Monday, August 20, 2012


It looks like, for now, we are out of danger. The Red Flag Fire Danger was lifted as of around noon today. The lightning predicted for our area did not materialize although the thunderheads did pass directly over us dumping lots of rain just a few miles from here.

We didn't see any of the rain but we sure could have used it. This place is still very dry despite all the watering. Temperatures have dropped by at least 20` and should stay that way for about a week but I am not taking any chances. I will continue to water and clean up what I can to keep my house and barns safe.

The last two years I have been unable to keep up my flowerbeds or my pastures so there is lots of growth that could fuel a fire. For now I will be devoting what time I can to fixing those issues.

While I am getting stronger by the day my stamina still sucks. I have days I can do a couple of hours working and even a day here and there where I actually getting a second wind that's good for an hour or two. I'm grateful for the time I get and I try not to fight the days it's just not there.

I am still struggling with pain although I'm taking about half the meds for it than I originally did. My stitches appear to be taking their darn sweet time dissolving and the pain won't end until they're gone.  My surgeon says they have been known to take longer than a year but they will be gone eventually, just not soon enough for me.

Seems like the more active I become, the worse I sleep. That part really sucks and definitely affects how much I can do and my pain levels. Stress also affects the pain and I have been doing what I can to eliminate that as much as possible but it still seems to be a hit and miss thing.

Overall the horses are doing great. Most are fat and sassy and I actually have a couple in the fat pen much to their chagrin.

I thought we had last winter's storm damage in the far field cleaned up enough to safely use so I turned some of the Leg's daughters out there. The grass was high and the mares loved it but they managed to get into trouble. Several had scrapes from who knows what so I have closed it down again until I can thin some trees, cut down blackberries and do more cleanup.

Rhet seems to have some permanent teeth coming in. The caps are taking their sweet time popping off. Rhet is not a good citizen at the vet so using him for a solution could cause other issues. Last time Thet was there he leapt out of the chute and they could not get him tranquilized.

Considering the fact those issues are clearly a matter of trust created by earing him when he was a foal, I am reluctant to put him through something I know will erode what trust I have been able to build. I'm afraid doing so will do irreparable harm to his trust and maybe even cause critical injury to him or us. It's just not worth it.

He is a little thin but not enough to worry. I am making diet changes with softer feeds and plenty of safe fats to help him while he's teething. He has no sharp edges, just the tooth bumps, so I will monitor him closely and continue working to earn the level of trust it will take to do vet work if needed.

The other problem we are experiencing here is the return of an old one from a few years back. During their time in my granddaughter's care, three horses developed a cough which I thought was caused by dusty hay.

Soaking the hay seemed to relieve the situation but it has returned again. All three horses are coughing again and this time soaking hay helps but does not stop the coughing.

I have been testing my hay regularly so I know mold is not the issue and the hay is pretty clean. It seems to be an allergic reaction of some kind exacerbated by the hear and damage done previously.

My stalls are mostly open to the outside and extremely well ventilated so they aren't the problem. Still I hope to pressure wash them all to clear out all the cobwebs and dust.

For now we are continuing to wet hay thoroughly and giving antihistamines  as needed. I am watching them like a hawk and will be doing what I can to determine the extent of the damage.. All three horses are doing well except for the occasional cough but the situation is extremely frustrating. I hate not having answers or permanent solutions.

The stallion with the behavior I described in the Parelli series (which I promise I will finish) has done a huge turn around. Most days I see no signs of the old behavior and when I do it is easily stopped.

I am not riding right now because of the clean-up work. Before that happened I was beginning ground work with a few horses, one of them, Trouble, and one that stallion and three other boys.

I didn't get far but Trouble was a star. Four times in the long lines and he was turning and backing beautifully. He absolutely loved the work.

I have also been meaning to post about My Favorite Things store. I picked a number of items that I might wear in the show ring that could also double for dress up occasions. I love the jackets and picked a skirt to go with them. I also tried to pick items for family members. The jeans are my favorites or Daves. There were dozens of other things I would have loved to add but we were restricted to twenty items.

Currently I am working on a fund raiser for the victims of the Cle Elum wild fire which is still not contained. The fairgrounds in that town are filled with animals and overflow is being sent to the fairgrounds in Yakima. Hopefully I will be posting details on that tomorrow.

For now, that will have to be it. There's been lots of other things going on but those posts will have to wait. I want to get back to the Parelli clinic before I forget what I wanted to say.


  1. Busy lady! Remember to listen to your body and rest often!

  2. So glad to hear the Red Flag was lifted! It's a start anyway.

    I wonder if the cough could be at all tied to all of the smoke in the air? I know my eyes just burn when I go outside.

    Nice to hear how the horses are doing. Hopefully things settle down soon and your stamina continues to improve so you can get back to working with them all.

    I love that I'm not the only one who has looked at show jackets and considered wearing them out. I have a day coat in purple/blue/black striped taffeta that I always think would look just super with the right a knee length dress. I mean, with day coats being out of fashion, it should get used for something!

  3. It sounds like you are really busy right now. But don't overdue it or you'll put yourself back down on the couch. Glad the fire is not a threat any longer too.

  4. It is so great to have a short update like this. You sound like your old self! It's hard to articulate how much we come to care about bloggers, but after reading your blog for years I feel invested in you and your family and your horses. It sounds silly, but there's nothing I want more for you than to succeed with your breeding business.

    I'm so relieved that you're getting better ands stronger.

    -- laura (blogger claims it's going to publish this as anonymous, even though i'm logged into my wordpress account)