Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Weather Warms......and the Computer Freezes.....

I can't believe it. We actually had two days of warmer weather with NO rain although our creek is still over its banks and there is water in one of my barn aisles. The temperatures were only in the mid 60s but considering it hasn't been since October that we've had four days in a row with temps in the 60s, it feels warmer than it really is and it was like heaven here.

I spent most of my day outside trying to gain some ground on all that work missed because of our lousy weather. As I work out there, I ran tonight's post through my head. Laying it all out so I could just sit down and type, the thinking part already done.

The only problem with that strategy is my computer didn't cooperate. When I finally got time to get to my post, my computer was frozen solid. I'm sure it must have been working on some level because it did finally break loose and shut down.

Nothing reeks more havoc with blog posts for me than computer issues. In the frustration and time lapse my post fragmented in my head so I guess for tonight what I've got is the current status here. That status would be, I'm off to bed for an early rise because we're expecting more clear skies for tomorrow and I'm hoping to give those colts another run. My championship ride in the amateur owner class will have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm hoping I don't spend my sleeping hours thinking computer strategies instead of getting a good night's sleep. I'd much rather be dreaming horses than locked up Internet explorer windows......or picking rocks, which was also part of my day.

This picture is the same colt as pictured yesterday. As you can see from this picture, he's still having trouble trying to figure out those legs.


  1. Isn't this sunny weather a much needed relief? Even though it isn't quite warm enough for me, I am still loving it. And it will take weeks of this type of weather to dry us out! I hear we are only getting a couple more days of this then back to....oh I really shouldn't say this....rain! Please no more rain!
    That is the cutest foal!

  2. Is this Storm as a foal in the photo? The foal has left front and right hind white, and the face marking looks different than Storm's.

  3. i'm not sure what foal it don't seem to have a lot of chestnuts and i am not good at identifying future face markings.

    i hope you get lots done and lots of horses get to play in this weather break.

    i loved your account of the show with legs how he was ultra responsive. you really make me interested in western pleasure. formerly no one has. especially, keeping western pleasure pure and right, and not warped with the gaits that are not gaits.

    that is why i visited an AQHA ranch this week and watched a western lesson to see if i'd want to participate. in germany western pleasure is still forward, upright, and correct, that i've seen.

    they totally scoffed at me for bringing an arabian horse into germany. clearly quarter horses are the only horse worth importing. ok then. details to come.

  4. Yay technology! When it's great- it's really great. When it's not, it's really, really NOT!

    I have thought up a few posts too, only to have something else come up, other things get in the way and POOF! It's outta my brain before I can get to the computer again.

    Hope the weather holds out for you. It has been cloudy and raining here. No complaints!

  5. The little guy looks so confused. Good to know he finally figures everything out. I have no idea who it could be. I'm still having trouble telling some of the siblings apart at the barn I go to and it's been almost a year.

  6. I hear ya on the computer issues. We had to buy a new computer last week when our old one crapped out.

    Good luck on the weather front. I feel like I'm sitting inside of a water tank here.