Monday, January 21, 2013

Voices.......... the Discovery.........

Part 1

About the time I decided I couldn't stand not knowing any longer, I heard the back door open. Adrenaline carried Dave through the mud room and into the main portion of the house much more quickly than would normally would have taken him.

 I could tell from his expression things outside had not gone as he'd expected. "There was a horse out there," I queried confirming my suspicions.
"Yes!" he blurted, "but not one of ours."
The words of his exciting story spilled out rapidly fueled by the adrenaline that had pushed him through the unusual circumstances waiting in the night's darkness.

The adventure had begun almost immediately as the man had stepped into the yard. As he came out from behind the house,  he heard the sounds of a startled horse. Looking towards the sound he saw  under the motion light in our driveway a buckskin horse  hastily retreating, spooked by Dave's arrival on the scene.

I don't know why anytime neighbor's horses have found themselves loose they always seem to come down our driveway, but they do. Maybe they know it's the way in to the rest of what they perceive as their herd. Whatever the reason, the good thing is it gets them off that road.

Because of the jeopardy of both roads, my property is gated with the gates recessed leaving enough room for my rig. That way I can always assure the gates are kept safely closed upon all comings and goings without risking parking on the road to get that done. The motion light is at the end of the drive where the gates are.

The wandering horse had come all the way down to the gates and had been standing there long enough for the light to turn off. When it whirled to exit, the light was triggered so Dave could clearly see the horse hell bent towards its home with Dave following in hot pursuit.

The man had barely hit the pavement when he heard the sound of that racing car. He reacted quickly trying to flag down the car knowing the driver would never see what he got at that speed.

The driver must have realized he shouldn't be speeding because he immediately slowed down at the sight of Dave but he did not stop. Dave couldn't see the horse so he wasn't going to settle for a slower moving vehicle.  He wanted the car stopped so he kept flagging conveying the the driver he must stop.

The man stopped all right, but he jumped out of his call defending his actions. "I wasn't going that fast!" the man raged, coming towards Dave.

To be continued.......


  1. Oh my!! fast enough if you hit a horse!Glad Dave slowed him down more

  2. Yikes! Hope he was more understanding once he knew what was going on!

  3. We have people like that in our neighborhood as well. Can't they all just converge on one part of the world and leave the rest of us in peace?

  4. I forgot to add- the horses all end up at your house because you have the best Horsey Kool-Aide!

    Kinda like all the neighborhood kids used to end up at our house- we had the best fun because we had imagination and used it to make all kinds of fun crap. Like the improve Slip-N-Slide consisting of a long sheet of plastic, wooden boards on both sides, the garden hose on full blast and to stop us at the end? Inflated innertubes piled in front of the lawnmower!