Friday, April 23, 2010

Daffodil............Moving In

Other than remembering to get my entries in on the closing date, I really haven't done much to get ready for the horse show. I thought about what I would do for the "pink" class I am entered in but that's about as far as my planning went so when move in day arrived I had lots to do.

First thing in the morning I got my show clothes together and loaded them into my trailer. Then I clipped Legs' ears and threw his blanket in the wash before I bathed him. With his chiropractor appointment scheduled for 2 in the afternoon, I wanted everything else ready to go by that time.

Dave loaded hay and my little refrigerator on my truck and repaired a wheel barrow for me to take. I really was pretty well ready by the time the chiro arrived.........or at least I thought I was. Everything I could think of was accounted for and loaded except, of course, my horse.

Legs was not happy about the work on his body. While the horse isn't dangerous, he makes sure we know he's hurting. There's a little bucking, some pulling away and even some nipping going on as he complains about how his body feels being manipulated back into place. His shoulders were sore, his poll was out and he had an odd injury in his lumbar region.

None of which surprised me because I knew the horse was not travelling straight. Hopefully he won't be too sore tomorrow when it's time to show. Because of the extensive work, I decided I would skip schooling the horse after we got moved in and just work him on Friday.

Once the chiro was done, I loaded Legs into the trailer. Lindsay decided to come along to help me move in so the two of us got into the truck and headed down to the fairgrounds in Puyallup. It was nice to have company along and we got things done much faster with two of us.

Lindsay bedded the stall for Legs while I took care of hanging water buckets and setting up the tack/ready room. Legs stood quietly in the trailer munching on lunch while we worked. Then I went to the show office and got us checked in before they closed for the night.

Once we had all that done, I brought Legs in and clipped his face and his legs. Although his white markings need to be washed again and then retouched with the clippers and his hooves cleaned up, the horse is looking once again like a show horse. Me, I was itching from head to toe and really wishing I was into trail riding instead of showing horses. I hate clipping horses. Legs tosses his head when having his face clipped and I ALWAYS end up with hair in my bra.

By the time we left the fairgrounds I had a long list of things I had forgotten. The first horse show of the year for me, I'm always forgetting something but with my focus more on Solidare and her foal, this list was more extensive than normal.

I forgot show pants for me, a small table, a couple of chairs, food for me, goop for Legs' face, towels, a radio (it helps me keep track of time as well as soothes the savage beast, that would be Legs who prefers country music), soft brushes, hoof polish, super white shampoo for Legs white markings, bute and banamine(just in case)......oh and reins (minor detail). It's a good thing this show is 14 miles down the road instead of in another state. Otherwise this would have been one expensive trip to a tack booth at the show.

My first class is the first class of the afternoon session. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to school my horse before the morning session or at the lunch break. I'm thinking if I school early, he'll have a chance to recuperate before I ride. But then if I school at the lunch break, he will have "just" seen the arena. Guess it's six of one and half dozen other and that would be why I'm still on the fence. I'll let you know how it went................

To be continued........

The Show

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  1. I don't know if this would help or not but when we used to go camping we kept a checklist of the "don't forget" stuff. It was especially helpful at the beginning of the season when were were rusty from a long winter. We kept the list in the trunk with the camping gear so it didn't get lost.

  2. Ms Martyr, I do have a list of stuff not to forget. However, I forget my list. Not good, I know.

    fernvalley, yes, this is one of my pics from Legs and I at Nationals this last Oct.