Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogger Fits.........

Is anyone else having problems with Blogger? It's giving me fits and the list of reasons seems to be growing. I got a comment from Winter Prospario in the form of an email because Blogger wouldn't let her post it directly to my blog which I totally understood because I'm having the same issue with comments I am trying to post on the blogs I am reading. Some go through fine others don't recognize me as being logged in and will not let me long in despite many attempts. Very frustrating.

In addition Blogger won't let me post comments that have come in for moderation from my email or my phone. Whenever I view my blog it shows me as not signed in AND while I'm at it I might as well gripe because it ADSENSE says my blog doesn't exist AND despite all my attempts to add like buttons etc to my posts, they don't show up. I have been unable to resolve either of these issues and when I do get a Blogger tech (which can take MONTHS!!!) I get a canned response that DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

I'd really rather be blogging about horse things instead of blogger issues. I guess I should be happy it's letting me post at all since that was last week's issue but it would be really nice to have a stretch of time that was problem free.

Now, it seems I can't get my scanner to work either, so no picture with this post. I will have to reboot and see if it will reset and work for me. Otherwise you'll have to just imagine the next picture of Legs giving his mother, poor Scandalous, what for....


  1. I think I can post comments on your site because the comment form is different. The blogs with the form at the bottom of the page are the ones giving me fits. It keeps me in a continuous loop of word verification/login... over and over again. Good times!

  2. in2paints is right - make your comment box a pop up and that will help, and clear your cookies/cache and reset your browser and see if that helps. A lot of people seem to be having trouble these days, if that makes you feel better.

  3. Blogger has been a pain in the butt about commenting. It goes down for half an hour here or there and swaps things on and off. I've had lots of issues with lots of people's blogs.

  4. I have had some trouble , but the best I have come up wioth is log in to your dashboard, and then log back out entirely .Seems to fix it till the next time

  5. I haven't had a problem with blogger in a couple weeks. Sounds like some people are having problems and others aren't. It is so frustrating when you can't get done what you want to get done! I hope it is resolved soon!

  6. I had trouble last week (for several days). All I could get was the message that Blogger was down; most annoying. I'll have to remember the clearing cache thing (might need it one day ;o)

  7. I've visited some sites and haven't been able to leave a comment for a day or two. Blogger should get their act together or we should all go over to Word Press. Which I would do if it wasn't for changing the whole address thing. Stick with it, I guess.

  8. I had to delete all my cookies because I couldn't sign out of one account and sign in to another.

  9. I haven't had problems, (except with Cutest blog on the Block) but I've read of many others who are. That continuous loop thing is not good--a BIG waste of time for someone trying to comment. Hope that's not happening on my blog.

  10. It is iffy either way for me. I have logged in then commented and things are fine and commented having to log in- had t click the publish comment thing too many times the cursor appears here there and in places it isn't...

    At least you get a reply back from blogger. I still haven't heard a thing from them after contacting them about hte issues from my original blog.

  11. I haven't had a problem personally. I don't know if this helps but I delete cookies, clear history and empty cache every time I turn off my computer.

  12. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to post on various Blogger blogs and had it totally disappear.

    Can't wait to hear more about Storm.

  13. in2paints, that is the same problem I am having. If it comes up as a different page, I can post comments fine, otherwise I'm in a loop just like you. Makes me nuts!

    Kate, I have done those things, nothing works. I do know I'm not alone because I found information about it on one of the blogger sites but it's been days and they still don't have it fixed.

    Dom, so far I haven't found any times it works on the types of blogs that have the comment box at the bottom of the post. I think yours might be one I cannot comment on if I remember correctly.

    FV, thanks for the idea but when I tried it, it won't even let me log out of my dashboard page, I get another continuous lope. So frustrating.

    Paint Girl, me too. I cannot remember if it let me comment on your posts or not but everyone here in these comments I have tried to leave comments and most I have not been able to do.

    Jen, I tried clearing my cache and it didn't help for this particular problem. I'm getting really frustrated trying to leave comments and not getting through except for those that come up with a whole seperate page for comments, those work fine.

    GHM, that's the thing that has kept me off from WordPress too.

    NuzzMuzz, I tried deleting cookies and it didn't work for me. If I haven't commented on your blog in days, it would be Bloggers fault.

    Linda, if you haven't had comments from me this week, then your blog is one I had trouble with.

    CNJ it took almost a year before Blogger techs got back to me. Can you believe that?? AND they were absolutely NOT helpful. Didn't listen to what I had to say, too busy thinking they knew what my problem was. Their fix did NOT work.

    Ms Martyr, it would be interesting to know if you read any blogs that have the commentbox show up at the end of the post. Those are the ones I cannot get to go through.

    redhorse, I've had them disappear too but mostly Blogger keeps asking me to identify who I am and then doesn't accept that information so I stay in that loop.

    Information on Storm is coming!!