Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Breeding Wall at a Small Arabian Breeder's Farm

Here is a picture of the breeding wall I mentioned in the post Breeding Season Finally Gets Started at Our Small Arabian Breeding Farm Part 2 I had several people through both comments and email request a picture of this wall. When I went out to take the picture, I had to laugh at myself because I had given the dimensions of the wall incorrectly.

The wall is eight feet long on the right side and four feet long on the left. I set is up this way so that I could add a breeding mount and the end of the right side. I left enough room between my barn and the wall to so that when the mount if built, a chute is formed between the barn and the mount where a mare can be placed to tease the stallion.

In front of that chute, I left a small area where I will build a small pen for a foal. That way if a mare has a foal at side and is too stressed to breed leaving her foal behind, I can put the foal in that pen where it can be close to mom but still safe and not underfoot.

I mentioned in the other post, that I want to extend the left side of the wall another eight feet. I also will go up one board in height. That way I can tie the mare in the center of the V and tease with the stallion on the outside of the V. When I am ready to breed the mare, a few steps into the stallion with him moving away from me (which is always a great exercise for the horse)will take him to the correct position to mount the mare.

With that additional eight feet in length and board in height, the wall will be a good barrier (like was I use now with Legs in his stall) and helpful teaching a young stallion to breed properly.The wall will keep a young horse from being able to mount the mare before he is directed and help him to understand the dynamics of breeding in hand.

I will be teaching a young horse to breed need spring so you can bet my adjustments to the wall will be made by then.

Sometimes in the marestare chat, backyard breeding is discussed. I have a friend who claims that she isn't a backyard breeder, she's a front yard breeder. In the midst of the sillyness I told them I breed behind a stump and am know being called "Stumpy" but this friend. So just for the record SML all that brush behind my breeding wall is the stump I breed behind so the neighbors don't get offended.

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