Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surprise Sunshine, Lots of Puddles and Little Nationals Time

It was a glorious day here. We actually had blue sky and sunshine with temps making it into the 60s, not much for some places this time of year but for us above normal.

I was out early this morning making sure the mares all got turned out to enjoy the sun. Vee got some kind of hair up her b*tt and decided to kick the cr*p out of poor Hope who was running in amongst the trees trying to get some protection for Vee. I had to catch Hope and put her out in a different field to save her.

I swear those two mares have been tight ever since their days together at Boulder Knolls. Vee hadn't liked Hope before going to that place. In fact she had been pretty agressive toward Hope in the beginning because Dare preferred Hope's company to Vee's so Vee was jealous but with only the two of them at the boarding facility they'd become good friends. Today's incident is the first time Vee's old hostilities have surfaced. God only knows what brought it up but it's safe to say that Hope and Vee will no longer go out together here.

Once the mares were all turned out and I was sure there were going to be no more drama from the mares, I loaded up my horse trailer and headed for the park. I knew it was going to be wet there after all our rain but with this being the only dry day of the week, I figured I'd better work horses while I could.

I wore my Muck boots knowing it would be wet in the arena. I planned on long lining all three horses instead of riding them so the boots would help at least keep my feet dry. There was no hope of keeping my clothes or any of my equipment dry but then that's the way it goes sometimes, if I wanted to get horses worked I was going to have to take what I could get, wet or not.

The horses, on the other hand, were not so determined to get it done in the wet arena. The first two had more of a "hurry up and get this thing over with" kind of attitude instead of being thoughtful and cooperative and the third, that would be Legs, just plain thought working in the wet footing was beneath him. The horse refused to do anything but walk until I pulled the whip out of my pocket. Even then I had to prove I could reach him to get any results. It was not what I'd call a productive day. Unless of course, you think the horses making me sweat counts.

I'm back sitting at the computer tonight watching the finals for the half Arabian reiners with their amateur riders followed by the purebred reining horse championships. Boy, is there a big difference in the rides when you get down to the finals. They're definitely fun to watch but do make me think maybe I'm a little bit nuts wanting to ride reining.

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  1. I've found the half arabian reining competition to be a lot stiffer than the purebred reining, just to make a big generalization. Not sure why that would be, though. But if you're brave enough to face the stiff competition that exists in Western Pleasure, reining should be nothing!

  2. Y'know, if you want to visit a reining horse with blue blood sometime...we might want to chat (my girl is a daughter of Chocolate Chic Olena and her favorite moves include spins, rollbacks and rundowns/backs).

    I have a soft spot for Arabs as mentor in horsemanship had a lovely Arabian stallion whose get I've been looking for but haven't located. I know she did selective booking to him, but I sure would like to know what happened to one of his daughters. Lovely little mare. From Springfield.

  3. Story, there's the big push on for half-Arab reiners sponsored by Wolf Springs with big futurity prizes at Scottsdale and I think US Nationals as well. That has sparked interest in breeding half-Arab reiners when a few years back you barely saw any of them. Money talks.

    joyce, if you email me the information, ie registered name of the daughter, or if you don't have that, the registered name of the sire, I might be able to help you track this horse down if she was registered. If the woman was particular about what she bred, my guess is she registered all of her foals.