Monday, April 26, 2010

Update on Solidare and Her Foal

While I really needed the break, being gone to the Daffodil All Arabian Horse Spring Show with Solidare and her foal not completely out of the woods was difficult. I couldn't help but feel guilty that I was leaving my mare and her baby when I am still so worried about them.

I'm not always a big fan of my cell phone. It seems sometimes to me to be more like a leash than a help but this weekend having the means to check on Solidare and her colt made being away much more bearable. It gave me the opportunity to check in whenever the two horses crossed my mind instead of having to wait for reports when I got home.

Sometimes when I checked in there really wasn't much new happening. Other times there were little tales of colt activities that made me think maybe, just maybe, we were rounding a corner with him.

The first tale was of the little varmint kicking at his mother for no apparent reason that Lindsay could see anyway. I figure the mare probably corrected the colt for something he didn't like but either way, protesting is always a good sign in the newborn.

The next favorable report was the colt was actually caught scampering around his mother. Running in circles, just for the sake of running, is always a good sign. Even though I didn't "see" it myself, this was the first ever play like behavior seen from this foal. It did my heart good.

Sometime Saturday, the little delinquent tried to kick Lindsay. This was a first for this colt as well. He's shown no sign of aggression towards his human caregivers up to this point. I can tell you that's NOT normal for any colt born here. Usually the aggression begins within the first hour.

Then, today, the colt decided he didn't like Dave coming into his stall. He challenged the man, no less, puffing up big and tall and stomping his feet. Dave scolded him, "What do you think YOU're doing?" and the colt wheeled and turned running off behind his mother.

Funny how normal unacceptable behaviors become welcome when "normal" anything is better than nothing. Not that we condone the colt's behavior, the little squirt was immediately reprimanded in all cases but it's a relief to see signs he's coming around.

As for Solidare, she is still revelling in her new baby. Everything about her behavior is bright and happy. She's moving more and definitely improving every day. She loves her baby SOOOOOOOO MUCH............and will probably dote all the more as he turns into the little devil colts on this farm are expected to be.

We still have the first turnout to look forward to. With Solidare's leg injury I'm not really sure how we are going to manage it so his exercise doesn't interfere with her needs with the tendon issue but we'll get something figured out. We always do.

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  1. Yay! That sounds like such good news. Hopefully he'll get better and better. He sure is a cute little bugger.

  2. So glad that he is turning the corner for you !

  3. Hi MiKael,

    My name is Karren, I LOVE Arabian horses. I found and started reading your blog about 2 months ago. My husband is getting sick of me wanting to take my computer with me everywhere so I can read your blog. I have been trying to catch up on all your blogs from the beginning, and also keep reading the new ones.

    I am unable to own a horse, we live in town and we also can't afford one! I used to have a very pretty Standard Breed mare, she had a very refined head for a Standard Breed. I tried to breed her to a registered Arabian Stallion but she kept absorbing the foal, at about 5 to 6 months into the pregnancy, the vet couldnt explain what was going on. We tried for three years in a row, and never managed to get a foal from her, so after all the many vet bills and heartbreak, my dream was gone.

    I really enjoy reading your blog, if I can't have my own horses, just reading about Arabians can make my life better! Thank you!

    I think that Arabians are the most beautiful animal in the world, I also love the attitude of the Arabian. When I was a young child I had the use of an old arab mare to ride, she taught me so much about the Arabian horse. I love that the Arabian horse becomes so devoted to their humans, and love to work for them and want to please their humans!

    I am so glad the new colt is starting to become so lively!

    Thank you for your blog. In a way it helps me to imagine what it would be like if I could have lived my dream!


    Karren from Australia

  4. wonderful news that he's acting more like a leg's baby now!

    i worry about solidare and cannot wait to see pics of them both outside enjoying springtime.


  5. Sounds like he is coming around. Whew!!

  6. Thats so wonderful! Glad to see hes getting to be more "normal"

  7. Things are sounding great! So thankful for everyone concerned! Sounds as if he may be a little spitfire!
    Keep us posted. Come see me when you can. Been missing ya!

  8. I think he will reach your heart - maybe just not in the same way as the others, but he'll get there! I can tell as the tone of your writing has changed with regards to him (can there be a "tone" to writing?) LOL!

    It does sound like positive changes even though its pesky behavior! I'm so happy for Solidare and her contentment as a mother.