Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sizing Things Up.......Getting Feet Done.........

Part 1

It was a week before I could get the farrier out to do anything about Storm's feet. I probably could have looked around for someone other than my regular farrier to get them done sooner but I really didn't want to do that. The odds were I wouldn't be able to get someone I trusted in any better time and I wasn't going to take any chances on trying an unknown.

Unfortunately it's just way too easy to find an incompetent farrier than a good one. Referrals are only as good as the experience level of the person making them and sometimes that's not always easy to tell. I'm probably fortunate that I've only had two wrecks caused by incompetent farriers. Luckily my horses didn't pay any long term price from those experiences but I can't say the same for me, Aidol's Story....... The Injury With siutations like that, I have good reason to be reluctant about working with anyone I don't already know well.

Storm had lived with his feet in this condition for who knows how long. He'd be OK with them this way for another week. In the meantime we focused on more turnout time as long as the weather co-operated and the horse got more time to just be a horse.

It was two weeks from the day I got the Arabian horse back when my farrier came. He was amazed the horse had even lunged sound with the condition of his front feet. It was no surprise Storm was having some issues in his right shoulder looking at what he had going on with those hooves.

We talked some along the way about the corrections and the condition of the horse's soles. Luckily by the time all was said and done Storm's hooves looked normal again. I was really relieved it was able to be accomplished with just the one trim. Once again we were good to go to get this horse back on track.

To be continued.....................

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  1. Nice that it only took one trim for things to look better , now how long before the horse felt better on those feet? So glad you got him back , and it sounds like in the nick of time

  2. fern, that's an interesting question that I still don't have an answer too. I'm really glad to have him back too and hopefully all this stuff will resolve fairly easily. Time will tell.

  3. I agree; a good farrier is worth his weight in gold (we just love ours :o)

  4. Glad he is coming back around. Any residual behavioral issues from his experience?

  5. he must be so happy back to your place, with all that turnout and decent care.

  6. Jen, Boy isn't that the truth!

    Leah, He's quickly returning to his normal self around here but I have seen some things that surprised me.

    Crystal, decent care is probably a subjective thing. I think they believe they did right by the horse.