Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - The Legacy Continues - Part 5

Part 1 of the Legacy Continues

The following day, the Arabian filly's fever had spiked even higher. Yet all of the tests came back with nothing. Twenty-four hours into the hospitalization and we didn't know any more than when the mare and foal had first arrived. All we could do was wait.

At home, I had another mare to watch. Her foaling date had come with no signs of an impending foal. The mare was absolutely huge but still was not bagging up. She also was developing an extreme case of edema with the swelling involving all of her legs, her entire abdomen and clear up her chest. I wasn't liking the looks of this at all.

Again, that evening, Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital called to give me status on my filly. Her temperature had gone down but still wasn't anywhere near normal. They were continuing IV fluids and monitoring her. None of the blood work had shown any signs of infection, bacterial or viral. They were at a loss as to how to treat this filly. And again we waited.

By morning, the filly's temperature was normal. Still no one had a clue why or how but it was normal. Her fluid levels were good so they were going to take her off of the IV fluids. But because they still didn't have any idea what had been happening to her, they were going to keep her in the ICU for monitoring.

The following day, the docs called and told me that I could come to pick up my mare and foal. The filly had maintained her normal body temperature for over twenty-four hours and everything else looked just as it should. They still had no idea what had caused the high temperatures in this Arabian horse but saw no point in keeping her in the hospital. It was time to bring them home.

While I was glad to be picking the horses up, I was concerned as well. Not having any answers didn't do a thing to resolve my fears. I didn't have a clue what to expect but I picked them up and brought them home. Neither of them looked any the worse for wear. It was time for both Arabian horses to play in the sun.

To this day we still don't know what happened (other than I had a hefty vet bill). It's never happened again. It was time to get on to other things on this Arabian breeding farm.

First on my list was to name this filly. Over and over in my head I kept thinking about the fact that Legs had a wife before he was even born. I mean how scandalous is that in this day and age. Heiress was that wife and she had loved Legs from the first moment she saw him.. It seemed only fitting to me that since their first baby together was a filly, her name should reflect that fact. It just had to be Scandalous Love.

I couldn't stand the fact that anyone might call her "Lovey." To me that was the ditsy old broad on Gilligan's Island. There was no way I wanted anyone calling my beautiful filly by that name. So I decided her barn name would be "Vee."

Yes, that would be Vee, the mother of the twin Arabian foals . I've always wondered if Vee did so well up at Pilchuck Hospital with her babies because that was the same intensive care unit she had been in as an infant.

And for those of you who might remember when I was telling Heiress's story, I'd posted a picture of a rearing filly. I didn't have one of Heiress pulling that stunt so I'd used the picture that I had that so personified Heiress's attitude, not to mention her rearing talent. Well, that rearing filly just happens to be Vee.

So now that I've tied up those loose ends, it's time to move onto the next foaling of that first foaling season of my Scandalous Legacy babies.

To be continued..........

The Legacy Continues Part 6

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  1. YAY! Whatta great post! It made my day! So glad Vee pulled through! And what a wonderful name! I LOVE it! Scandelous Love is soooo fitting to the situation!! :D Absolutely wonderful! I love reading these makes it so much easier to remember which horse is related to whom.

  2. Oh for goodness sake. It was Vee! Very nice story.

  3. What a relief everything turned out ok! These posts keep me on pins and needles...

  4. I hate those mystery 'things' they worry you half to death with no rhyme nor reason and then just up and disappear... At least they ended up being fine.

  5. Loved the post..... I'm glad when it ends up as a happy ending.