Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Normally, I don't get sick often, or at least, I think I don't. I have to admit I like it that way. Being sick sucks and it gets in the way of doing what I want.

At my age we get warned about getting flu shots and taking extra precautions because we, older folks, are more vulnerable to even a minor illness turning into something life threatening. I guess because I don't get sick often I feel like I'm immune to such issues so I pretty much ignore those warnings.......bad me.

But what the hey! Maybe once a year or less I'll get a cold. That's pretty much it unless I am rundown. Even then I don't usually get sick unless someone here brings it home. Not going to anything but horse events leaves me pretty much protected from exposure to bad things in the wintertime. I'm a home body pretty much.

Of course that's all changed this year. Having a job puts me out front with the public. You can't be more out front than retail at Christmastime. Unfortunately I didn't really think about that much until I began noticing all the running noses and coughing people around me.

Then I thought about my food handler's class and all the things one needs to do to avoid the spread of germs. It was a required class for me but didn't seem to mean much in the apparel department or so I thought.

Whodda thunk how it related to me. I was no thinking about always washing my hands before I eat. Heck I don't have time to do that at a horse show and I never get sick..........right? Well, guess what, silly MiKael, all those germs were just hanging around on those clothes your rehanging and restocking just waiting to hitch a ride home and that's exactly what they did.

I'm just beginning my third week of this job and I'm ALREADY SICK! I hate when being dumb catches up with me. By the time I had my epiphany about making sure my hands were thoroughly washed, as per instructions in my food handling class, I'd already picked up a darn bug. The thing was incubating, growing nice and strong before it popped out making me miserable.

I have a BIG TIME cold! My head aches from all the pressure in my sinuses and I just feel dull all over. My mind wanders because I just don't fell well. About all I'm good for is something pretty mindless. Guess folding and rehanging clothes at my job is mindless enough. Hopefully I won't be called on for too much customer service.

Yesterday I worked on a post for this blog in the morning before my shift. I thought I scheduled it through blogger to post last night BUT I'm so off my game, I posted it to the other blog so my post about Anniversary of Four Fallen Officers found a new home. Didn't realize that mistake until this morning. At least it wasn't a horsey post or my other readers would have thought I lost it. Maybe in a way I did.

By last evening I was loosing my voice. Last night I couldn't sleep. Today I sound like Gravel Gerty and..........I'm very, very crabby! Being sick sucks! I have to work again this evening and here's to hoping it's another quiet night like it was last night. You can bet from here on out, I won't be forgetting to do my thirty second wash on my hands before they get anywhere near my mouth. I'm not going through this again if I can help it.


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. I haven't even gone out into public beyond doing the marketing once a week, and I somehow got sick. I'm seeing the doc this afternoon. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. That sucks. Hope you feel better soon. I always keep a small bottle of disinfectant hand gel with me. It's handy when you have to use the disgusting gas pumps or use public restrooms.

  3. I was noticing today how many people in line at the bank were snuffling and coughing. I tried to keep my distance. At least you are guaranteed to be well by Christmas.

  4. Feel better soon. all the handwashing in the world ,can only help so much , you have been exposed to how many strangers in the last 3 weeks?

  5. Feel better soon! I'm under the weather too....it sucks!

  6. Take care of yourself and please get better soon. It was this time last year that I started my new job and came down sick with bronchitis right away. It sure is a drag!

  7. As much rest as possible and fluids and hopefully you will be feeling better soon. I'm like you and hardly ever get sick, but when I do...

    Do ya keep any of Lampley's Vitamix around? That will boost your immune system. LOL

  8. hope you get better soon, I hate being sick. I never got the flu shot cause I dont think I have ever had the flu, but I see so many sick people Im wondering if maybe I should have.

  9. I hate getting sick too and have become somewhat of a germaphobe! I wash my hands a lot and use hand sanitizer plus in the grocery store I always use the wipes to wipe down the handle of the shopping cart but we all get caught once in a while so we can only do the best we can. I never wash my hands around the barn even if I am eating something. Go figure!

    I hope you are better soon!!!!!