Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mysterious Delivery from the Man in Brown

The other day as I was sneaking in my exercises (which I am told am I NOT supposed to be doing as long as I have congestion in my upper body) I thought I heard a knock at the door. Sugar and Delilah who were both intrigued with Mom wallowing around on the ground paid no attention to this intrusion so I thought maybe I was just hearing things. I continued on through my course of double legs lifts to Sugar's barking and lunging as she tried to find a way to join in with this funny new game. Delilah was spending her time, obviously trying to earn extra points with me which she can sure use, trying to "correct" what she saw as Sugar's invasion of my space. It was the usual free for all at this Arabian horse breeding farm.

Once I'd collapsed in a heap from those darn leg lifts, I thought maybe it might be easier to check to see who might have been at the door than it was trying to exercise with the help of Sugar and Delilah. I peeked out the door to see the UPS man just closing my front gates. Knowing I hadn't ordered anything and usually anything Lindsay buys comes by postman, I couldn't think what the man in brown was doing at my door. Looking for signs of some kind of package on the porch I spied a fairly large package, certainly bigger than anything I expected to see this time of year.

Excited to see just who this was for I maneuvered the bulky box through my front door looking for the label. Who in the heck had ordered this thing, I wanted to know. Surprisingly there in black and white was MY NAME! What the heck?? I hadn't ordered any Christmas presents. I've barely even begun my shopping! No time for UPS here!

Then I saw the name of the shipper and some distant bell went off in my little pea brain. Franconia?.............Hmmmmmm.............maybe I vaguely remember something about that company.............. The light slowly dawned as I remembered the Daffodil Annual Dinner Meeting and the high point awards. A Little News...........the Winner's Circle for Legs
This package must be the trunk I had to order.

While it was never meant to be a Christmas treasure, getting it with this timing it certainly felt like a Christmas treasure. I fumbled opening the package like a kid with a Christmas surprise. This box was a lot bigger than I expected. I didn't remember this trunk being quite so large. Once I got through all the tape and then packing beans, I found another smaller box nestled inside. This was more like what I remembered now if I could just get through this tape, I was anxious to see if this trunk looked as good as I remembered.

Remembering the request I'd gotten for pictures, the first thing I did was place the trunk underneath my Christmas tree and grab my camera. Then I put Delilah and Sugar both in their crates. They were both pretty sure this Christmas delight was for them. I couldn't even get a small section of the trunk in the view finder on my camera. All there was was cute little doggie b*tts.

Sugar whined and a very sad deep sigh emanated from Delilah. Neither was happy to be excluded from investigating this new "toy" ??? So there it is in all it's glory. I'm going to have to figure out where to put it so that Delilah doesn't decide to play with it like she has some of my other wooden furniture. Little doggies tooth prints are not what I have in mind for this trunk. It's definitely so much nicer than I remembered. Legs did darn good!....... and so did Carol Tedrick who did all the purchasing of the high point awards.

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  1. Wow, that's beautiful.What a gorgeous trunk. Congratulations again to you and Legs! I'm sure you'll find a special place for it away from doggie teeth and paws. It's sure nice to get an early Christmas present.

  2. Wow--that's an amazing trunk. I've never seen anything like it. What a nice surprise!!

  3. Wow!! Leggs did do good! what a lovely trunk!

  4. so glad you got a surprise christmas present! as i also have a goofy boxer, i'm loving your stories. you left a comment on my blog (homestead hope) and i had to come visit yours! i'm enjoying it. now, which one is your boxer? is it sugar?

  5. That trunk is simply beautiful. Congrats to you and Legs. Hope you can find a place to safely display it. Seems like all the rungs of my chairs have been used as puppy teething aids at some time or another. I'd still rather have the dogs than perfect furniture.

  6. That trunk is gorgeous! What a pleasant surprise.