Friday, August 24, 2007

Rachel and Grandma and Arabian Horses at the Summer Show Part 10

Part 1 at the Summer Show

As excited as Rachel was about placing second in the mares halter class, she didn't have time to dwell on it. With the most classic head class only a class away, she needed to make a wardrobe change.

We had decided that she could get away with wearing her black showmanship western pants in the most classic head class with her dress blouse and top over them. No one would be the wiser. That would make her one step closer to her change for the actual showmanship class.

While Rachel was off changing from her slacks to the western pants, Colleen and I got out the unmarked cooler and put it on the Arabian mare. Then we touched up her face oil and brushed out her mane and tail. By the time Rachel returned we had everything ready to go into the class.

The most classic head class was huge and there were some beautiful horses entered. However, just before the gate opened a horse I haven't seen before arrived on the scene. This horse definitely had the most dish of any horse out there. There was no doubt in my mind it would win the class.

I've only watched this class a couple of times and it seems that each judge runs it a little bit differently. This judge just had the exhibitors walk around the ring. They never did line up for single examination.

Hope was really good with all the horses in the ring. I was pleased since she hasn't been away from home in years. Sometimes young horses can be intimidated by a class that large full of strange horses.

Most Classic Head classes only award one ribbon. It was awarded to the bay horse I had expected to win. Everything I've seen in halter and most classic head suggests that the amount of dish to a head is the first and foremost consideration even though I've seen horses with tons of dish and thick muzzles, big ears and the like. However, that was not the case here, this was a beautiful horse with what some would refer to as a "freaky" head.

As Rachel exited the class, I grabbed her horse so that Rachel could finish her clothing change for the showmanship class. She had gotten a duplicate made of her number in the show office earlier and that was already attached to the "new" outfit so that was one less thing to worry about.

Rachel put her showmanship shirt on over the top of her dress blouse while Colleen and Grandma removed the cooler from the mare. Again we did a quick touch up on the mare's face oil, brushed her mane and tail and checked her over for blemishes in her grooming.

By the time we were finishing up, Rachel was putting on her cowboy hat and we were ready to go. We signaled the gate that we were ready, (with time to spare which I thought was impressive for a first time gate hold situation).

The judge came out to ask the kids if they had any questions. All answered no so the judge went back into the ring and the kids were asked to enter the area.

Now I have to admit that I had a senior moment here and failed a Grandma test. Standing at the in gate I heard this woman mention that the dog in her arms was a mini husky. Colleen raises huskies and I had no idea there was any such thing as a mini.

While I was finding out information about the dog (for Colleen, of course, lol) Rachel was doing her showmanship pattern. So I missed the whole thing!!

I grabbed Colleen to show her the dog before the woman left and that's when I realized I had just missed Rachel's pattern. While the rest of the kids did their patterns Colleen checked out the mini husky puppy.

We went back to watching the class to see the judge go up to the kids and tell them something right after he'd handed in his card. Then the announcer called out first place. Rachel and Hope won the showmanship class even without Grandma doing her part on the rail! Way to go Rachel!

After the class I asked Rachel what the judge had said to them. He told them he had given all of them the opportunity to ask questions and none of them had, yet only one had completed the pattern correctly. Way to do again, Rachel. It's pretty cool when the dyslexic kid gets it right!!

To be continued........

The first post of the Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse series was posted several months ago and documents Rachel's journey on her way to her dream of competing one day at the Arabian and Half Arabian US National Championship Show.

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  1. Oh wow! Now that is cool! Way to go Rachel!

    Sounds to me like she's one of those kids who when they are really 'into' something they seem to remember anything and everything pertaining to it exactly as it was presented to them.

    She seems very interested in showing Hope at halter. I hope she keeps up the good work.

  2. Yay, go Rachael, a first and a second thats so awesome. Thats such a fantastic result. Congrats to the trainer/handler!

  3. Yeah Rachel!

    She must have a lot of self confidence to do the correct pattern when everyone around her was doing the wrong pattern. I remember being a kid and having the girl before me do the showmanship pattern wrong. She always won everything, so I doubted myself and did the (incorrect) pattern she had done. Oops! Apparently, Rachel didn't doubt herself and stuck to what she knows was right. I'm impressed!

    I used to love showmanship when I was a kid, but when I had a chance to do it this summer I was like, "No thanks!" I have to give a lot of credit to people who will stand out there forever being judged.

    I love your horse show posts!

  4. Congratulations to Rachael for her good work and well deserved wins!!!

    I have never heard of a mini-husky either.

  5. Good job Rachel!!!!! That is just absolutely excellent!! I hated patterns, would get all nervous about them which didn't help any. What a great show a 1st and a 2rd, bragging rights I would say!!

  6. way to go Rachel! thats great she is doing so well! now I know why you want her to work so much to get these horses good for the show. It sounded like she wasn't working her horses as much as you would like her too, but she sure sounds like she does really well. With getting first and second place.