Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Departure..........and a Little Something Odd.........

This week saw the departure of our final farm guest. There's no word on whether he's reached his destination safely but I imagine we'll know that before long.

In the meantime I must admit it seems a little odd to have the place back to ourselves. In the four months time our visitors were here we got used to their presence. Now the place feels a bit empty.

Considering the weather that's been moving in, their migration south has probably come at just the right time. The experts are predicting a difficult winter for us and I can't imagine being homeless in these foothills I live in under those circumstance. I'm relieved they are off to warmer climates and hopefully better times.

I worried some about what travelling through the Siskiyou Mountains might be like considering my own experience with them last year. From what I could tell the weather held and that portion of the trip at least wasn't made more difficult by snow in the passes.

I'm pretty sure that Delilah and Sugar are missing our guests as well. They had become quite friendly with the cat and both dogs that also visited here. Delilah found a kindred spirit in the female husky. It was intriguing to see the instant bond that formed between the dogs of the same breed.

Because we live so close to a major highway in the state and our fences are such that naughty dogs can duck under them, our dogs are not loose when they're outside. The same was true for the dogs belonging to our guests but Delilah and her newfound friend would have loved to have had the opportunity to run free. We can clearly picture what kind of sight that might have been.

While we're talking about Delilah, we've just discovered she has a odd habit. Have you ever heard of dogs biting their "finger nails." I know they call them claws but to see Delilah trimming hers, she really looks like an intense teenager biting her nails. Whoda thunk!


  1. My corgi does that from time to time. I have to make sure I keep them trimmed.

  2. I have seen behavior like that. Cage only chews his when they are ready to be trimmed as they start to split due to his active play.

  3. Hopefully your little man will be right as rain in no time. What a blessing that it wasn't some kind of evil superbug; sounds like you may have the added benny of bonding a bit too :o)