Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sea Horse Spotted in Rhode Island Coast

OK, I know I'm supposed to be posting more about Aidol's history but it's been a really long day AND a new FaceBook friend pointed me towards this video today. As bad as the day was, this video was a shining part so I thought I'd share. The philosophy of this trainer is pretty interesting too. Oh, and he is my new FaceBook friend. Kinda cool!

Although I must admit as I watch this, I wonder about swimming next to those legs. What do you think?


  1. Very cool! Likes like they are really enjoying themselves. That's a lovely horse too.

  2. What a great video. Thanks for sharing.

  3. the little dog on the shore CRACKS ME UP!

    swimming with ponies is fun... but I prefer them able to stand (while I swim around them), and not having to swim too - my aunt took a hoof to the back swimming a deep part of a river with her horse.... not cool.

  4. Very cool video, thanks for sharing. I wouldn't want to get near his legs and hooves though, they do thrash around a bit.

    My daughter used to take her horse swimming in the L.I. Sound years ago. They had a great time, he would swim up to rowboats and splash the people inside by pawing the water with his legs(on purpose). He was a great horse. She always rode him though.

  5. I'm thinking horses can be trained to be lifeguards.

  6. I always had a hard time getting my pony past rolling in the sand, which was his main pleasure at the beach.

  7. There's just something about horses on the beach, isn't there? I agree with you all on the thrashing legs though, would not want to get caught up in those!

  8. FV, You're right about the horse. Very cool! I wondered what breed.

    GunDiva, they do look like they're having a great time.

    BaxtersMum, I worry about those hooves too. Not sure swimming with a horse like that would be my thing but it's sure fun to watch.

    Arlene, I wonder what the people in the boats thought of the horse with your daughter swimming up to them. Sure not something you see everyday.

    MuzzMuzz, wouldn't that be a sight! LOL

    English Rider, I'll be that roll in the sand makes for a nice scratch. LOL

    Donna, yes, I think horses on the beach are cool although I've never actually ridden one there. Would like to sometime though.

  9. That is amazing! I do not ride but I would do that in a heartbeat!