Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stylish Blogger...............Who?.......Me????

Before anyone else gives me the Stylish Blogger Award I must confess, I have been holding out. I've received this award at least fives times now (if I missed anyone I so apologize). I'm thinking I better get something up telling people I have before it comes calling again.

It's not that I'm not thrilled to receive it, I most certainly am. It's been a while since awards have been making their way around the horse bloposphere. I think they're a great way to get like minded people introduced AND I know they are a great way to get the search engines interested in new blogs. With as many horse lovers as there are in this world, I think we need all the recognition we can get so those people who want to find us can. Cross linking helps with that. I just think I shouldn't be hogging up the awards because of my silence so I'm officially proclaiming I've been tagged!

Now the good question would probably be why? have I been awarded anything with the word "stylish" in it's label. I've seen other bloggers speak to their sense of style and so far no one has come close to this old woman's dress code for the barn. I'm pretty sure I'd easily make the worst dressed list on anyone's agenda if anyone actually knew who I was AND could see what I wear. Thank God that webcams are not a requirement for blogging. First off because I'm not savvy enough to get one up and running or I'd have done that Vblog thing and secondly I'm pretty sure the fashion police would be knocking at my door. However, no one can see the odd assortment of layers I am sporting to stay dry, warm and comfortable SO I have been presented with this award and I would love to thank those who so kindly thought of me.

Now in no particular order of transmission of the award I would like to introduce you to my presenters. If you might not know them already, take the time to visit and say Hi.

Buckskins Rule from Tale of Two Buckskins

Confessions of a Struggling Dressage Rider

Juliette of Honeysuckle Faire

Ms Martyr

Hopeful from Homestead Hope

The award comes with a set of rules and while I am normally HUGE on going by the rules when it involves horse showing AND the LAW as some are beginning to find out, I'm not so big on them when it involves cyberstuff. I'm the one responsible for your aunt's best friend's niece not getting her 2 million dollars because the chain was broken. Yupe, it's me, I'm the one that sends those emails to the trash bin. What does that mean in context of this award well.................I spill my guts about most everything so I doubt there ARE 7 things folks don't know about me. If there are, I'm pretty sure they're disclosed on my "other blog" if you really wanna know you can find it there.
AND since I have over 300, you read it right the first time, three hundred blogs in my Google Reader and most everyone of them is a horsey blog, I already know this thing has made its rounds to about every single last one of them. If there's a horse blog out there that hasn't gotten it, I probably haven't found it yet anyway or it would BE in my reader and I would know. IF I really have missed anyone, I apologize and consider yourself tagged. I'm more than happy to pass this award on.

Keeping up with that many blogs is tough but I try to stop in at least once a week except for those that are in my file as daily reads. Obviously I cannot fit all 400 INTO the daily reads file so once a week has to suffice. I do have to spend some time with my horses. Sometimes I nearly have a coronary just looking at how many posts that are unread. I try not to let it get above 600. The times it has reached 1000 my computer nearly crashed in sympathy. If you're wondering WHO is in my daily reads that would be those people who have been out stomping around the horse blogs with me for a while (as in mostly years) AND those who comment regularly here. I try to keep up with those who keep up with me so to speak.

Now if you're thinking I've covered a lot of distance in the blogosphere, let me tell you I'm not the only one. While I don't know if they keep as many blogs in their readers, if they have readers, as I do, I know I see Arlene from Gray Horse Matters out there many many places I travel and the same is true of Mrs Mom, although she hasn't commented here in quit some time, Mrs Mom does leave her tracks other places.

SO while I haven't clearly stated 7 things about me you didn't know, it's obvious from all the running off at the mouth I have done, there probably are 7 things here you may not have known until I began spouting off here. Depending on how you take things it could be said that I am compulsive and probably a hoarder of sorts and clearly a busy body, why else would I be trying to track down every single horse blog in the universe??. I clearly don't know when to keep my mouth shut most of the time anyways BUT there are exceptions. AND I clearly spend more time at the computer than anyone should. However, that will change IF and only IF the weather does. Cause believe me when the weather gets to riding conditions, I'm outta here!! except after dark, of course...........


