Friday, July 16, 2010

The Gremlins Are Gone..........

My sources at the park tell me that the little gremlins I encountered at the beginning of the week are now gone. While I'm not sure if it really was a Girl Scout sponsored day camp as I was told or a church camp, I guess it doesn't matter if the session is over and all the little kidlets are on to bigger and better things for their summer activities.

It took me a couple of days to figure out that the session began at 9 am and only today did I realize that it ended at 11. If I had known those things sooner I probably could have figured out how to work around them. Instead I just kept my sessions with Legs in the arena.

It's not that I didn't want to run into the little gremlins again. It had more to do with how much work I have at home for this litigation. I didn't really feel like I had the extra hour it takes whenever I get wrapped up in visiting with new folks at the park.

Knowing that today was the last day for the boys, I actually tried to get over there one last time to see them. Dave, however, got called for an interview so I ended up running late here getting the mares all turned out for the day before I left to ride.

By the time I got back into the woods, even though it was before 11, there were no little gremlins. I could hear small voices off in the distance.They must have already crossed the road to do whatever closing ceremonies might have been scheduled for their last day at camp.

As I was writing the words, "gone without a trace" wanted to roll off my fingers but that really wasn't the case. It did, however, look that way when I first entered the woods.

The first evidence they'd been there was in the form of two picnic tables now moved into the location where I'd first seen their purple flag staking out their territory. I was glad to see the lane was no longer blocked and the picnic tables were now at least in a more appropriate spot.

The rest of the way down that lane there was no indication the boys had ever been there. I knew the little varmints had crawled all through those woods but it did appear they'd cleaned up after themselves. It was only when I got deep into the center trail that I found traces of their boyish pranks.

Pulled across the trail were several small logs. I had to laugh because these logs were nowhere near where they had been the last time I'd seen them. There were some distinctive characteristics about each chunk of wood that made them identifiable and those suckers were not small. Just the thought of those little boys dragging those logs such a distance made me tired. It just goes to show how much energy little kids have. Still I have to wonder what was going through those little heads wanting to string those things out across the pathway.

I went back down the trail where I'd first encountered the little darlings. I wondered if there was still red yarn strung between the trees. To my surprise all the yard was gone and so was all of the trash that had accumulated before those boys had ever arrived. They'd not only cleaned up after themselves but they'd cleaned up after others too.

I have to admit as I rode Legs through the section of trail where we'd encountered the boys, I felt a little tug at my heart. I was really wishing I'd made it a point to make at least one return visit. Now they're gone, and I've missed out.

I can't help but wonder if Legs feels the same. He did seem to be looking around for something as we moved through this section of forest. Who knows, maybe he was looking for the usual squirrels or rabbits..............or just maybe.............the horse was looking for adoring little boys...................

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  1. When I was in junior high (7th grade). I went on a trip with the football coach and 25 other students. He called the group "pathfinders" and one of his camping rules was to leave every place better than you found it. It's great to see that principle being followed in the next generation.

  2. I was a Brownie and my son a Cub Scout. One rule while camping/day trips was to clean it better than you found it! BTW, I love the name Legs for a horse. It's so great!
    Sorry I haven't been keeping up lately. It's been a rough summer...

  3. Love to hear that they picked up the area. Our Boy Scouts always did. Matter of fact, I was hiking once and some people mentioned our troop and how they were notorious for cleaning up the camps and trails. Really nice to hear.

  4. Thats so amazing, but awesome that they cleaned up that good, there are so many campers who dont.

  5. So nice to hear these kids are being taught to clean up after themselves!!!! Maybe there is hope for the coming generation.

  6. I love that you get to ride through such a beautiful area! I'm sure you and Legs will be part of these boys' summer memories for a long time.