Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's This Horse Doing?........ The Answer Revealed........

There were lots of guesses on What's This Horse Doing? A couple of them were actually correct. Shirley from Ride a Good Horse was close. Karen from Contact wondered if this horse is a stallion. Crystal from Ranch Riding was the first to hit it spot on. Darlene from Blog & Pony Show and Val from Fantastyk Voyage and sahara4d guessed it too.

Karen is correct about gender. This horse is indeed a stallion. For those who wondered which horse this might be, this is Rhet. Knowing the "who" might help some know what the "what" of the pictures since this horse is a particular kind of character. He's never boring to watch because he's always up to something and he can keep himself entertained by the simplest of things.

For those who guessed the horse was trying to scratch, there was no itching involved in this activity. The horse's behavior was motivated solely by his silly character. He created a game for himself and delighted in sharing it with me.

These pictures may look like the same ones as the first post. If you compare them you will see the horse is turning the opposite direction this time. The "turning" was a very important part of the activity. Rhet was definitely chasing his tail just like a dog and having great fun doing it.

I've seen him do this behavior in his stall. Then he stops to see if anyone is watching. If he has an audience he will continue, changing direction from time to time.

On this particular day, I had come out on the porch just to visit. Having recently gotten home from the hospital, seeing my horses from my front porch was the most I could expect to do. Rhet had been calling for someone to pay attention to him and I couldn't resist checking to see what he was up to.

As soon as I pulled the door open the horse went into motion chasing his tail to entertain me. I wondered if he would stop if I went to get the camera and he did. As soon as I turned he quit moving. Then he stood watching me to see what I would do next. As I went inside the horse, the horse cried out to me, unhappy to be loosing his audience.

As soon as I reappeared with the camera, Rhet nickered to me and then began chasing his tail again. Around and around he went until he started to stagger a bit both from the grade of the paddock and probably a little dizziness. He would stand up straight and tall, whinny a couple of times and then change direction chasing his tail again.

I laughed so hard my poor abdomen hurt and Rhet was delighted to get that kind of reaction. I was still very weak at that time and couldn't stand there for long. Rhet voiced his displeasure as I retreated into the house. Then he ran up to the gate and called and called for me to come back out and play........ a typical day in the life for Rhet.......

For an update on the accident, Dave is healing as is the horse, although Dave's recovery is happening much more quickly than that of the horse. It will be a while before we know if there is permanent injury to the animal. Dave's confidence is shaken and that might take a while to heal as well.

I will post details when I actually have the full story. Dave was so upset that things are coming in bits and pieces. At the start all I knew for sure was both Dave and one horse were injured. The path to learn what actually happened has been a bit winding and a little twisted, between assumptions I made looking at the injuries of both, to Dave finally beginning to remember what actually happened. When all the pieces come together, I will let you know.


  1. What a silly horse Rhett is. It's amazing that he can entertain himself by chasing is tail and that he likes an audience for his antics.

    Good to hear Dave is healing and hope the horse is too.

  2. Silly horse! Beamer hams it up for the camera too.
    Whatever happened with Dave and the horse, it sounds serious.

  3. Yay for Rhet cheering you up! and glad to hear both Dave and the horse are on the mend . Slow and stweady is OK too

  4. Dom, that's a good word for it. Looking back, I wish I had video. Maybe the day will come I can actually get video because God knows Rhet hasn't quit chasing his tail when he thinks he can get attention that way. LOL

    GHM, I'm glad he's figured out ways to keep himself entertained without tearing the place down because believe me, with all that energy, he could very well be destructive in his antics. We keep him well stocked with toys to be sure it stays that way.

    Shirley, I love it when you catch Beamer's antics. He's definitely figured out how to get attention too. I think that's very cool.

    The incident was serious. None of the injuries were life threatening but it could have turned out to be so much worse. It will make sense once I post details.

    I will explain it all once I have all the pieces sorted out. What I first thought has turned out to be different than what actually happened so I think it will be better to post details when I have it totally understood.

    FV, Glad to see you are back. Hope you had a great time. I thought about you being in warm places as the winds blew like crazy here.

    Who would have thought when I first got Rhet, that he'd turn out to be such a clown. He was such a wild, willful colt. I am really getting attached to that boy and I think he feels the same way about me. Can't wait for the day I can start working him under saddle.

    I agree. Slow and steady is definitely good and thanks so much for your suggestions. I still have one stubborn spot I am dealing with on his leg, but the rest of the wounds there look good.

  5. How funny! That horse has personality!

  6. I had no idea a horse would chase his tail! Hope healing is progressing in all fronts.

  7. Rhett is beautiful! You and your family sure have had a rough go of it. Prayers and good vibes for all of you.

  8. What a funny horse, when I suggested that I though no way it could really be chasing his tail! Glad he can entertain himself and you.

    Hope Dave and the horse heal up well and you as well. Stories like that always take a while to figure out what really happened.

  9. What a joker that Rhett is!

    I'm glad to hear your husband and the horse are healing. I hope you're still on the mend too :)

  10. Around and around and around he goes, where he stops, nobody knows...

    Almost made myself dizzy just typing that. Whew!

    How funny is that? I'm glad he appeased and pleased you by playing it up for the camera. What a ham. Some of them truly have enough personality to share.

  11. Good news about Dave healing up. What a horrible experience to recover from. Wishing them both the very best.

  12. Okay, seriously? Rhett has really filled out since the last time I saw a picture of him.... dang, he's turning into a sexy stallion!

    The fact that he's a sexy-looking stallion with an incredibly hysterical personality just makes it all the better!

  13. i had no idea that a horse would chase his tail either. wow.

    it really makes me think about horses who love showing. who actually love halter classes because they love an audience. i cannot imagine it, because my horse hates to be stared at/photographed, but i know some love it. and rhett proves it here for us.

    you didn't mention that i guessed it was rhett! *lol* ok it was just a guess.

    please give my best to dave, i'm so sorry about all you guys are dealing with now.

  14. oh and again, i must say your photos of your horses show their beauty better than the professionals. i'm so sorry to say it, but every single scandalous photo that wasn't professional was brilliant and made me weak.

  15. Glad Dave is okay. I continue to pray for your healing and recovery.

    It may have hurt, but I'm sure that laughing was good for you.

  16. Rhett is absolutely the most gorgeous - WOW!

    Glad Dave is healing up and how are you?

  17. What a gorgeous horse! I've never seen one chase their tale before, hopefully you can get that on video.