Friday, May 27, 2011

Confronting the Deadly Arabian Horse Eating Dragon

I hate to be complaining about the weather again but it's hard not to when it's nearly June and the weather is not above 60°. It's been so freaky here today it's hard to walk to the barn without being soaked or worse yet, struck by lightning.

Still the horses need to be cared for so those trips to the barn are a must. Each of us has been creative in the methods we've employed trying to get stuff done with as little impact from the weather as possible. Not an easy task on such a strange day with thunder, lightning, torrential rains and pulverizing hail.

You would think since we've had such unusual weather conditions all year, the horses would be used to whatever measures we humans take to make our jobs a little more comfortable. I know my horses have encountered the deadly Arabian horse eating dragon on numerous occasions this season. I keep thinking the "next" encounter will be the one when they finally figure out they have nothing to fear but the "next" time just never seems to come. At the sight of that dragon, many of my beauties climb the walls.

Now, Dandy and Legs are not bothered by this dragon. As a matter of fact, I think they scoff at the foolishness of the rest of the herd. And, well, little Surprise isn't all that affected either. Her princess size attitude more than large enough to take on any dragon but no so with many of my horses. They are convinced that dragon is going to eat them and there is no doubt about it in the behaviors they manifest.

I know it's said that horses don't see colors but you'll never convince me of that........and most probably my horses. I've seen plenty of instances that suggest my horses differentiate colors, spooking at things of one color and totally relaxed around them in another. I don't know how those so called experts explain that but I do by saying my horses are reacting to a difference in color. I can see no other explanation.

Because, you see, that deadly Arabian horse eating dragon just happens to be a very bright yellow rain slicker. It does not matter who sports it, Lindsay, Dave or me, the horses are sure they're going to be eaten. Climbing the walls to escape and snorting thunderously with bugged eyeballs, they recoil in terror at the first sight of the monster. No amount of coaxing, soothing talk or even bribes can change the fear in their hearts as they try to do as they're asked and still protect themselves from that dragon.

Stall cleaning can be accomplished around them.....carefully........of course. Feeding, watering, any other chores can be completed. Andy even allowed that dragon to blanket him today but he was tightly wedged in the corner with his neck telescoped to the rafters and his eyes bugging their buggiest as he hoped, maybe even prayed, that dragon would not touch him in the process of slipping that blanket over his head and fastening the buckles. A tender scratch on the neck did not trick him into believing he had nothing to fear..........the horse knew better. Every fiber in his being told him he must be afraid.......

Now before you decide that it isn't the color at all that is affecting my horses but maybe a crinkly sound or something, let me tell you about my blue rain slicker. My horses could care less about that one. There are no snorts, no clamour of hooves climbing the walls. They've even been known to lick droplets of water off the sleeves of the blue slicker. It is that bright neon yellow one that strikes fear in the hearts of my horses.

Hood up, hood down, it doesn't matter. Take it off and set it in the corner, they will stand riveted watching it, waiting for it to pounce. They are convinced that yellow slicker has a life of its own. Heck, for all I know they might even think that yellow slicker has consumed us when we're wearing it. Who knows what goes through their brains. All I know is I needed that darn yellow slicker today to get to the barn to feed lunch and as much as my boys like lunch............they weren't coming anywhere near it as long as that deadly Arabian horse eating dragon was in the barn.

NOTE: This picture is Dandy the day he was born with my youngest son, Nick. I'm not sure who was more curious about whom at this meeting. I remember Nick couldn't get over how soft Dandy was and Dandy was very very curious about Nick.

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  1. I tried to comment on a post last night and blogger was playing games again. So just in case it happens again, I'll make this short. Weather sucks here, too. And I had a gelding that was afraid of red.

  2. Funny ! I remember putting on a new snowsuit to go out for chores , the cows would have nothing to do with me!!! they wanted the abomidable Carharrt! not sone purple jelly bean calling them for feed!

  3. ROFL, I can just picture it!

  4. Oh goodness sorry to hear you have been having yuk weather. We have had awful rain ....but at least its winter here so there is some reason. You guys in the states need a break from your yuk weather. Hope it somes soon

  5. Maybe it's just the wrong color. Mine is a bright green; kind of like the Granny Smith Apples color. Of course at the moment it's doing nothing more than gathering dust; we are dry as a bone here and unseasonably warm (ugh).
    Everyone's weather seems to be completely whacked this year, doesn't it?

  6. You're right. I believe horses CAN see colors. What about those feed tubs? Gosh, isn't it frustrating that the horses can get so wound up about crazy little things?

  7. I'm with you on the colors. Our paint horse Lifeguard used to be terrified of anything red. It wasn't always the same item. It could be a car or a hat he just freaked at anything the color red. Hope your weather clears up soon, we're going to hit 90 again and this is really unusual for us this time of year, should be in the 70's.

  8. That's funny. It's always something with the horses. And here I was thinking it was an umbrella or something. Something that could make sense kind of... Because umbrellas are small then all of a sudden BIG!