Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Ate My Post......and All Its Comments........

I don't know what the problem has been with Blogger over the past couple of days but whatever it is, I see in resolving it Blogger has eaten my May 11th post about my open western class and all the great comments I received. I guess it's a good thing I didn't get my post up for the 12th or that would probably be missing too.

Last time I checked the Blogger status board, it said they were in the processing of trying to restore all the posts that had been deleted so I guess I'll give them a while to locate my post about the western class. In the meantime anyone who missed it can veiw it in my notes on my FB page. The open western class is here. If you're not a friend on FB, I guess now is time to give it a try or you can wait for Blogger to find my post or me to repost it, whichever comes first.

All I can say is this is the part about computers that makes me nuts.........loosing things! In the meantime does anyone have a clue what happened that caused this mess? I know in my five years of posting blogs, I have never seen Blogger down for such an extended time.

UPDATE: Here's on what caused this mess. 20.5 hours is right about what I'd have guessed that Blogger was in that read only mode. I wonder how many of the posts I read through my reader and was unable to commment on are actually still there today.

Blogger Buzz: Blogger is back


  1. Ate my post and comments too! Hopefully it will recover...

  2. Looks like a comment from Grey Horse Matters got lost in the shuffle too. Her comment was

    "Yeah, it was really annoying. Wonder if Word Press ever has these problems?"

  3. smazourek, Hopefully there will get them all restored.

    PHM, I think if I understand it correctly they had to delete all the posts made after their update to restore the system because the update is what caused the initial problem so they had to go back to before the update was done and then rebuild. So any of us that posted after the update was made have probably lost our posts. Hopefully the comments will be retored along with the posts. What a job that must me. Glad it's not me cleaning up this mess.

  4. I know of a few others who had posts scheduled to publish...

    Deleted them, posted other things from drafts and all sorts of mayhem abounds.

    Hope they sort it out soon!

  5. My post came back, but not the comments... there were were weird little letters in the "tags". Deleted those.
    Every time I complain to my husband about computers he reminds me to "back it up". I have an external hard drive for that -- but do I do it???

  6. HHmstead, mine is back now too but without the comments as well. I didn't look at it closely, guess I should. Ihope they're going to fix the missing comments.

    I usually have my posts backed up but it's still frustrating. I'm thinking I shouldn't need to back up for Blogger. What about you? LOL

  7. Oh, man. Backups. We had a catastrophic failure of a customer facing system last night. NO LIE: 3 minutes after the daily backup of the customer's database finished. 5 minutes earlier and we would have lost a day's worth of data.

    I have a bit of software on my laptop that I use to randomly backup both my work blog and my personal blog. Somewhat randomly. :)

    I expect that the comments will eventually come back, but it may take a while.

    WordPress does have some problems, too. But this strikes me as a pretty major upgrade fail. I can't believe that Google didn't QA the update, which means there was something 'unexpected' that caused everything to fail. But it *has* to be major given it took so long to fix / make the decision simply to roll back.

    We'll see if this fixs the random authentication problems I've been seeing.

  8. well it was irritating , but I guess if the posts come back we will soldier through.I see youpost on Western pleasure is up

  9. Wish and hope you get back all of yours. I lost one comment. Can we get back? Your blog is very investing. Come back again. Thanking You. ( via~ blogger buz)