Monday, November 22, 2010

The Wendy Potts Clinic.......Getting Started with Storm

Part 1- Wendy Potts Clinic

Part 1 - Sizing Things Up - Status on Storm

Just before our scheduled ride time, I went back to the stall to get Storm. Removing his cooler, I could tell the horse was more focused on what what going on in the arena than he was about me. His eyes were locked on the horse travelling on the far side of the rail. I just had to wonder what he could be thinking.

I tapped him on the shoulder as I readied the bridle. The Arabian horse startled for an instant as I broke his concentration but then the horse readily reached for the bit. As I led him from the stall I heard this deep sigh so again I wonder what must he be thinking.

Once in the arena I again faced his nose into the corner so I could mount. I watched for Storm to cheat again but it was much smaller this time. I managed to get my old b*tt into the saddle as gracefully as could be considering we had an audience and a couple of them less than friendly. I was relieved my body and my horse cooperated in a pretty reasonable fashion.

As Wendy Potts finished up with her lesson, I took my five minutes of warm-up time to walk my horse around the arena. I wanted Storm to get a good look at the far roped off end and the people sitting down there is chairs. I just made sure we travelled the same direction as the lesson horse not wanting to interfere with their valuable lesson time.

Storm could have cared less about the people sitting down there in chairs. For that matter the horse didn't seem to notice the addition of so many people now on the rail. I couldn't help but wonder if the open house I usually do each summer hasn't prepared the horse for such sights. It looked like clear sailing for a lesson focused on our real issues.

When Wendy Potts asked me what the story was on this horse, I was right up next to the rail loaded with people and fairly close to those sitting in the arena itself. Knowing that there were less than friendly folks in the group, I decided I'd go up close to Wendy Potts so only she would hear what I had to say. I didn't want to get sidetracked by any possible unsupportive comments. Storm deserved to have this be about him and not about the issues of others.

Once I was up close to Wendy Potts I told her, "I just repossessed this horse. For two years he has been ridden totally off his face. The horse was totally locked up and he has no balance. I've ridden him less than a dozen times. Because his balance is so off, the horse is not wearing shoes."

Wendy Potts shook her head as she listened. I could tell from her expression there was concern for my horse. Then she said, "Well, let's see what we've got." so I headed my horse towards the off side rail.

As we neared the big mirror hung on that side, a stallion stalled right near that spot charged his door and let out a blood curdling scream. Storm and I both recognized that call immediately. This stallion was challenging Storm...........

To be continued.........

Storm Answers the Challenge
This photo was taken by Johnny Johnston. I don't think it does this horse justice. I still have credit for a couple of 8 x 10s with Johnny but can't make up my mind.

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  1. I hadn't though about the reaction in the "comunity " some likey are not the most friendly with the situation Storm came from . Took guts to go out there with him! Shows you as the class act you are to put the horse first yet again!

  2. The photo is gorgeous. Storm is a handsome guy. Hmm, a stallion challenge...hope it worked out alright for everyone.

  3. I agree with you on the photo, it's not a very good shot. Weird angle and weird crop.

    Can't wait to read what happens next.

  4. johnny johnson, my favorite photographer since i was a little girl, you can do better than that. storm is prettier in unprofessional pics! (after reading about your photoshoot, i like JJ less, but his photos were always my favorites as a child.)