Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More on Characters at the Park.....The Revelation

Part 1

The recongition of the girl's name was instantaneous. While an easily recognizable noun, it was not one I had ever heard used as a name. It has stuck in my head the very first time I heard it and I am not a person who remembers names well. Hearing it, now, in the park, there was not doubt in my mind that this was the tween I had been asked to consider working as an apprentice for me.

I looked from the girl back to her mother repeating her name. "This is the kid...........," I didn't even finish my sentence and the girl's mother was nodding her head in affirmation. That meant the woman knew who I was all along. I had been the only one in the dark about our previous connection.

That fact did not bother me at the time. It only made me more curious. I explained the stressors of the lawsuit had stopped me from acting on the gentleman's request. The mother nodded in understanding and our conversation turned to the red-headed child now standing at her mother's side, well, to the girl's interest in horses.

It turns out she has a limited experience with horses even though she loves them. From the sounds of it, the family has lived many places and in some of those places the girl has managed to take a few lessons but not enough to know much of anything.

Her mother told me how the first place they'd gone just turned her loose and expected her to figure things out on her own. Not only that but her hour lesson began when she arrived. She was expected to go outside, catch her horse and tack it up before she rode. Not that there's anything wrong with expecting the child to get her own horse ready but having that time as part of the lesson time when there was no one helping her understand what to do seems out of line to me.

The few times mother and daughter went to that place the girl did not ride more than about ten minutes. Most of her lesson time was spent trying to catch a lesson horse that did not want to be caught. Mom soon decided this was not the right place for them so they backed off for a while.

I can understand the mom's frustrations about no one teaching her child what to do. I also explained that even when someone does show you once or twice that doesn't meant what you've learned will work with all horses or even that horse on another day. Learning about horses is an ongoing process. There are some basics and then it's a hands on test from there on out.

Both mother and child nodded their heads in recognition of a concept they seemed to understand. While they haven't had much experience with horses, they've had enough to know what I said made sense.

It was also clear from our conversation that the child is not the only one with an interest in horses. As the mother described what she'd seen on cable with Clinton Anderson, I could tell that she hadn't just been watching to keep her daughter company. The woman had definitely taken in some valuable information about the instincts of horses even if she didn't know how to put those things to use.

The shade was fast disappearing as our conversation progressed. We moved a couple of times to keep ourselves out of the sunlight but it was clear if I was ever going to get finished working Legs, I needed to get on with it.

Wanting to understand when a good time to bring my papers over might be, I asked the woman what she was doing at the park. The answer I got was nothing like I expected and she didn't just blurt it out. The information was masked in a description of events that lead to only one conclusion...................homeless.................

To be continued.........................


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  1. Wow, that Leggs horse has lead you on quite the journey , I can't wait to read more!

  2. fernvalley, I guess you could say that. If it wasn't for Legs I wouldn't have been there riding at the park and I sure wouldn't have met these people.

  3. This sounds like one of those lightning bolt, right-place-at-the-right-time kind of stories. Fate intervenes...

  4. Hmmmm...catching up - seems maybe good karma coming your way. Lots of coincidence there...