Saturday, March 24, 2012

Recuperating..............Sort of........................ Part 3

Part 1

I could almost hear the groaning as you read of my intent to ride my horse even if I couldn't get help. Fate must have felt the same way. As it worked out, the day I set out to accomplish this task, someone showed up who was could saddle up Legs and lunge him for me. We actually planned to ride together.

She did get Legs tacked up and lunged but before she got another horse ready to ride she got called away. Before she left she asked me what I wanted to do about Legs.

With Dave away I didn't think it was smart for me to be riding alone. I had her put a cooler on Legs and tie him in his stall expecting Dave would be home soon. That way the horse would be ready when Dave returned and I could still ride.

Wouldn't you know Dave's trip took much longer than expected. I began to think the Fates really wanted just to torture me. As the sun got lower in the sky I decided I better go rescue my horse. Even though he's used to spending time saddled and tied to a wall waiting for me, there didn't seem to be much point. I really wasn't ready to ride without someone around who could help if I got into trouble and daylight was waning.

Just about the time I made up my mind to untack my horse, Dave called. He was nearby and close enough there was going to be enough daylight since the horse was all ready to go if the ride was short and I was ready when he arrived.

I was already prepared for a short ride. Just getting dressed had exhausted me and I didn't even have my boots on yet. My winter riding boots with their additional insulation have always been a struggle. Even with the makeshift shoehorn I have made, putting on those boots has always been a bit of a workout so I hadn't even put them on yet not wanting to expend the energy if I wasn't really going to get to ride. Now with Dave on his way I rushed to get into them so I would be ready when Dave got here. Of course it was ten times harder to get those suckers on than it had ever been. I was sweating and shaking when Dave rolled in.

To be continued..........

Part 4


  1. Oh my dear Lord, please tell me you didn't!

    I told you I know people that would have been able to come help! Good, kind people of the likes that trained with Mary Day and worked for Northwind years ago. Good, reliable, sane, none abusive help that know Arabs.

  2. oregonsunshine, didn't what?? You just never know what I've been up to or what I will try next. I do have trouble remembering my age in context to my ability to heal. LOL

    I don't remember you saying you knew people who would come to help. Believe me, I could sure use it. I really don't remember anything said about Mary Day or Northwind and thought I would since those are references I know but since I've been sick, lots of things have sailed right over my head. Olympia is about an hour from me going the back way. Don't know if your people are too far from me or not. So much to be done here with me out of commission for this long and Dave and Lindsay not always seeing what needs to be done. It's going to take a lot to catch up from this.

  3. Well, I guess we'll all have to wait to see how this comes out.

  4. Oh I hope all went well, here you are leaving us hanging again

  5. I am , as far as I can remember about 16 hours away, but I tell you , reading this I want to hop in the car and get my but down there to either help you on your horse , or (gently) kick your behind for thinking of it!!!I just hope if you did ride it went well, and you are not suffering a huge set back , be safe dear lady I would hat e to lose you have only recently found you

  6. I would worry about your first ride happening by yourself, with no one there for "just in case".

    I've called my friends. I did mention this quite a while back after your first surgery on FB, as myself. We seem to know some of the same people. :)

    I will send you a message on FB as soon as I hear back from my friends!

  7. Couldn't reply fromt eh cell phone but I did read this post. I hope it all went well and if you did end up in the saddle, I bet Legs enjoyed it as much as you did!

  8. I'm thinking you're too worn out putting on your boots by now to even enjoy your ride. I'm hoping all goes well...