Monday, May 3, 2010

GS Khochise+++//.....a Tribute

The life of the great GS Khochise+++// (Khemosabi x Beau Cheri) ended today. While I don't know the details of his passing, I know he will be missed by the many people who love him. GS Khochise+++// was 29 this year.

GS Khochise+++// was the all time winningest son of the great Khemosabi. Not only did the horse have that distinction to his credit but he won more titles than any horse in history with a whooping 38 nationals titles and 71 regional titles. Those titles include 5 national champions and 7 reserve national championships as well as 28 regionals championships and 21 reserve regional championships.
The horse won in western pleasure, hunter pleasure, side saddle western, side saddle english, trail, show hack and halter.

As a breeding horse to date he has over 176 registered purebred foals and 97 half Arabian foals. To date there are a total of 89 registered purebred Arabian grandget of which my horse, Scandalous Legacy, is responsible for 25 of those with his sons and daughters. While I don't know if he had bred any mares this year, I know he bred and settled mares last year so I expect those numbers will go up.

This weekend I was contemplating future blog posts and it occurred to me I needed to do one about some of the really great horses I have known. In that category Khochise would easily be at the top of my list. I even thought over the things I would say.....funny how life works sometimes. Here I am no eulogizing the great horse.

I remember the day I first met this horse as I began my journey into horse ownership working as a groom to get my skills up at Feature Farm in Auburn, WA. The beautiful black bey horse with four white stockings, a star, stripe and snip was impressive even standing in the stall. His big kind eyes and quiet demeanor made him approachable to a newbie like me despite the fact he was a stallion. from that first glance, Khochise had my heart.

Khochise was one of only two stallions in that barn that I was allowed to handle. That privilege didn't come to me after years or months even of working. A few short weeks after my arrival I was bathing Khochise in preparation for his trip to the US Nationals that year.

The horse never so much as mumbled at another horse while in my care. He acted like a gelding taking care of the newbie older broad foolish enough to turn herself over as slave labor in exchange for a bit of knowledge and the opportunity to experience great horses like Khochise.

The horse's manners were so impeccable, he accomplished some things most would not believe possible with a stallion. There were times he was taken to a show and shown in an early class, which he usually won, brought home at the break to breed mares. Then he'd go back to the show that evening to show again. You could pretty much bet Khochise would win that class too. No one really knew the stallion had been home covering mares that day.

I think the only reason most people even knew he was a stallion was because they knew the horse on sight. He was such a striking horse there was no mistaking him for another. Khochise had fans all over the world just like his sire.The picture used in this post was a cover of The Arabian Horse World in 1995 and was the month of January "calendar shot" for the 1996 Arabian Horse World calendar. It is not the only cover that was done on Khochise either.

These incomparable manners are what have been my measure of how a stallion "should be." Right from the start I have expected the horses in my care to BE what Khochise has always been. Legs and his babies have never let me down always reflecting the impeccable behavior of Khochise, doing him proud.

My early experiences with this great stallion are what led me to breeding my mare, Scandalous, to him.
His kindness and beauty spoke to me and he has never let me down. I may have been a newbie back in those days but it was easy to see that Khochise was worthy of trusting with my dream.

I believe the horses I breed here are a fitting tribute to this great horse. I hope some day the rest of the world will know what Khochise has done here and that these horses will go out into the Arabian horse community and continue his legacy.

I will forever miss you Khochise!


  1. What a beautiful horse! Our Bay is a grandson on Khemosabi. It's sad when the great ones pass.

  2. What a magnificent sire. You are fortunate to have known him~

  3. How sad that another icon is gone. He is a standard that all stallions should be held to; unfortunately, they are not. What a wonderful memory for you!

  4. wilsonc, I agree it is sad to see such a great horse gone.

    deejbrown, I do feel like I was blessed to have had to opportunity to get to know such an amazing individual.

    phaedra, I too think Khochise was a great standard for what a stallion should be. I am grateful to have had such an opportunity in my life. I've shed many a tear today. It is a tremendous loss.

  5. It always fills me with sadness when one of the great ones is gone. How lucky that you were able to have Khochise in your life and have wonderful memories of him that will last forever. May his spirit soar!

  6. So sorry to hear of his passing. What a magnificent animal!!!!

  7. Did you meet/do you know of Beth Sandahl? ( I may have spelled her name wrong...) When I was a kid, she was our neighbor for a few years and had some sort of relationship to that stallion. And at one time I believe she was very active in the Arabian Horse industry. I am not sure exactly how on either account.
    We rode/owned Quarter Horses...but she had a couple of Arabian mares we rode on occasion.
    Her favorite saying was (probably still is, lol) you can teach an Arabian what you have to beat into a Quarter Horse...I have never forgotten that. ( :
    She was/is a great lady...think I will give her a call this week!
    Sorry for your loss, but thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  8. Do the +++// signify something in the name? I don't believe symbols are allowed in AQHA registration which is what I am familiar with. So curious....

    What a nicely written tribute to a gorgeous horse. Even those of us who are not associated with Arabians knew his name. :)

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  10. A great loss to the Arabian breed.

  11. Farewell to a very unique, beautifull stallion. Since I've been trying to read all your posts from the very beginning, I've just recently read about your decision to breed Scandalous to Khochise. I think you were very privilaged to know this stallion, I'm sure you have cried many tears at hearing about his passing, I didn't even know him and I have tears rolling down my face as I was reading your blog. I believe he will be one stallion who will be sorely missed my many many people. Good bye Khochise, may your memory live on forever, in the many foals you have sired.

  12. He was a beautiful and talented horse.
    It sounds like he was one of those rare personalities you meet once in a while who leaves a memorable impression on you for life. It's sad that he's gone now but he's left so many wonderful horses to carry on his legacy that you'll still see him in the turn of a head or a certain body movement in his offspring.