Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Even More News...........

This last bit of news I have been saving until I was absolutely positive it really was going to happen. Just the news that I was the one wasn't enough for me to trust. I figured the minute I shared he information here something would happen and the whole deal would be off so I've been sitting on my hands resisting the urge to post since last Wednesday waiting for the final call.

So what could this news be? Well, I have a job. I decided with Dave's unemployment compensation coming to an end soon and he's still not found a job, I better get myself out there in the job market just in case it works out that Dave doesn't find something before that part of his income is gone.

It's been years since I worked for anyone but myself other than the horse shows I manage for the Morgan Horse Club of Washington. The thought of compiling a resume with all the right buzz keywords for today's market seemed a bit daunting and I wasn't even sure how I should market the skills that I have so I decided to forgo that for now and just go for something quick.

With the holiday season fast approaching I thought the best place to look would be the seasonal job market because there really should be openings there. Since it's not uncommon for valued seasonal employees to be offered permanent positions if available, I figured there might be a chance I could wiggle my way through the door and at least get some cash flow going for now.

If it works out that Dave finds a job, the income from a seasonal job for me would be a great beginning to my show fund for the 2011 season. If he didn't get a job, I'd have something more current on my resume and I could figure out my next steps so I filled out online applications to the closest chain stores to me and waited.

I got a call within a couple of days to interview at Fred Meyer. The screening interview went well and by the following week, I was called in for an interview with the department manager for ladies apparel. I was offered the job last Wednesday. Thursday I took my drug test and last night I took the test for my food handlers permit which I really don't need unless I'm offered a permanent position.

I've been waiting ever since knowing that orientation was scheduled for this Saturday and I "should" be getting a call. The call came a few hours ago. Orientation has been rescheduled for Monday and I will get my schedule to work at that time.

The job is a minimum of twenty hours a week but can be as many as forty, depending on the need. I said I'd work any days, any times and that I'd like as many hours as I can get. If things work out well, I won't get much riding time until after Christmas but I'll have a good start of my show expense for Tulsa so cross your fingers that business booms at this Fred Meyer Store.


  1. Congratulations, hopefully this is just the beginning of a real upswing for you

  2. Well, it's about time things turn around and you get to share all of this good news.

    I've been thinking I need to find a little something myself. The trainer who helped me out earlier this fall took a full-time job at the local sale barn...kind of a bummer for me, since he cannot take my 5y/o and get him started at the moment, but I told him that if a position opens up riding pens that I was interested. It's good for the horses (I get to use my own) and a little extra income never hurts.

  3. Congratulations! Hope everything works out the way you want it to.

  4. Congratulations on the job. Things are tough all over in the country now and it's good to have a little extra cash flow coming in. Hope you have a good time at your new job and get offered lots of hours.

  5. CONGRATS! I know exactly how hard it is to get a job, any job, right now.

  6. Congrats, its always good to have a little extra money!

  7. The Levis I'm wearing right now came from Fred Meyer - they were only 34$! Guess what they cost in Europe? 70 and up. But don't tell Fred Meyer!

    I love Fred Meyer cuz it's like a friendly Target without all the RED.

    I will be there in December, (Burien), stocking up on candy and socks and underwear and dvds and....

    Good luck with the job, I hope you make friends and manage to have fun despite the season.


  8. Congratulations! Hopefully your husband will find something soon. This economy has made things rough all around; that's for sure :oP

  9. Congrats on the job. It's so tough out there. For sure, I am grateful to have mine, because my husband's disappeared years ago. He's been on low-paying contract work ever since. Good luck to your husband.

  10. Most Excellent News!!

    Sorry about the loss of riding time, but from the sounds of things the weather is beastly out there, and proving difficult to work in.

    Heres hoping this is precisely the break you needed!!

  11. Congrats on the job, that should take some pressure off you for a while. Money coming in can go a long way to easing your stress levels.

  12. Congratulations. You sound happy. I think you have plenty of marketable skills. Writing and managing a breeding business are nothing to sneeze at. You have to be incredibly responsible, strong, knowledgeable and skilled to care for so many horses.

  13. Way to go. I'm sure it's a relief to you, and I think you'll still be able to squeeze in some horse time along the way.