Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Little Break............. Definitely No Action Here

I'm sorry for the delay in the series of posts including my first ride. The ride is the foundation for the reasons I think are back sliding I've been doing in my recuperation. While I began the series after a number of days that had left me pretty flat on the couch, I thought I was at a milestone and beyond that extreme in "bad days." Looks like I was wrong.

Part of my problem with posting has been the fact my body doesn't tolerate much time at the computer. Then I realized I could use my phone to write my posts by emailing them to my computer since my phone usually won't let me post them directly. I actually did pretty well writing a number of posts when this current setback happened.

Writing on my phone works great as long as I don't need to cut and paste. If it has that function, I haven't figured it out yet. And once I have sent the post to my computer, there's no easy way for me to send it back to my phone in a format I can edit. The next post in this series is pretty helter skelter requiring some serious editing but I can't seem to get that done at the computer and haven't figured out how to do it on the phone.

I've been dealing with this mess for days and I guess it reflects the way I am feeling. Whenever the pain gets out of control, my thinking is pretty much all over the place, just like the next post in the series. I didn't want anyone to be concerned by my silence so I thought I'd explain where I am and that the post is coming. It's just another one of those small set backs that seems to be part of this healing thing.



  1. Thanks for checking in at least , and take your time we can wait

  2. Sorry you're having a setback. I do hope you're getting your rest, but I imagine it's very frustrating. I'm glad you figured out a way to keep writing without sitting up at a computer.

  3. Healing never seems to work in order, there are good days and there are bad days. And as much as I want to hear about the rest of the ride, I can wait till you are feeling better and can post.

  4. You must be so frustrated by now. It's good your phone at least lets you communicate. I couldn't figure that part out for anything. Stay resting and don't over tax yourself and you'll be back at the computer in no time.

  5. Yay technology, huh? YOu'll be back at is, good as new before you know it. Taking it a bit easy does have it's merits at times.