Monday, November 8, 2010

More News............

Winning the Daffodil Arabian Horse Association High Point 40 & over Championship Award for the 2010 show season is not the only news going on around Rising Rainbow Arabians lately. While it was exciting to see the name of my stallion, Scandalous Legacy, plastered across the award certificate and even up on the club's website news page and on their FB page , I must admit it was equally as exciting to find I could get into my skinny jeans. An accomplishment I discovered this week as well.

Now, I am not making light of our award by any means because it's a big deal to me BUT, at my age, loosing enough weight to make that stack of new but outgrown jeans up high on my closet shelf finally useable again is quite an accomplishment too. Even if the cause of my weight loss has been that stomach issue that started during the business with Storm, my excitement at being able to fit into those jeans is not diminished.

Those jeans are an additional two inches longer than my fat jeans, thanks to some not so smart executives somewhere who must think that sizes of 12 and up are only required by short legged women. The scab I have on the inside of my right calf because of a riding up pant leg during a session on a disobedient horse speaks to my need for that extra length which I can only get by fitting into that smaller size jean. I am thrilled to have my longer pants back although I'm hoping the stomach issues that caused my weight loss will disappear any time now.

Another plus about my weight loss just happens to be those custom hunt boots of mine I've been unable to wear. They were made for me back when I first started showing. They were very expensive and are still in great shape but I've developed so much more muscle in my legs because I've learned to use my legs properly I couldn't get the darn boots over my calves making them useless to me.

I've been dreading the thought I might have to have a zipper and maybe an elastic panel added to salvage these boots. Doing so would definitely be cheaper than getting a new pair but it just didn't seem right to do that to such a quality boot not to mention how the boot would be compromised if it turned out the alteration didn't work. I was really struggling with this as an option but since hunter looks to be in my show plans for next year something needed to be done.

When I realized my skinny jeans once again fit, I couldn't help but wonder if just maybe the hunt boots would now fit too. Deciding I really needed to know, today after my shower, I slipped on my breeches and my boot socks to see just exactly what I had.

Surprise! Surprise! not only did my breeches look much better than last time I wore them but my hunt boots slid smoothly up my calves. I guess that's what losing thirty-five pounds will do. While I could really stand to lose another fifteen, I am extatic with the fact that BOTH my skinny jeans (of which I had four brand new pair sitting up on that shelf waiting for me to get my act together) and my hunt boots fit.

Talk about a great week! Legs and I won the high point award AND my jeans and hunt boots fit. I'm pretty pleased and I'll bet you Legs is just as happy about my weight loss as I am.

This picture of Legs is the championship win in the select rider class at the Daffodil All Arabian Spring Horse Show.

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  1. That's such great news!!! I'd give anything to have my custom boots fit again. I wouldn't want to lose it by the stomach distress you had though. Looks like things are looking up for you and I'm so glad that you're having some happy things come into your life for a change. You look great in your riding breeches and boots.

  2. That's great news and it all revolves around "legs"! hehee.

    I have always had trouble with boots and fat calves~and I do blame it on riding, but that was always an excuse. Can it really make your calves bigger? All those English riders look so trim and skinny!

  3. That, my friend, is a VERY VERY good day :) Congratulations all the way around!!

  4. Arlene, It does look like things are looking up. As for how I look in my boots and breeches, I'd about given up on these breeches, even bought a bigger pair, but they felt pretty good on and looked good too, although it would have helped had I zipped that cute little pocket closed. LOL

    FV, yupe, legs for sure. LOL

    My weight was exactly the same when I bought the boots as what I weighed before this weight loss so the only explanation for my bigger calves is muscle from all the riding I now do and I can really see the difference in the muscling in my legs. As for the trim skinny english riders when I worked in the tack store back when we ordered far more boots with wider calves than we did the regular and thin combined.

    Mikey, thanks, it definitely feels like a good day.

  5. That's so AWESOME!! YAY!! Good for you! :)

  6. Congratulations on all your good news. I know what it's like to pull out favorite clothes and find that they fit again! Hip hip hurray for you!

  7. Congrats on the high point championship - your hard work really paid off! And congrats on losing all that weight. I think "new" skinny clothes from the back of the closet are waaaay more fun than new clothes I have to pay money for. Hope you do too! ;)

  8. I am so happy to hear you and Legs were High Point winners. Yaaayyyyyy! for both of you.

    Congrats on the skinny you. Too bad it had to come from so much stress. All well that ends well though.

  9. More good news about the boots, jeans and breeches! Too bad you were stressed and not feeling well, but that is an ok side effect!

    Love the tall boots - I have big calves and have a heck of a time with boots... :-(

  10. Yippee! I love discovering that I lost weight, because then I can go through my closet to see what fits, and it's like getting a whole new wardrobe. My jeans have almost been slipping off me lately, so maybe I should try on my pair of gift boots that never went above my calves and have been sitting in my closet for years untouched. Congrats.

  11. Congratulations to you, Leggs AND to your custom made boots that you didn't have to re-customize!

  12. thats awesome news, not a great way to lose weight, but whatever works! I love it when old jeans fit!