Friday, October 24, 2014

Prayers for PHS, Marysville

Prayers for the victims, families, friends and the entire community of the shooting at Pilchuck High School in Marysville this morning. With 2 dead, 2 very critically wounded with primary head wounds and 1 with less critical injuries, the impact to the entire community, even the country, cannot even be imagined. My heart aches.

Having lived with the effects of traumatic brain injury to a loved one, I understand the dynamics of that. It, by itself, is horrifying but to add the fact this is the result of some person in the community taking out their rage in the most inconceivable of ways can only add a dimension no one should ever have to bear. This community has been raped. Robbed of their ability to feel safe. A lifetime of wounds blasted upon them in an instant with a flash of gunfire. Prayers the only warmth in the chill of the event so please, pray.


I know there are those worried about my long silence. I do not want to make this post about me so I will try to update for those soon.


  1. Such a sad and devastating event. Prayers for all affected.
    And know you too are in my prayers and on my mind

  2. Such a sad state of events and yes, I pray for everyone affected- directly or indirectly by this.

    I was thinking about you a lot over the weekend. Glad to see a post from you.