  1. Congratulations on your award MiKael! Sounds like you're about as stylish as I am. It's a good thing I don't have a barn cam either. I've been known to muck out or do night check in p.j.'s.

    I'm with you when this weather stops I'm outta here. I feel like I'm in solitary confinement with this weather. We're getting more snow today and an ice storm tomorrow. Swell!

  2. LOL That isn't fair MiKael! We just pick up the phone and CALL each other! ;)

    And yes, you are a STYLIN' Blogger!!! Stay warm out there and smooch Legs from me like always please :)

  3. I'm the same way as you, I don't forward those chain emails and I try to read my favorite blogs but often get backlogged. Yeah, there are a LOT of blogs out there and most all of them are worth a read. There are a lot of people visiting the same blogs I do and I consider them all my internet friends.

    As far as barn clothes, ha! I must be the worst dressed! With a ragged barn coat closed with a piece of braided baling string because I'm too lazy to sew the buttons back on AND I don't know if they will stay on because the coat material just tears when you touch it sometimes. I tried to patch it up with duck tape but it won't hold. I usually wear sweat pants, a nightgown and a pair of boy's camouflaged snow boots or beat up old cowboy boots. I wrap a muffler around my head and face like a bedouin because otherwise my hair sticks up everywhere.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, and yes, you, and especially your horses, are very stylish!

  4. Hmph. I ride in yoga pants, doesn't that count for anything in the least-stylish competition?! 5 year old Old Navy yoga pants! ;)

    I have too many blogs in my Reader too. I don't always comment on your posts but that's because I have another 500 posts unread - I know exactly what you mean! I hate the way Reader gives up after 1000. When I go out of town I always come home to that dismal "1000+ unread" message.

  5. I was going to do my post and add you to the list there as well. Hmmph!

    I'm with ya on the fashion police 10 most wanted list. My own wardrobe is nowhere near as stylish as the horses would be... A sacrifice so many of us are willing to make. Sandals in the barn in the summer- that would be me.

  6. Arlene, I did notice that "stylish" itself seemed to be a theme when awards were posted. From what I read you and I are not alone. LOL

    MM, Not fair! Me! LOL I might pick up and call but that doesn't mean I actually GET you on the phone so maybe I resort to a little trickery sometimes to be sure you're still alive. Hey! Whatever works! LOL

    Hopeful, Thanks!

    FV, Me too. After a while I feel like I know these folks and the ones I bump into over and over along the way are my friends. It's the fun part of blogging, I think.

    As I read about your barn attire I was picturing it. Must say it crossed my mind that posting pics might just be fun.

    Funder, Hmph right back at ya. I don't even know what yoga pants are. LOL

    Ya, I'm with you about the 1000+ on Google Reader. Unfortunately I've seen that number more than I care to admit. I tend to have 500 to 600 unread. When I'm doing real good, I get down to a couple hundred. LOL Insane!! Commenting can really cut into reading time, that's for sure, especially as slow as my computer loads.

    CNJ, hope you found another victim whoops recipient to take my place. You see how I wimped out on doing that. LOL Also I already had this post done when Buckskins tagged me. I'd have really looked like an award hog if you tagged me too! LOL

    I'm with you on the sacrifice part. I make all kinds of choices to go without so I have what I need/want for my horses. BUT sandals in the barn in summer wouldn't be one of them. OUCH, girl! Ya gotta protect those toes!

  7. Sandals in the barn in summer are mostly just for feeding and doing waters. Outside the stall...

    But I have brought horses in or put them out as well. They behave or it just doesn't happen. We each know how our horses behave and what's to be expected from them. And still, out of the blue- the boogey monster horse-a-saurus rex is going to get someone!