Monday, July 26, 2010

The Face of Homeless............a Little Whine.......

Part 1

I was right that it would probably take most of my ride for Dave and T finally did have the gazebo set up. I remember that thing providing shade at my open house each year but now that I looked at it in the yard I wasn't quite so sure it was going to provide as much shade at this family was going to require.

We had a stretch of nice but hot weather coming our way. Being stuck outside without big trees for shade was going to be a problem. However, it looked like I was really the only one worried about that. They kept telling me not to worry they were fine so I put thoughts about ways to produce more shade on the back burner for a while.

The deck on the back of our house is partially covered. That's where the extra refrigerator is and the barbecue. I added a table there and then put some tables inside the gazebo. Throwing in a few chairs and they had much more covered living space than they'd seen in weeks.

After a couple of trips to their storage unit they had themselves all set up with a microwave, a toaster oven, some kind of hot plate, a tv and a couple of fans. They also brought dishes and pots and pans. They were as decked out as some of the most efficient campers I've ever seen.

Looking around at the space created for them, I felt a little more comfortable that this was an improvement in their lives. Even if it wasn't a long term fix, it would help get them through for the time being.

Their plan was to return to southern California. J has contacts there so she was thinking she might be more successful finding employment here. The family doesn't have the funds to begin the move now.

After the first of the month when T's VA benefits arrive, J and her daughter will make that move. T will stay here until the son, K, school term ends. Then they will join their family in California. That won't happen until the following month because they'll need T's next VA check to have funds for the second vehicle to make the trip.

I was relieved to hear this plan because I was really worried about what winter might be like for anyone homeless in this part of the country. My mind had already begun racing looking for solutions if they planned to stay here. I'm still going to worry about how their faring in southern CA but at least I know they'll be in a more moderate climate.

It was sometime the second day that I observed a strange cat. I knew they had the two dogs but if they told me about a cat it had not registered. I guess I couldn't imagine a cat hanging around when it's being moved all that much.

BUT then this is not just an ordinary cat. She seems to be very comfortable with the family's current lifestyle. She sticks right around close to the family and is not the least bit skittish about strangers. She decided immediately to adopt Lindsay, Dave and me into her family.

The farthest I've seen her is in my front yard..........hunting snakes. I think the only reason she made it that far is because she'd already killed all the snakes in the back yard. Can't wait to see what she does when she figures out this place is well stocked with rodents too.

The only problem I have with this cat is she is not afraid of engines at all. If she's underneath my truck when I start it up, she will not vacate. If she does, she heads straight for underneath the horse trailer. I have visions of flattening her like a pancake because I have not seen her first.

T said not to worry because then he wouldn't have to worry about feeding her. That is NOT what I wanted to hear! I have already flattened one kitty with my rig and I still have nightmares about it. That was nearly twenty years ago. I cannot cope with the guilt of killing this girl's cat. She has enough on her plate as it do I. So for now, it takes a crew of at least to "cat watchers" to be sure it is safe for me to leave for the park.

To be continued...............

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  1. Oh, my! Life is never dull, is it. Not sure about the employment here in So. California. My county has one of the highest unemployment rates AND foreclosure rates in the state!

  2. Sounds like the setup is working well except for the cat . does it help to honk the horn when she is under the hood? we do that as a matter of course here in the winter when the cats like to snuggle on the motor for warmth. the alternative is horrible

  3. Oh my, I can't imagine being so flippant about the life of a family pet. Hopefully the cat will find better places to hide quickly and this situation will work out well for everyone involved.

  4. desertsandbeyond, I know what you mean about So Ca, my son lives there but I think the allure is in the connections they have there. I sure hope it works out.

    fernvalley, the cat is really ok too except for that one thing. Honking the horn or banging on the hood do not effect this particular cat.

    smazourek, I think the comment was T's odd sense of humor. He's really very protective about his critters. I just am going to have to remind myself I need to know where that cat is because it does not respond like mine and go the other way.

    And just for the record, I used the term "whine" more as a kind of play on words because this cat is named after a type of "wine" than to indicate this is any huge issue. It's my old guilt about my former victim that drives my concern more than a problem with this cat. So far she's only been under my trailer one time, that was yesterday, and now I'm freaked out something might happen to her.

  5. Uh oh....I think I might know where this story's going. gah!

    Please tell us kitty has at least 8more lives, k?


  6. Lisa, not to worry. So far the kitty is fine. Hopefully she will stay that way.