Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rachel and Grandma and Arabian Horses - the Summer Show

The Rachel and Grandma and an Arabian Horse series begins with the original post.

Friday morning I planned to meet Rachel at the barn early to load up all her stuff and, of course, get the horses. I had wanted to get to the show before noon so we could avoid the rush getting into the Western Washington Fairgrounds. There is limited access to the barns and I know from experience it can get pretty clogged up.

Seems like everything that could go wrong did here before I ever left home. Surprise escaped from her stall and was found helping herself to the salad bar in the hay barn.

When I helped Lindsay put yearling fillies out before I left she forgot to close a gate. The fillies escaped and were having a great time running around my yard.

Surprise had her sites set on my pansies, her all time favorite. Guess she didn't get enough to eat on her earlier escape. Echo who is just now getting out after her surgery (a story I haven't even gotten to yet!) was afraid getting caught meant going back to her stall. She had a vested interested in remaining free.

We finally did get the fillies all caught and back where they belonged. I made a quick trip into the house only to find the phone ringing off the hook. It was one of my hay sources calling to say he had only been able to get me 500 bales. I'd been hoping for 2000.

I got headed out of the driveway just in time for the farmer who is taking my manure pile to arrive. He was pulling into my front pasture where I had just turned my mares and foals out thinking it was too late for him to come that day. So I had to stop and catch them before there was a wreck.

By the time I did get headed down the road to pick up Rachel, it was two hours later than I had hoped. At least she was fairly organized when I arrived at the barn so we got out of there in record time and even managed to remember to load the bridge I was borrowing for the trail classes.

Getting to the fairgrounds took twice as long as usual. There was construction everywhere. By the time we turned into the access road for the barns, there were four rigs ahead of us waiting on the road unable to get into the barn area. We ended up sitting out on the road for over an hour before we could even pull into the barns.

I'm a fairly organized person, although it might be hard to tell that by looking at my desk. I like to have the horses all clipped and bathed before I ever get to the horse show. That way I only have to worry about getting moved in, set up and getting my horses schooled on move in day.

Well, Rachel is not as organized as Grandma. Actually, I'm not sure that Rachel is organized at all. So when I had arrived at the barn, I had found her stuff all sitting by the doorway ready to load but Dandy was not bathed or clipped. And Hope's body clip was going to require some touch ups, More stuff to deal with than I had hoped for move in. I still had tons of stuff to do at home in preparation for me being gone for two days. The stress was on..........

To be continued..........

Part 2
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  1. Oh my...hope things went smoother after all that!! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Rachel is really lucky to have all your help, training and at the show. I hope it went well.