Friday, October 22, 2010

US All Arabian National Horse Show Starts Today

Today's the big day and I so wish I was ringside at least watching the classes but since I can't be there I'm going to have to settle for the Live Feed which just is NOT the same thing. Not only is the view restrictive but sometimes I think the gaits look odd on the feed. Funny how that happens when they look fine in the video. Must have something to do with the internet.

There was a rider down in section A of the half Arabian AAOTR (adult amateur owner to ride) park horses. I didn't see the actual wreck but the rider was flat out on her back and the saddle was sideways on the horse. The rider did get back up and finish her ride. Then somebody threw a shoe half way through the second direction. It was not a good day for the park horses who got a lot rattled by the disruptions in their normal routine in the ring. I felt sorry for the riders as many of their horses broke gait repeatedly but I guess that's what makes it a horse show. You never know what's going to happen.

Here's the link for the current schedule. and on the live feed they let you chose which arena you want to see. If you scroll down the page you'll find a link for each.


  1. I watched the reiners this afternoon and dreamed of being there. Maybe someday!

  2. There always seems to be a shoe getting thrown or a handler/rider having issues during these big Arabian shows. Only in Arabian shows can a handler have a runaway horse in a halter class and still win. I hope all goes well for the horses and handlers/riders. I sure wish I was there too!!!

  3. Story, thanks for reminding me about the reining. I totally forget they're doing that in the Mustang Arena.

    FV, Shoes are definitely an issue for those big trotting horses. With all the stuff they put on them, I guess it's no wonder the things flip off. I don't see riders having problems nearly so much as the halter handlers. Why manners don't seem to count in halter is beyond me unless, of course, the horse is agressive, they don't tolerate that at least.

    As for being there, the next two years are Tulsa for sure. After that there's the possibility of the show moving to Scottsdale. That would be closer for both of us.