Monday, August 13, 2012

Lindsay's Birthday - Aana on the Lunge Line

Part 1

The Arabian mare didn't really want to go to the rail. She was much more comfortable packing Lindsay being close to me. She wasn't totally ignoring Lindsay's cues but she was slow to respond, taking her time moving towards that rail.

To aid Lindsay in getting this done, I walked up closer to the mare, pushing her out with the pressure of my presence. As I did this, I explained to Lindsay how to get more from her cues. Light little bumps of her inside leg and my pressure finally moved Aana on out to the rail where she belonged.

With the mare where I wanted her, I moved back to the center of the round pen. From that position Aana responded to my voice to keep her rated so Lindsay was secure. Anytime the mare looked like she was going to step up her rate I spoke to her, reminding her to listen to me.

I gave Lindsay a couple of trips around the pen to be sure she was safe and secure. Then I instructed Lindsay to change directions. For me the mare had done more of a rollback than a turn but for Lindsay she carefully changed directions without speeding up or throwing Lindsay off balance.

 It was clear this mare trusted Lindsay so much she was not the least bit worried. No cue bothered her. She was confident about everything she was asked to do. Something I had never seen any time I saw the mare ridden. Actually the way she had been for me was the quietest I had ever seen her until now with Lindsay in the saddle.

Aana was not the only one who was confident. Lindsay was feeling so good about this ride she asked me if they could trot. I had to respond I didn't really know.

Lindsay has never really ridden a trot. Both her pony and her therapy horse had slow, even, little western jogs. Aana sure hadn't produced that kind of gait here and I doubt she had ever been taught such a thing.

With Lindsay's impaired balance I had no idea how she would handle the kind of trot I knew we would get from Aana. Still, things were going so well I felt I had to give her the opportunity to try. I told her how to ask for the trot and prayed I hadn't just screwed up.

The mare responded instantly to the pressure of my daughter's legs coupled with a cluck. The transition was smooth but too much for Lindsay. Not knowing how to post she bounced in the saddle.

Aana wasn't bothered by the bouncing one bit. She maintained a steady gait but Lindsay lurched forward falling onto the mare's neck. Aana reacted to this quicker than I could. Immediately the mare came down to the walk and did it so smoothly Lindsay was able to regain her balance, laughing the whole time.

To be continued.........

Aana's Devotion


  1. what a wonderful story. when i met lindsay, i asked her which horse she loves most. a hard question to answer. she said bey anna.

    i will see you tomorrow at noon! the jeweled halter is in the car already so i won't forget.

  2. This is great! Loving this post, sounds to me like your on the way to some success!

  3. What a very special horse Aana is and it's apparent she loves Lindsay as much as Lindsay loves her. They have a bond that you can't train into a horse. Aana knows just what Lindsay needs and how to take care of her. I'd say you gave your daughter the best birthday present she's ever had.

  4. Oh sounds so perfect! And Lindsay sounds like she is having a ball!!!

  5. That is just beautiful, she is taking care of your daughter. They are such amazing creatures !

    I am loving watching the story unfold !

  6. This is so fantastic! I'm very happy for Lindsay, Aana and you. Here's to many happy trails!

  7. Laughing the whole time. You know she was having fun, even if she was bouncing around on the mares back. Priceless!