always full of spirit but when they've been cooped up for a while, they really turn things on when they finally get outside. Faye must have been going stir crazy in the stall with that colt because when we turned the two of them out, she ran around with her tail over her back snorting and blowing totally leaving poor Legend behind.

Faye was kind of oblivious to the frantic colt. I say "kind of" because she glanced back to see where the colt was but his worried nicker didn't stop her from ripping around the pasture and circling the pond. She had more energy than she knew what to do with. Snorting and blowing and putting on a show.

The colt didn't have a clue what to think about all this water everywhere. He was bouncing around trying to avoid the puddles but there were really more puddles than semi dry ground. Trying to keep up with his mom and avoiding puddles at the same time just wasn't working. Eventually the young horse decided that keeping up with his mother was more important than getting his feet wet.

As the mare made another pass around the pond, the colt decided to take a short cut to catch up with her. He turned sharply and headed straight across the pond! That's right, the pond!

The pond drops off sharply and is about eight feet deep. The colt's feet began flailing as he realized there was no bottom beneath them. With all four legs churning ninety miles an hour he sunk down to his neck in the icy cold water screaming hysterically.

The colt's legs were working so powerfully, even though he'd plunged into the pond, he didn't sink past his neck, not even getting his face wet. He turned, swimming toward the far edge, bleating the whole way.

I raced to the edge of the pond calling the colt. As he approached, I got down and grabbed his front legs pulling him up out of the pond. I swear his back legs barely hit ground and he bounced up, racing off, not even acknowledging my rescue. Squealing like a scared pig he raced after his mother.

Faye had never missed a step. I don't think she'd even noticed that her baby had jumped into the pond until about the time I pulled him out. As he frantically approached the mare, she stopped, turned and stood there snorting as he ducked his head down under her to nurse. He definitely needed the security of the milk bar to soothe him. The mare nudged him roughly as if protesting his cold, wet body touching her.

To be continued................

The Second Foal Crop Part 5

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  1. Hello!
    I'm glad he got out! That must be quite a scare, for a little colt! To go into a pond on his first day out! Wow! I love the pictures of your horses! All very cute!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. jumped in and rescued a colt who was already about to climb out of the water? =) Silly MiKaela...

    I'm sure it was quite frightening while it was happening! And I'll be he never did that again, did he?

  3. Hi mellimouse, thanks for visiting my blog. The poor little guy was very scared.

    Tracey, Nope, I didn't jump in and pull him out. I grabbed his front legs as he got close to me and pulled him out. I know it's dangerous to be in the water with a horse who's scared. Silly Traci!

  4. I would have been scared to death. Fortunately you got through the experience with nobody injured or worse for the wear.

    Sometimes it seems as if all babies, human and otherwise, do the first years of their lives is try to do themselves in.

  5. Oh MiKael, I know how serious this was at the time but I was in hysterics at your descriptions and wording, Larry asked me what I was laughing about, you write so well. I am glad the little guy was okay, bet he hasnt gone into the pond again since then.

    I know all about cooped up mares and foals and having them bouncing off the walls LOL.

    Hope all is well, we are having freezing rain here tonight.


  6. I would have been panic striken! Good grief. Silly little colt.