Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Characters at the Park.........The Mule Skinner.....the Escape

Part 1

I learned a long time ago I really need to pay attention to that voice that tells me something is going to happen. Not often do I come out the other side to find that voice was wrong.

On this particular day, the voice was NOT wrong. Something startled me out of deep concentration. I don't know if it was a sound, some kind of motion or what. All I know is I looked up to see the two mules running free outside the little arena. They were on the far side making a beeline past the barns moving up the hill headed straight for the entrance to the park............and Meridian.

Last time I saw an official report Meridian was considered to be the most dangerous highway in the state, followed by the mountain highway, which just happens to be in my neighborhood too. It was getting close to noon time and traffic on the road is always heavy at that time of day.

I live right off of Meridian and have nightmares about the thought of a horse getting loose on that road. It happens sometimes and it rarely turns out well. Looking at these two mules heading in that direction made my heart race and my brain buzz. Those mules needed to be stopped before they got to the road.

The thought of these two mules running straight out of the park and into the busy Meridian traffic was appalling. I looked behind them for the mule skinner and saw no signs of him. Then I looked towards the road to see if there was anyone in the path of these mules that might be able to stop them. Unfortunately there was no one anywhere in that area.

Even if there had been people, the odds there might have been someone who understood the importance of stopping the mules, let alone having the skill to stop them, wasn't really good. At this point in time there was nothing or no one to prevent the mules from running out into the heavy traffic of Meridian.

I didn't even think twice about what I was going to do. I just went into a "fix it" mode and jumped into action with little thought about what I might be getting myself or my horse into.

I immediately turned my horse around and galloped him off towards the closest arena gate. Luckily the gate was open wide enough Legs and I could fit through easily without having to stop or slow down. Then I galloped Legs around the end of the arena and on up the hill towards the path the mules were travelling.

To be continued.......................

An Intervention

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  1. Legs is going to save the day again, isn't he? LOL. I am so nervous to hear the outcome of this one. I hope those mules get stopped!